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The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 accessory pack contains must have items for your S3. Designed to protect and store your Galaxy S3 at home, in the office and in the car.
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$32.86 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 183 customers

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Galaxy S3 accessories
Received this product recently and it is a very comprehensive set of accessories. Car mount has very good suction to the window but not sure about dashboard mount as not using it. Flexishield cover is good quality as it is not too thick as to make the phone too bulky but not too thin to be flimsy but the only issue I have with it is that the volume rocker section only works for lowering volume and will not increase volume. I have to increase volume using on-screen scale.
The rest of the accessories weren't of interest to me but maybe someone will get use out of them.
Overall a decent set of accessories for the money but annoying that cover doesn't work 100%
In car charger kit
very pleased with the product I also got a free cleaning cloth, fast delivery
Great buy!
it has everything I need! great value for money!
Reasonably good value
The holders, the charger and the screen protectors all work well. However, the case has no holes over the buttons, which means it's difficult to only press one of the volume buttons at once. In the end I resorted to cutting out the holes myself.
Good Product and Good Value
This pack is great value and really has a lot for the price.
The product has everything you really need.
My only complaint would be the strength of dashboard/windscreen mobile phone holder. Angle it certain ways and it doesn't seem strong enough to hold the weight of the phone and drops down so could be a little more rigid.
The stands are extremely helpful and elegantly made.Also the charger of course is useful in the car.The plastic back case I did not use.
car holder
item brill for the car. good and sturdy..
customer service not brill,any queries and they don't get back to you..
MobileFun Reply
Hi Colin, we are glad you like the product. Our sincerest apologies if you feel let down by our customer service. We aim to reply to tickets within 24 hours. I shall forward your comments to our team so that this can be taken into consideration. Thank you
Exactly what my daughter asked for - all in one order
Delivery was very quick. The contents of the deal were of a good standard and my daughter was so pleased. She has used all the accessories - I saved money by buying this deal. Thanks
Good value
Screen protector was fiddly to fit, but otherwise good.
Car holder is disappointing. Tried mounting it on the car dash (horizontal surface) and the disc stayed stuck for about 10 mins. Then tried mounting it on the window with more success. The grip is incredibly stiff, so trying to remove or put in the phone (galaxy sIII) means that you end up moving it out of from the position, and it definitely takes 2 hands to do, so not ideal for car. The charger works, which is about all you can say.
I was sent screen protectors for an iPhone so can't review them.
The skin is really poor, when its on the volume rocker is not usable, or worse it turns the volume up or down all the way when you hold or pick up the phone.
Desk mount, both the sticky pad and the suction ball, are by far the best. They work very well, so overall just enough to give it 2 out of 5.
So far so decent
It all seems fine so far: the larger stand does its job well although the smaller one is not that reliable. I wouldn't use it with a cover on the phone for example.

I will update my review upwards or downwards when I've had a chance to test out the other items but I'm happy with this purchase at the moment
Does exactly what I wanted and more
I was originally looking for just a screen protector and some sort of case for my new phone, but everything I wanted seemed to be sold out so I opted for this as a temporary solution until my preferred choice was back in stock.

Since receiving this, I don't think I will need to order anything else as it does everything I need!

Great product!!
Cheaper and Poor Quality
This product really doesn't deliver and at first it looks like a good deal, however out of the five items in the pack the only item I'm using is the FlexiShield Skin for Galaxy S3 and even this item I had to modify so that the side buttons for volume and turning the phone on/off are pressed down by the cover.

Galaxy S3 Desk Stand & Mini Portable Desk Stand: Didn't want or need these but it works and if your looking for one of these then it works perfectly fine.

Galaxy S3 Car Holder: Very cheap and tacky and doesn't really fit my phone as the holder presses on the volume and on/off buttons, so you have to fiddle with it quite a lot so that its positioned correctly.

5 x MFX Screen Protector: This is the worst product of all contained in this pack, I've used protectors before and this is the cheapest one I've seen, no wonder you get 5 as they won't last and you'll probably waste one or two trying to apply it to your phone.

