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The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Accessory Pack - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Ultimate Pack in white for the Galaxy Note 2 is a pack consisting of must have accessories designed specifically for the Galaxy Note 2.
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 3.6 stars from 69 customers

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Not bad
Just got mine in just now. Everything seems cheep but doing able for the price you pay. The biggest problem I have is the car charger. It's just a standard charger nothing special. Looks like I might break it if I touch it. Wire is thin. Happy with the rest but the charger
great package
Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note Accessory pack
A "must-have" packet of useful accessories for the note- in other words "Note-worthy"!!
Not worth it if you expect much
I bought this as a stop gap as there was little in the way of accesories when it was launched.
Positives - the gell case is good and the basic car charger works fine.
Negatives - the desk holder is ok but a bit unsteady and no use if the phone is plugged in. The screen protectors are useless as they will not go on without leaving bubbles and only stay attached for a few days. I even got the guy at the phone shop to put one on in case it was me but the same thing happened. The car holder would not hold the ohne in the gell case without being forced into the gap. Aslo it would not stay attached to the window for more than a few seconds with the phone in.
A Great Protection Kit
I realised from web user reports that my Galaxy Note2 would be vulnerable in normal day to day use. I ordered The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Accessory Pack - Black and was astonished by the speed of delivery and the value for money and practicality of the six accessories. My only gripe is the lack of any written instructions. A little care here would complete the 5-star customer experience!
Not as good as first thought
The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Accessory Pack - Black
Not as good as first thought,as glue dried up quickly the in car holder snapped at the neck and for the SG Note 2 the holder is not really wide enough,it lasted about 2mnt.
Not bad :)
Protective cover and protective backing both good and good fit and easy to use.

Loving the little desk stand! works really well - both portrait and landscape. and if you get it mucky (ie dropped on floor and full of carpet fluff) you can make it re-sticky buy just cleaning with sellotape, so don't worry if it gets a bit covered in fluff and no longer sticks.

Only down side is that I actually found the car holder not that great. phone wobbles around and falls out and the sucker although at first appeared strong fell off when the phone wasn't even in it.

also lack of instructions does make things at first a bit confusing, but most can be quickly worked out.
Embarrassingly poor quality
This bundle was absolutely rubbish. Most of the accessories are complete junk you could find on your local market for a couple of pounds each.

The site says it is sold with a FlexiGuard case like the one also sold here for around £10, making this bundle sound like a good deal since everything else included totals up to £20 plus delivery.

I was actually embarrassed about buying such rubbish I threw all but the case and the screen protectors away. I would have sent the whole thing back but it arrived the same day as my new phone and wanted to get it protected immediately!

Delivery was very quick, which is admirable, but I will not be buying from MobileFun again.
Slightly disappointed
Ths accessory pack brung with it, high hopes but in the end failed to deliver. There are certain bits within the pack that you have to guess whay they are there as there are no instructions. The 5x screen protectors are difficult to apply as dust easily gets between the film and the screen causing bubbles...I wasted 4 out of the five so only got one of the two phones protected Once on the film reduces the sensitivity of the S pen slightly. The positives are that the holder is great and makes up for the negative bits and the second phone is protected (except for the screen) by the rubber case that is in the pack. I think this overall was reasonable value for money and anyone that has dealt with screen films, successfully before, will get on fine with this product. I would still like to know what to do with the flat black thing and the metal bar, just out of curiosity.
Reply to Mike
FYI my review was genuine, I seriously don't think the pack is value for money or fit for purpose and was disappointed with it.
So my opinion is genuine, then again i don't work for Mobilefun.co.uk like Mike probably does
All you need! And perfect price.
Perfect transparent case.
Great screen protectors (no bubbles when done correctly).
Very nice stands (there are 2 of them) for the phone.
And an okay car charger.
Galaxy note 2 ultimate pack
The case is pretty good, the stand does what it is supposed to, car charger works well, the 5 screen protectors are ok. The car mount is another story, after 5 min on the windshield it fell down, in that 5 min. i noticed that the phone was pretty shaky on the mount (hard to see whats on the screen). The vibrations causes the lock ring to unlock, so that is why it fell down. Also tried to stick the plate on a freshly clean and dry dashboard, but even after 2 days in the sun, the plate did not stay stuck to the dash even with no phone on it.
Was looking forward this car mount but im very disapointed, but for the price...
Overall ok
The bracket is a bit agricultural but fuctional
Screen protectors a good
Car charger good
Site was easy use and produxt was exactly as discribed, ,delivered in a timely fashion. What else could you ask for?
Great Value!!! ( part 2 )
Not sure what products Tom Fun recieved but I put my screen protector on flawlessly and I've had no issues with the case, the car holder is very secure as too is the desk stand...I would happily send photo's to prove. Some how doubt Tom Fun is a genuine review.
A must have set
If you get a Galaxy Note II then get this set of goodies before you get anything else. Essential "gadge" for your new toy.
Great Value!!!
VERY good value for money, next day delivery after I placed the order late in the afternoon. Screen holder is excellent...have taped a small piece of foam to it so that the bottom rests securely on the dash to prevent any vibration. Phone cover fits perfectly and looks good. Desk stand works well...Pleasantly surprised.
Spent Twice as Much on Shipping
Purchased this 3 weeks back and ended up paying twice the amount inclusive of courier and octroi charges Nevertheless this is my review.
The case fits very well. Scratch guard increases the friction between the finger and the screen. But that too isnt much of a hassle. The car mount just about holds on to the device with the flexi shield case on. Car mount can be used as a desk stand as well. Car charger is good. I am just confused on what remains. A steel desk stand and this black panel.how does one even use this. Atleast a picture on your website to explaining how to use it would have sufficed. Overall if I dint have to pay the same amount for shipping I would recommend this bundle.
not bad
Good value for money. The case is good but in combination with the screen protectors it touches the side of the case causing the edges to bubble and dirt to go underneath it is absolutely stupid considering they are being sold together and the car holder u have to put a huge amount of effort to open it and then when it clamps back down surprise surprise it lifts the screen protector up
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Ultimate Accessory Pack
I ordered this and got it delivered as advertised. However, since I ordered through the basic mailing service (costing Rs. 305), there was no tracking and it took a shade too long for my comfort. I did not opt for secure shipping since the shipping cost would've been almost the same as the product cost itself! I feel it would be better if Mobile Fun provides some form of tracked shipment. That would make us a lot more comfortable.

