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The Ultimate iPhone 4S Accessory Pack - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate iPhone 4S accessory pack contains must have items for your iPhone 4S. Designed to protect and store your iPhone 4S at home, in the office and in the car.
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 4.3 stars from 15 customers

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accessory pack
excellent companion for the phone all you need
great pieces of kit
Using all items in set,Ive mounted the holder on dashboard, all this kit is excellent
just what i needed
all ok except the windshield mount is no good I think the iphone 4s is to heavy for mount,fell of window before I got off drive
This all looked great when it arrive but when i eventually needed to use the in car charger it didnt work! and it was too late to return it as I had used the other items. Also the holder is no good for my car because the windscreen slopes away to much so not a good buy for me unfortunately
Everything I needed in a single pack
I have been hunting for an Accessorie pack for my iPhone 4s for some time, most only had a couple of items I required. However this pack had everything I was looking for from a desk stand and screen protectors to the in car charging cable and holder, as a bonus a great use anywherestick on holder so the iphone can beviewed at the correct angle when you want to catch the nail biting Cricket sessions. Absolutly Brilliant.
just what i needed
great price and quick delivery
I saw the case advertised stating how good the case was and how it would protect my case. Well, I am glad I did buy it. I telephoned my order through for a change as I normally order through the internet.

Firstly, my telephone call was answered so quickly a very pleasant and bubbly young lady. She was so pleasant and she confirmed me order to me this was about 16.30 on a Friday, when I was informed that my order would hopefully be there the next day (Saturday). After I had put the telephone down I thought no it will arrive on Monday. Saturday morning arrived just getting ready to go to the market when the postman knocked with a parcel. Yes, it was my phone case it had arrived by 09:20. All I could say is what a super fast delivery and did MobileFun have a secret way of getting my order to so quickly (A super sonic postman).

I could not wait so I went through all the tests they recommend and then placed my phone into it. I went and saw my daughter and her partner telling them about my service I had received and about me phone case. While I was explaining to Peter my daughters partner I threw my iPhone to him, as he caught my phone he dropped into a sink of water you should have seen his face he panicked and was full of apologies while trying to get it out of the water, his face was a picture all he could think off was he had ruined my new iPhone and how much it would cost him to replace it. I walked over to him with a towel and said oh well don't worry it is only a phone. I thought I better put him out of his misery and showed him that the phone and case was fine and no water had ever got into or near the phone. I can't repeat what he called me while I was reassuring him again how goof theLife Proof Indestructible Case was and sating it was the best case i had ever bought. Well, all I can say is I got a fantastic phone case ever, fabulous customer service and delivery and getting one up on my daughter partner, all in less than 24 hours. Keep it up MobileFun I will be order more from you in the future, and if you have an iPhone buy a Life Proof Indestructible Case for it as it makes sense, for the price of the case it is only coppers compared to the cost of replacing your phone. Well, done MobileFun I will always recommend your products and company.
Quite Useful
Gel case excellent. Car Charger OK but detaches quite easily. Screen Holder of no use to me as, in my car at least, the windscreen is too far away from the charger and cable too short to be functional. Desk Holder fine if you like that sort of thing.
that is all what i needed
very good service
Great starter pack
Good kit to start off iPhone 4 - butcase is v cheap and a bit deformed really!
Just as described
Excellent value and all the bits work very well - found the screen protector a bit difficult to fit without any bubbles ! would strongly recommend.
The Perfect Accessory
Everything works perfect
the desk stand is great
The screen protectors are the best i've ever seen
The car holder is big enough to do the job but small enough to not get in the way
All in all a great product
Very pleased
Excellent value and it all works straight out of the envelope. Very Pleased. Well done again

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