Galaxy S3 Car Charger: Does what it says but the extension cord isn't that long so if the reach, as in my car is long then trying to use it to charge the phone whilst using the phone as a Sat Nav doesn't work as the cable isn't long enough, so not useful at all in my case.

Over all not recommended, get the products separately as these are fairly generic and of exceptionally cheap quality, yes you'll pay more but in the end you won't waste your money either.
Purchased the Ultimate Pack for sat nav purpose and liked the bits and pieces, however, the mount for windscreen broke at the stem of the knuckle joint after second time of use. I am disappointed cause the suction is class and versatility pretty good, I've e-mailed customer care, let you know how I get on
a great item and worth the money paid
Fantastic items in The pack, they all fitted the phone perfectly with a case or no case.the in-car holder it's very hard to operate with one hand but the god side is that it is a secure fit and the phone will not wobble while driving. The product surpassed all my expectations and I would even buy it for somebody else to experience this great product.
Only need a wooden samsung case now ;-)
Only need a wooden samsung case now ;-)
gonna buy one at this shop
Good value, not so great quality case
I ordered this bundle as the price was great for the number of accessories, as ever MobileFun delivery was quick and items received as promised.

Firstly the desk stand is great to keep the phone in place and the car charger and car phone holder is worth the price alone.

Screen protectors as always can be fiddly to apply but working.

Now, the case, whilst at first the case fits properly and looks good on the phone, the positioning of the volume and power buttons was not quite right on the case as the volume & power buttons was constantly being pressed so not a great product whilst using the phone.

Overall good value but not for the case.
very happy with service
Very happy with product delivery time was excellent ,very pleased with everything :-D
Extreamly good value
Such a great bundle of good Quality goodies. The FlexiShield skin still allows access to the side buttons but helps to protect the buttons from accidental switching. Desk holder just right for hands free viewing. I made a hash of fitting the screen protector on the first attempt. At least there are spares! Fantastic.
Perfect service
I ordered a new phone and realised I needed a whole set of new accessories.

MobileFun had one pack of everything I needed. Better still it was delivered the next day, perfect. All I need now is for the car holder to stick to my window and I'm up and running.
Each item is useful, just not together
I purchased this as soon as I got my phone - I was suffering from clumsiness and so I felt I needed some protection for my new handset, and decided that this was a good package and had everything I wanted.
The screen protectors are great - the usual fiddly and annoying application meant I had to throw the first away, but that was down to me and not the product (stupid dust!). They fit nicely and the instructions are clear and precise.
The case itself is ok, a little harder than I was expecting and took more effort to force the phone into it, but it does contain all the right holes and doesn't move around.
The dash mount is a universal type, so can be used for almost any phone - it is spring loaded to grip the handset, and can be swivelled and rotated to get the right orientation. I cannot comment on the ability to remain attached to the dash/windscreen as it is early days yet.
The charger is also universal, and reads 'NOK 8600' so I am not sure whether this was meant for Nokia, but it is the standard fitting and charges the phone, so it doesn't matter.
The stands - now this is where things fall down. Both stands as they are seem ok - the portable one is in essence just a rubber ball with a suction cap on it, which you can attach to the back of your phone to stand it up. This makes it a little wobbly, but you can probably get the hang of it. The main desktop stand is a simple design - a bare metal angled bracket that slots into a plastic rectangle with a friction pad. When you place the phone on the pad, it sticks to it. Both of these stands are satisfactory, unless you plan on using the case. The plastic case removes the friction for both the suction cap and the friction pad, meaning it either slides off of becomes unattached. Personally, I don't fancy removing the case every time I want to stand it upright on my desk, which makes both redundant.
If you don't mind removing the phone from the case, then this package is fantastic. If, like me, you have to choose between the case and the stands, then the package is good. If the case had been a silicone one instead of a plastic one, this would be unbeatable value.
phone pack
product was good just one problem was the colour i ask for white. the only
thing that was white was the suction ball everything else was black,car charger, windscreen mount,phone stand, thats how it comes, i was told. misleading add, white is white not black.
i was offered full refund. to much hassle to send back
I'll keep this short and sweet; everything you need and some! Excellent value for money and for under £20 I've got absolutely no complaints, so hopefully you won't either. Do yourself a favor and get one!
good value, a few things to note
The ball/suction cup stand only really works in the landscape position, the phone tends to fall over the other way up.

