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The Ultimate Pack in black for the iPhone 5S / 5 consists of a car holder, car charger, 5 screen protectors, a Polycarbonate case, and 2 desk stands making it a must for all iPhone 5S / 5 owners.
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Would recommend this product
Great product at a good price, bought as a present for my husband, he finds the car charger and holder particularly useful. Would recommend this product.
Great product at really good price.
Bought this accessory pack mainly for the phone skin and screen protectors and I am more than delighted with both!
The screen protector was very easy to apply and unlike others I have bought for previous phones... no bubbles!
The clear plastic phone skin is excellent - A perfect fit, very discrete and also makes phone easier to handle. I particularly like the pop-off (attached) covers for the adapter jack and ear-phone socket. Don't need the in-car charger as my car has a USB jack for charging phone. Not used in-car holder or micro-suction stand yet but both look to be robust and more than fit for purpose.
All-in-all delighted with purchase and service from MobileFun and will certainly consider using this website again.
Essential for every iPhone owner
I find this product to be a very useful pack for all iPhone 5/5S users. The products are well made and I have used all of them frequently. The desk stands are very useful and are great to use when I am working. The car charger works well and I find that it charges my 5S relatively quickly which is obviously a very important point. The car mount included could have been better made as when driving it can wobble quite a lot and it simply fell off my dashboard on me, thankfully however my iPhone wasn't in the mount at the time. The case and screen protectors provide much needed protection and I have found they suited their purpose perfectly. In conclusion I think every iPhone 5/5S owner needs to buy this pack as it offers all round useful gadgets for my device and I would highly recommend it.
Great value fast service
Great value set and really fast service. Just wish the products came with description and instructions as had to look back the website to work out what they were.
Just what I needed
A great collection of accessories one small draw back was no lead included - would have been usedful as an extra for traveling with.
Desk stand is cool, screen covers are good nice to have spares as they are hard to fix accurately first time.
Solved my problem
Fits perfectly on any part of the windscreen and multi angle function makes it invaluable - one of the best gadgets I have ever bought
Great deal!
I've only recently got an iPhone 5 as a work phone and spent a while looking for a case. I didn't want to spend a fortune and most of the cases I liked were around £20 to £35. That was just for the case.
I found this pack, considering it has an in car charger, a suction car mount, a desktop holder, a portable desktop holder, 5 screen protectors and a case - I thought it was a bargain.
I was not disappointed! The case is sleek and unassuming, exactly what I was looking for. It offers a certain level of protection from the odd drops here and there. The desktop mount is excellent, and gives me a place to rest the phone while at the office, the in-car mount is great. It's very easy to place the phone in and get it out. Combined with the charger it perfect, considering the battery life on these iPhones.
This is a great introductory pack to get you started with your iPhone.
Even if you decide to "upgrade" your case, you're still getting a lot for you dosh.
Fantastic value for money
Received my pack very quickly and have put everything to good use already... Loads if stuff for less than £20!!!
Every piece perfect
Exceeded my expectations. Deck stand is sturdy and holds the phone well. The extra stand which suckers to almost any surface gets thrown into my bag just in case I need it on the run. The car holder sits on the shelf by my stereo and is in an ideal place for my in car charger. It easily twists to accommodate vertical/horizontal positioning - perfect to swap between my satnav or messages. With the screen protector and case fitting the phone perfectly, giving me access to all sockets, the whole package was exactly what I needed at a great price!!!
A really good bag of goodies
I really liked the accessory pack it contained everything I needed, the only reason I haven't scored it 5 stars is because the USB car charger has stopped working already which isn't ideal. But apart from that this bundle is well worth the money!
Overall a good 'goody bag'
most of the items in the pack were good and useful; the only thing that was not of any use was the USB connector for the I5 - had to buy five extra cables to replace the ones in the packs.
Useful pack
The car holder included in this pack is very useful - it even holds my sat nav better than its own holder! The desk stand works well, as does the charging cable. The skin fits the iPhone 5 snugly. The only thing that isn't so good is the 'lightweight' stand (suction cup with a ball end) - this doesn't stay attached to the back of the skin for very long.
Budget i phone 5 pack not Ultimate
I bought this pack just for the cover, screen protectors and the car holder, 2 of these are good. The other items are just tat.Not very impressed with this pack or the service. My pack came the next day with the car holder missing, the cover doesnt fit properly on my phone, it makes it very hard to press the button on the top. I knew the car charger was just an adaptor but it seems very pointless not to come without a lead. If this is the ultimate pack then i dread to think what would be in a budget pack.
The Ultimate iPhone 5 Accessory Pack - White
Fantastic pack arrived next day, great service! Very happy with my purchase and quality of products.
Just what I needed to protect my new phone and replace products from my 4s. Great service too - arrived quickly and was well packaged. Thank you!
Low Quality Very Dissapointed
Bought for my younger brother for Christmas knowing that he was getting an Iphone 5 and would want all the accessories that go with it.