The product, however, is wonderful! The flexishield skin is particularly great. It suits and encases my Gray Note 2 perfectly. The car-mount and car charger are also very good and useful. It holds the phone really tight. I hope that in itself, does not cause any issues. I've already used the phone as a GPS.

Please make it a point to position the in-car mount clamp below the Volume rocker and the Power button.

And I also liked the 5 MFX Screen Protectors. I can always have spare ones, that way.

All in all, I'm very happy with the product. It could be better if we got some kind of tracking, maybe with a slightly increased shipment cost.
Not good enough
This package looks good on paper but in reality it is pretty useless. the only useful item is the phone case, which can be bought for less than half the price. The holder is useless as it does not fit or hold the Note 2 and cannot be used in a car as there would be a risk of it falling out and either damaging your new expensive phone or causing an accident. The screen protectors are also useless as all they do is leave a bubbled effect on your screen and to be honest with the type of screen Samsung use these stick on plastic 'screen protectors' are a waste of time and money. The desktop holder is also a waste of time and can't even do the job of holding the phone. Overall, as you can tell I was extremely disappointed with this purchase and would have returned it for a refund but as there is so much packaging you have to tear into to get to the products before you can try them, you are then unable to repackage them and return them. Waste of money ( 1 star for the case)
The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Accessory Pack - Black
This is a value pack of accessories for the Samsung Galaxy note 2. The phone case (skin) fits snugly and the screen protector, car stand and car charger are good valuable additions to the pack. My only grouse with the order is the unanticipated customs duty I was charged on delivery which worked out to more than INR 1000. Not sure why customs duty needs to be paid for mobile screen and body protectors.
I liked all the products that came along with the bundle. The case fits perfect! The Screen Protector could have been bigger in height by 5mm to cover the entire top area as well but that's not an issue. The car charger is a single piece with mini usb, but it could have been sent as a charger with usb socket in it and provide a seperate usb to micro usb cable so that the charger can be used for various other devices as well. Overall I liked the bundle and would have expected a stylus pen as well to make a perfect bundle for the same price or reduce the price of the bundle by around £3-£4 if it does not include the pen.
Next day delivery was spot on!!
Everything in the package is as described on the webpage.
I bought this in hurry and no other reason because there were no other sellers from UK who sold a bundle for this product. There were bundles from outside UK which usually takes 20 days for delivery :/
Bought this as the first time I've protected a mobile. Cover fits nice and snuggly, the screen protectors were easy to use and the in car charger and holder have been perfect so far! Well recommended!
A Pleasant suprise!
I was quite unsure of what I was going to get for my money. When you look at the price and the list of stuff you get the price is really cheap. I was worried that the goods would be really poor and cheap feeling. I was really surprised at the high quality of the goods and how well they fitted my device. I recommend this product!
Very disappointing
I'll keep it brief:
Skin : Ok.
Screen protectors : Work but screen feels slightly sticky under finger and S-Pen.
Car charger : Ok.
Car cradle : Note 2 barely fits, too heavy for windscreen, difficult to insert/remove phone.
Desktop Stand : Holds the phone but too unstable to use the phone on the stand.
Mini-stand : simply bizarre!

Better package would be the screen protectors and skin but forget the rest.
Could do better
The main reason I bought this pack was for the case, screen protectors and car charger - it seemed logical to save money by bundling these three items rather than buy them individually.

The other stuff was a bonus, which is just as well really 'cos the desk stand lost its sticky after a few days and the suction on the car mount was hopelessly inadequate for the weight of the device.

All in all it was worth it for the items I wanted, but if the mounting options are important then I'd steer clear of this pack!

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