The car mount rattles a little where it rotates.

The desk stand is good, a weightier base would improve its stability.

The screen on the galaxy s3 is curved at the edges so the screen protectors do not sit flush with it, not much can be done about that though, this does not impair performance only aesthetics.

Overall very good value
Found what I was looking for
I was a little bit sceptical on ordering this item as the price was exceptionally low compared to my searches in local shops, so when it was delivered I was pleasantly surprised upon opening everything up. I am most impressed with the almost all the items except the windscreen device which doesn't lock on properly (yes I do know how to use these types of securing devices, but it just won't lock into place).

Thank you for excellent service and incredibly fast delivery!!!
A mixed bag
All the parts do pretty much as expected except the case which is the main thing I bought it for. Unfortunately the case also covers the side buttons which causes an issue with the S3 volume control - not helped by the fact that the recess in the case does not line up properly with the button. The result is false presses of the volume button are all too easy to trigger which is very annoying. I ended up cutting it out which is tricky to do neatly.
not bad
Only purchased to get a new holder for the car as old one didn't fit phone. The stand is great and swivels in all directions only problem is its a bit too far away to stick on windscreen so stuck on the dash board. This makes the phone a bit wobbly when driving and the sticky pad is not strong enough to take the weight of the phone. Just need to figure out where to stick on the window. The case is great don't even know it is on the phone unless I want to plug in head phones. It makes the phone less slippery in the hand. Not used the other bits and bobs yet.
Good value for money
I bought this pack mainly for the phone cover and the car charger and was happy to pay the price for these 2 items alone. The phone cover is good and protects the phone well and I used the screen protector as the Galaxy S3 has such a big screen its worth protecting. I also use the car phone holder all the time and its especially useful for making calls on loud speaker and using the 'Maps' app on the phone.
It should be a lot cheaper for this quality.
Desktop Holder: pros - very good adhesive, it really sticks and comes off easily. Well finished metallic holder. Cons - unstable, it doesn't allow user actions on the phone on portrait or landscape mode. It should use a rubber base, not textile.
Car holder: one of the biggest deceptions in the package. Pros: on the windscreen it really doesn't fall off, even with hard bumps, very good adherence. The rotating bracket is very good, very sturdy, and don't fall apart once set up in one position. Cons: the 'gently cushion' on the add is misleading. It's needed a lot of strength to actually insert the cell phone. To pick it up, it's hard, and one can cut the fingers on the sharp, cheap plastic edges. It hasn't broke yet, but it will, as the opening mechanism is too hard. Worths 1/3 of the price, tops. FlesiShield skin: transparent black colour? What is this? It is not transparent, it is as solid black as black can be. 'Without adding any additional weight or bulk to the phone' is fallacious, as it -is- heavy, and it sure adds a lot of bulk to the phone. You really can't compare before/after putting the phone in the case, it really looks chubby. Pros: it adds very good protection, as it wraps around all the phone. The contours are harmonic with the phone, and the final look is not great, but good. Camera, flash, speaker and all other functions still work ok, because of the well positioned holes. Cons: you'll loose the buttons touch precision, as the rubber is too thick in those areas. It -is- heavy. Mini portable desk stand. The jewel of the crown. Pros: creates a positive