Very dissapointed, the items were very low quality and turned up in a plastic bag. Probably could have bought all the items independently from ebay for about 5 quid.
well worth it
All works well.
The FlexiShield skin fits well but makes pressing the Power button a little tricky.
The car holder is rock solid and the desktop holder performs it's job flawlessly.
I'm still useless at applying screen protectors, bubbles everywhere.
Great little bundle
6 really useful bits of kit for the iPhone 5 and for an excellent price.
Really good
I have had all of the iPhones and end up getting many different cases and gadgets for them.I just got the 5 and it had no protection and some of the cases I looked at cost a lot so I decided to wait until there was more competition and the prices get sensible.
The I saw this company and they were selling a pack of all the basic items for the phone and only £20 delivered and I normally pay that and more for a case. When it arrived I was very impressed, the case is good and will not be one to use until I find a good one, this is a good one.The desk stand is very good in fact so good I am going to try it in the car and just tape the stand on the dash., The screen protectors are great and the car holder will work and is one of the best I have seen but still a bit cumbersome. There was a little rubber ball with a sucker on it which I could not work out what it was for, in fact the only complaint is that some instructions would have helped.
Great kit
Arrived today and really happy with it.
Noticed a couple of people didn't realise what the white suction ball is for - well you can use it instead of the stand so lighter to carry around.
Great value pack
This set brings together the essentials for a new iPhone 5 user, at a price which is much lower than the sum of the parts. The only query is the provision in the pack of a rubber ball attached to neck and sticker. There is no instruction as to the method of employing this item!
Useful, value for money product!
Fulfill all basic necessities for your new iPhone 5 with a very good price. They're not luxurious-top of the range stuff, but they are far from disappointing.

MobileFun on the other hand is very reliable, and has a very good system managing orders. Thanks!
The package did arrive on time and eveything was in it but what a disappointment.
If your looking for quality dont go for this. Cheap and chearful I suppose but it looks as if each of the items could be bought seperately in a pound shop--so not worth the money.
Great kit
Ok items to get you started and your phone protected,until better items become available.
Excellent starter kit at unbeatable price
Really can't fault this bag of goodies for the price. Everything does its job well. I also like the fact that after buying a Gear4 360 case and Otterbox Commuter that this case is the first one that actually covers all the sections of the phone correctly...even the camera without extra gaps here and there. The stand and phone mounts are excellent but like a previous reviewer, I've no idea what the white suction plug is for. Great stuff. Very happy with purchase.
Why go to the shops?
I have used mobile fun loads of times the items are always on time reasonably priced and just what I wanted. the best online site.
Ace review
very good product and well priced.
Useful Kit
The package arrived promptly and contained the items described. The iphone 5 case is a thin light black plastic which should keep scratches off and is a good fit. The screen over fitted without any problems. However, it does show finger marks etc, so while protecting the phone you are forever cleaning it.
The car mount is a very nice bit of kit and easier to find a good viewing position than many others. How long the "stickiness" of the mount lasts, time will tell, but it is fie so far and looks like it will last.
The car charger adapter doesn't come with any leads which (even for the old iphones never mind the iphone 5, so you need to take your own with you. It does have 2 1A USB charging outlets available though. Why 1 is marked for the iphone and 1 for the ipad defeats me though.
The desk mount is great, surprisingly useful, much more than I expected. It is really a large iphone sized sticky pad and it works extremely well. Just land the phone on it, with or without the enclosed case, and the phone just sticks to it. No messing around. Absolutely great for working at a desk. If you need to plug in the phone to charge it though, it would benefit from being slightly taller to give a bit more clearance for the lead.
Finally, the little portable desk stand. This puzzled me when I first saw it. It is a rubberised ball with a small 1" sucker on the end. The sucker attaches to the back of the phone and the ball then rests on the desktop supporting the phone. It works landscape or portrait. Useful? Not sure on that yet. If you stick it in a pocket or anything it does attract dust etc so you may need to wash it to ensure stiction over time.

All in all though very pleased.
Leaves a lot to be desired
For getting everything in a pack, its good. But some of the products in the back arent very good, i'll review each one.

