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The Ultimate Microsoft Lumia 650 Accessory Pack Reviews

The Ultimate Pack for the Microsoft Lumia 650 consists of fantastic must have accessories designed specifically for the Lumia 650.
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 4 stars from 1 customers

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Mostly Good
The kit was very much as I had expected and wanted with the exception of the screen protectors. The packaging claims that there is an alcohol wipe, some alignment aids, a microfibre cloth and the screen protectors. Well there isn't any alcohol wipe or alignment aids. By the time I messed around trying to get one on I ended up with it round the wrong way and had to remove it. The second attempt with the second one went better but there's still some dust trapped underneath giving it some small but unsightly bubbles. Apart from that I'm happy but the instructions for the stands are woefully inadequate. I had to take them to work and get some of my colleagues to help me sort them out.

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