atmosphere at work, as every pall will (believe me) -will- laugh at you if you use this stand. Cons: it doesn't fix on any test surface, glass included. So, if you're really up to stick it to the back of your cell phone, be aware that it doesn't stick very well there either. Car charger: cheap, ugly chinese looking charger. Mine is somewhat a bit better than the ad, with a small metal plate at the end. It needs to be plugged only after you start the engine, as it doesn't sustain the charging when the ignition draws the start current from the car battery. The cable is similar to the old table phones (curly) which is a real pain in the neck. The cable is too short too. Pros: good electric contact in both ends (cigarete and cell phone). Cons: all the abovementioned. MFX screen protector: not tested. Bottom line: when someone buys from a site like mobilefun, expects a good quality and finishing product. This is all chinese, and for that quality, they're easilly found at ebay, for 1/3 of the price. For 20pounds, plus S/H, it just doesn't worth.
Pretty good value
Not bad at all for the money, I don't think I could get this many required accessories for the price anywhere else. Car mount is a bit cheap and flimsy, but works fine. Desk stand, Car charger, screen protectors and phone cover are perfect and just what I needed. My phone is now complete.
Everything I needed in one go
Bought my S3 a few days before a trip and needed accessories in a hurry. Saw this set on-line, seemed a good buy, and saved me time searching out each item individually. Screen covers easy to apply and saved my screen already. The metal stand, which didnt think Id use has proved handy, quick and easy to use either way up. Really pleased all round
Good value
I got a Galaxy s3 recently so wanted to protect it. Found mobile fun website and ordered the accessory pack. Very useful! I use the car phone holder a lot and it is very flexible, twisting etc. I am very happy with all the products and it was good value for money.
Pleasantly surprised
I was a bit nervous buying this because of some of the negative reviews, so I was pleasantly surprised. The silicon case sits comfortably on the phone, and I really don't notice it's there. The screen protective film was easy to apply. The car phone charger works. With the car phone holder I opted to stick it on the dashboard and it seems firm and secure.
Niggles: the car phone holder is not specific to the S3 and it take a little effort to stretch the spring-loaded aperture wide enough for such a large phone. Once it's in it's fine - held securely in place, easy to swivel round from portrait to landscape.
I don't plan to use the desk stand which it just as well since it topples over easily.
Overall, it's incredibly good value for money and I'm glad I bought it. Would thoroughly recommend it if you've got a new Galaxy S3 and are starting from scratch in terms of car kit, charger etc etc. Less useful if you've already got a universal car phone holder and modern-type charger for the car (I was upgrading from the steam age and had none of these accoutrements).
Great value for money
Really good accessory pack for the money. I bought it mainly for the gel cover and screen protectors because I'd had one on my HTC Desire (also from Mobilefun)for 2 years and it protected the phone really well. The cover and screen protectors are a superb fit and the universal phone holder for the car works great. All in all this bundle is extremely good value for money as separately it would cost more than double.
Received my Accessory Pack within 24hrs of ordering and i am "made up" with it all. For what you pay it really is a total bargain and you can't go wrong at all. All items do what they say and i would highly recommend this if you were thinking about ordering it...
Does what it says on the tin
Ordered at 12:00 delivered by 10:00 the next day. Excellent service and excellent product.