Desktop holder - Pritty good overall, can use it on nightstand, or on the train to watch movies
Car Holder - Terrible, does work at all, sticks for about 20seconds then falls off. Give up trying to get it to work
Flexshield cover - good, just becareful not to pull the top or bottom tomuch as it can stretch and leave little gaps.
mini portable desk stand - i didnt get one with my pack, only got the one stand
Car Charger - Simple USB to carplug adaper
Screen protector - Useless, dont use, they dont fit the screen properly
iPhone 5 accessory pack
I thought everything was ok with this accessory pack except for the phone case which doesn't fit the phone correctly, I don't know if this was a one off defect, or if its a common problem. The main reason why I bought this accessory pack was for the case and the screen protectors, so I'm a bit disappointed with this purchase.
Its good
I am happy with all the accessory pack , apart from the car charger , theres no lead ? but then for £20 its a great value .
The Ultimate iPhone 5 Accessory Pack
Excellent value and everything fits as it should do. Mobilefun have never let me down with their excellent products
Hardly ultimate - more a jiffy bag of bits
I was disappointed with this purchase on receipt. The individual elements are all adequate, the case is excellent, the covers will no doubt save the screen, the widget for car charging via USB is good, the stand does the job, the white bobble yet has to find a use or explanation but no doubt will come in handy one day!

My real issue is that this was meant as a present and was in fact just a collection of badly packaged components in a jiffy bag with little by way of instructions and nothing to show this was a pack.

Buy this for the contents, but don't expect anything pretty.
Just the Job
Well the "ultimate iPhone 5 accessory pack" is exactly what it says it is. Included is everything you need for your phone, all the items are top quality from the case to the desk stand and car pack! I have used every item in the pack and it is superb value for money as it would probably cost you more than double if you bought the items separately! The website is fantastic as is customer service. Overall superb product, great value for money and I have bookmarked mobilefun for future purchases.
Everything you need for the iPhone 5 in one package.
iPhone 5 was received as any Apple product was, so it was important that accessory outlets had in stock items that work flawlessly with the new phone.

The Ultimate iPhone 5 accessory kit from MobileFun is just what you need to protect your latest new toy...

The kit works very well. My only real gripe, and it's a minor one, is that the top of the provided 'skin' interferes with the screen protector and lifts it off the screen. That said, it may have just been the way I applied it although I made sure it was tidy.

The car holder is especially secure; there's no way it's falling off the screen as you go around a tight bend.

The charging adapter for the USB lead has a very bright blue LED on it, which I found quite distracting while illuminated. I covered this LED up.

These are very minor gripes for what is an excellent kit. One that is well worth the money.
In reply to Anonymous
The reason the pack doesn't contain a cable is due to the new connector. Apple has put strict controls on this new connector by including a microchip in it. Therefore at the moment the majority of 3rd parties cannot make a cable for the iPhone 5.
Brilliant. Great value for money
Contrary to a review on the white version of this product I think this pack is great value for money. the metal stand allows the phone to be used in landscape or portrait and is extremely sturdy. The silicone case is a perfect fit and looks great on the phone. the car holder is well made and the phone fits very securely into it. You can even use it for other phones. they also provide a dual usb slot car charger (minus a cable) which is very good. for anyone wondering why there are no lightning cables provided it is because Apple has decided to make the cables very hard to reproduce as they added a chip that no 3rd party has access too. So your only option is to go with apples official cables.
best priced accessories bundle on the market
the desk stand is great, the portable stand is a bit of fun with some practical use as well.

the screen protectors are great, go on really easily and fit the phone perfect.

the silicon case is cheap, I don't use it but have slipped it on and would do the job. you can't expect more from it for the price.

the car it, i have it attached to the dash (06 ford mondeo) and there is almost no wobble when going along with the phone in it...only question is durabilty of it as the suction function does not look that robust...however it has fitted with a really solid feel to it.

in car USB charger does the job...

overall, cant believe the build quality and actually how usebale everything is for the is 5 star rating from me, the only thing that remains to be seen is how durable the items are.

if you are looking at it and thinking it looks to good to be true, i am using 5 of the 6 things that come with it and for £20, even if you disagree with me, it has to be worth a punt.
Good Ideas
The 5 pack is very good. Great compact windscreen holder and two fantastic gadgets for having the phone on display on your desk etc.
Definitely worth it!!
I bought my new, and first iPhone - the iPhone 5, but I didn't have a case/screen protector/car kit/desk stand/car charger unit for it.

Along comes MobileFun with their Ultimate iPhone 5 kit!!! Just what I needed.

The kit arrived swiftly, once in stock, and after fitting, it now protects/holds/charges my iPhone 5 just like it deserves.

Well done MobileFun!
Looks low rent tbh
No cable included just the USB charger (got loads of these anyway)
Maybe I misread the spec but assumed 12v charger for the phone would mean you could charge the phone via 12v socket without having to drag cable from the house which was the point. To have car charger that lives in the car.
The in car holder looks good.
The desktop one wasn't really needed but guess be ok
Not tried the case but be ok I'm sure
Already fitted another screen protector so these are spares
No idea what the white sucker ball is all about?
Just disappointed that sold as ultimate pack and tbh isn't all that, and I bought two so the missus has pack too
Perhaps the packs I received were incomplete?

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