The screen protectors were easy to apply (no bubbles !!) The desk stand is ideal for the office and the car phone holder works a treat either windshield or dashboard :) overall very impressed. Would definitely recommend
Accessory Pack White?
Allthough this pack comes with a lot of useful kit if you really want white then this is not for you as all the parts are black. I have a white S3 and was dissapointed that the protective case in the pack turns your lovely shiny white phone into a black phone. For this reason I only give 2 stars
A Word to the Wise
Favourite item - Flexishield Skin. It weighs nothing, but gives superb grip and protection! If not for this product, my S3 would definitely have gone down the toilet the other day ...quite literally!
The Car Holder/Car Charger does exactly what it says on the tin.
If you don't find the Mini Portable Desk Stand useful (as a Mini Portable Desk Stand, that is!), it also works perfectly as a suction coat hook! Excellent.
All the bits are well made, and, for under 20 quid, this pack is fantastic value.
Its a bargin! Lots of kit, for not a lot of Dosh!
Basically, if you are looking for a S3 protection case, a car charger and a car mount, as I was, you would be hard pressed to get them for this price, but you get more!

Case is good, does the job, and doesn't make it that much bigger.

Car charger is well built, feels solid and works. The cable is long as well, and is spring curled.

Sucker mount, is okay. It holds the weight of my S3 well enough, and does allow lots of movement for good adjustment, but it does "wobble" whilst driving. With some intelligent positioning in the car you can eliminate the wobble.

However, you also get this Rubber ball sucker thing in the pack, this is frankly awesome! Its great when you are on the train, and need to "propup" your phone, or you can use it as a handle. It just sticks to back of the phone (with or without the case). Its small enough to keep in your pocket. This is the hidden gem of the pack!

The desk stand is good, it works, and is stylish. The phone (on my desk) slips off now an again when the phone case is on. However you have the ball, so no biggy.

Screen protectors. There not bad, but as with these things are very fiddly to install.

Overall, for what you pay, this is a very good deal, and I would recommend to anyone.

5 Stars, well done MobileFun for a well thought out pack.
Does what it said on the tin
Wonderful value protects a valuable phone all round
Good Value
The great thing about this is that if you buy the items individually then it would cost you a lot more, so this represents good value for money. The quality is adequate, and I recommend it.
A Very Good Package
I can't fault this from order through to delivery. The only items that aren't in every day use are the car charger (I had a universal USB one already) and the screen protectors (I have never yet managed installed a mobile phone screen protector without air bubbles - but that's my shortcoming, not the product).

I should have got this kit before I dropped my phone on the drive! Fortunately, the bump case covers the little dents so I can pretend they're not there!

I highly recommend this kit and that you get it before the horse leaves the stable.
Good, apart from the car dock
Generally i've been really happy with this pack. For the price, you get a really good set of accessories. I particularly love the desk stand - ok, so it's just a rubber pad on a stick, but it's still a great idea!

Two issues I did have. Firstly, when the pack was first dispatched, there was no car charger included. However, one quick email to MobileFun support and a replacement was sent out within a couple of days.

My main problem though is with the car dock. It's complete rubbish. You have to pull apart the 'pincers' each time you want to insert the phone - not something that can easily be done one-handed. But worse, the phone bounces around when in motion, which is a real pain. I've had to order a different one as this one is unuseable.

Apart from this though, for the price you can't go too far wrong.
Good value for money with one caveat
As always with Mobilefun, this item is good value for money and the case for the phone is quite sturdy and unobtrusive. The other items work as they are described, there is only one potential issue (for me anyway) - every so often (every 1/2 days) the phone will drop the network signal and say sim not detected - it is brand new, so I have tried it without the case and it doesnt seem to do it - has anyone else had the same problem, it would be a real shame if that was the case (pardon the pun).
Good value product
I bought this for the car charger and the Flexishield Skin, so the other items are a bonus. The quality is ok if you take into account the price you pay, so I recommend this product.
The (almost) Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack
Although the use of "ultimate" may be a slight exaggeration, this product is (on the whole) pretty good value for money and contains some useful gizmos.

My only criticism of the pack is that the car charger didn't actually work. This may be due to the fact that it comes with a sticker saying "Motorola" which is definitely not "Samsung" - whichever way you look at it.

However, the suckery-ball-thing, windscreen-grippy-thing, screen covers and desk stand perform their roles perfectly.
everything i wanted!
Everything I needed all in one pack. I love the desk stand and the car holder is fab!
Ultimate is a stretch
Ok, so it cost £20 and I shouldn't expect much, but the description paints it to be better than it is.

The screen protectors are ok, no complaints. The rest is all pretty rubbish though.

The in car charger doesn't work. It's led lights up, but doesn't draw enough power to charge the phone.

The car mount is terrible. It's a universal one, and the spring is so tight that it almost cracks the backplate on the phone. Also the angled part is too close to the mounting part for a phone of this size.

The phone protector is ok, but really bulky. Also, it covers the volume buttons so that the slightest bit of pressure changes the volume.

The desktop holder is excellent, great yet simple design. Love it.

Then there is this strange rubber nipple thing that is supposed to be able to support the phone.... It's just odd!

Overall, it ok value at £20, I just feel misled by the description.
great service
i have used this site many times over quite a period of time.... and the speed and efficiency of the service never fails to impress me...it's a very good site with good range of products i have never been disappointed up to this point...
Great Pack
Had a question which took a long time to verify so decided to use the online chat instead. They answered my question straight away. Just checking the car holder was a suction cup not just adhesive, which it was. Desk stand is brilliant as is the car holder. Overall really impressed with speed of delivery and effectiveness of the product for the price.
Poor Quality
The package is sold a an ultimate accessory pack for the S3.

Once the clear phone skin is put on the, er, car holder isn't big enough.

The desk stand is pointless.

And could someone possibly explain what the white think with a sucker and ball is for???
Good Value
These items are great value for money. The in car holder is well designed and holds the phone securely, the cover is a little cheap looking but adequate and the desktop stand is pretty good. The portable stand works but I'm not too sure that I'll use it, the screen protectors are pretty good and the in car charger is basic but functional.
For the price you can't really complain ...
Good range of needed items in one pack
Good range of items, case, car charger, car holder, screen protector etc. First one didn't get to me so had to order a second which came next day.
Packaged well, would have liked the newer usb type car charger though, less cables to carry.
great value
This product was ordered on a Sunday night and delivered first thing Tuesday. Great value for money as it contains several items necessary for easy phone use.
Surpised by the quality
I bought this pack as a stop gap until the official Samsung accessories came out, however, now I don't really have to wait.

The case fits very well and the phone is well protected. The car holder is very sturdy and grips the device very strongly. The car charger does exactly what it's supposed to and the screen protectors fit brilliantly (and there's more than one).

All in all a very good value buy.
Broken after a 1.2 mile round trip
My review will focus on the cradle and car charger.

Days Owned : 1
Test Trips to Sainsburys undertaken: 1
Test trips to Sainsburys that the product survived : 0
No. of accidents nearly caused by cradle falling off the dashboard : 2
No of mini-USB connectors bent out of useable shape : 1
No of uses I now have for the cradle and charger : 0

The mini desk stand is a nice little thing though...
An excellent product
This is a package of goodies for the Samsung S3 which I found to be a bit like the curate's egg - good in parts!

The silicone cover is excellent - fits perfectly
The windscreen mount to hold the phone is excellent overall the mechanism for activating the suction cup is btilliant - easy to use and holds fast every time with minimal effort. The spring loaded arm which moves to clamp the phone in place is a bit awkward to use but does hold the phone very firmly in place.
The screen protection film was easy to stick in place and was bubble free.

There were some other items in the package which to be honest completely baffled me as to their purpose.
Mostly what I needed
If you want a reasonably priced starter kit for your phone this is good value. I always like a minimal case with screen protector as I find getting exactly the right case is not easy and they can be pricey. The car charger is great, I have had others with a micro USB which are rubbish, this one is just right and stays connected very well. Not too sure about the windscreen mount will not be putting it in my car just yet. The metal desk holder is fab but the rubber ball is a waste of time. All in all a very good value kit
Excellent Collection of Useful Items
The i9300 pack contains everything one needs to get to grips with the new S3.

The table stand is extremely effective and the small rubber stick on stand is a nice feature.

The case fits wondefully and the screen cover (plus many spares) hugs the screen tightly so that you barely know it is there.

The car accessories are also very good, my only gripe being that the car charger cable is very short, resulting in it being very taut when connected to the phone.

Overall a great package and great value.
Time saver!!
I'm really not a fan of looking through millions of accessories when I get new phones. All I need is a case that is simple to use, but looks good. My phone was due to arrive on Tuesday, so I decided to look for a case quickly during my lunch on Monday. I saw this pack - it was reasonably priced, had a decent case and so I ordered it. Both the phone and this pack arrived Tuesday. I love the phone and the case complements the phone well. Plus I've now also got a car charger, phone holders and screen protector too (though I have only used the screen protector so far, which works well). Ten minutes to find and order a product, arrived next day and does what you need it to do. I can't ask for much more than that, and I now have more time to spend messing about on my new shiny phone :-)
Bargain Galaxy S3 Kit!
Myself and the wife just got S3s and between us are using all of it. The pack is awesome a really bargain, vodafone shop want nearly £30 for a case! Overall very pleased, She is using the gel type case and the sticky stand thingy, good for watching vids on her communte in to work. Car Holder is great, nice and slimline, the screen protector does the job, doesn't go to the edges where it curves but the others from ProTec in Phones for U don't either (they guy in the shop mentioned something about them not sticking well on curved surfaces near the edges). Car charger is ok, havn't used it yet, just microUSB, already have one from my Galaxy S2 days. Delivered in about 17 hours from ordering! Well done Mobile Fun
Just what I wanted
products are good but i paid for the accessory package in white, i got the clear case which fits like a glove, the desk stand, screen protectors but i recd a black car charger, a black rubber sticky thing for the back of my phone and i wanted white. I have no quams with the quality of the goods they are top notch.
Over all I thinks it's a really Bad
This is a really Bad product... after what i saw on the picture and so on. i thought it would be great but it's not...

-The desk stand, is almost falling backwards unless you put the device so low that it almost touch the Desk...

-The car holder, feels cheap and dosen't "click" in a notch so you have to use time on setting the phone in it each time you Drive...

-The Flexishield Skin, is not totally bad.. but they wrote Solid black so i would guess it either was that or a Solid White but nope it's not all clear and not all white... at least it Lines alright up with the Mic, cam and so on.

-The Mini Portable Desk stand, is Great for it when you want the Phone in a laying down position, but it can (AT ALL) stand like in the picture. ( plus it's black not white...)

-The Car Charger, is apparently for Motorola or so it says on it. i have not tested it. it do have the right input for the Galaxy s3 but still when it comes with a sticker where it says for Motorola it's not a good sign in my book...

-The MFX screen Protectors, is what im supposed to get but i got screen protection from ScreenWear, it doesn't even Reach the edges of the device witch is almost acceptable with the Flexishield on. but without it is no good at all. and on the picture there are cut outs for the 2 sensors and the front cam (3 holes) the ones i got is just one big cut out for all 3 and the Speak (for calls) + at the home button it's not one big cut out it's half a cut plus if use the button you most of the time touch the "edge" of the screen protection and because it's so thick it's annoying

and it doesn't stick at the edges so that is a different "color / shade" and that is also annoying...

So over all I thinks it's a really Bad Pack...
Recieved this morning - you get a bag stuffed with a random assortment of tat with no instructions or indication of what they are.
All products look cheap especially the windsheild mount which it why i opted for the kit - i reckon it would fall apart in a few months of use.
I wont be botherting to find out what the random bits and pieces in the kit are for. this is going straight back. Waste of 2.60 + return post

Really terrible, the worst online purchase i have ever made and a shining example of why there is no replacement for looking at something instore

The same day dispatch did not happen either,order placed at 4 pm , dispactced notification recieved 8pm next day.
Does exactly what it says on the Tin!!
My husband didn't want me to order this pack - he said I would be disappointed!! Nah nah nah nah nah!! He was wrong. I think it is a great pack for the money. I worked out how to fix the phone holder on the dashboard of the car so that I could use the Sat Nav on the phone - fantastic. It holds the phone snugly and it hasn't fallen off the dashboard yet either! The phone cover is clear moulded flexible plastic and although it makes the phone a bit more bulky it feels safe in the hand. The desk stand is brill as I use it in my office. The screen protectors are just what they should be and you get five of them so they should last a while. The car charger is pretty standard - if I had a complaint it would be that the lead isn't very long so it limits where you can put the phone holder in the car if you need to charge it whilst in the car - i.e. when using the Sat Nav. Overall, I'd say I'm happy with it and as a bonus I proved the old man wrong!! Overall I'd give it five stars and would definitely recommend it to a friend.
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