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The Ultimate iPad Mini 3 / 2 / 1 Accessory Pack - Black Reviews

Featuring every accessory you'll ever need for your tablet, the Ultimate iPad Mini 3 / 2 / 1 Accessory Pack keeps your device protected and helps you make the most out of your device.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36878
$26.53 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 22 customers

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The Ultimate Ipad Mini3/2/1 Accessory Pack(Black) is an outstanding product.
It give my Ipad aeven more professional look.

Top Marks.
One happy customer
I am one very happy customer, well worth the money,and having great fun with car love it
iPad case set
The items were as advertised and of good quality
Great Value Bundle
Great value for money, in particular the case seems very robust and the price of the screen covers on their own makes this bundle well worth it.
Excellent good value product
We appreciated the quality and value for money of this Ipad cover, together with the extra items included. As this was a gift, I was also pleased that it arrived just in time for Christmas!
bad experience
First things first, the delivery was done as promised. But the product received was not at all worthy. The product description clearly mentioned one case, stylus, car charging adaptor and screen protector. But when I opened the package it only contained the case. That's not worth the money I paid, coz I was supposed to receive more stuffs.
And the car build quality is good. But it doesn't fit the iPad mini too well, it needs lots of pushing and shoving every now and then.
Excellent service
Case is just right. Ordered one evening and delivered next morning. Brilliant. Stylus pin has a chunky tip. Haven't tried the charger and I am rubbish at putting the protective film thingies on without bubbles. They were nice and flat and clean but I still didn't quite get rid of all bubbles. Looks ok though and I really only purchased for the case.
All you need
I was looking for good value and to protect my valuble devise and found it! Good quality case and items I was looking to purchase individually. contented customer!
Great value
I have recently bought two of these for my sons. Great value for money.
Great Value
Decent quality and great value. Does exactly what it needs to, keeping the iPad scratch and grease free. The stylus is a real winner and the other end is actually a working pen.
Not Worth the Money
Case is adequate - just but picks up dust real easily so will your ipad mini. The screen protectors are pretty useless, in open plastic (very static) bag - attracted dust before I got near the iPad mini and bubbles can't be rubbed out (no card / rubber is provided - very poor)

The pen / stylus is a very poor pen and too thick for writing on the ipad mini - would be better with finger.

Charger is basic plug in - hope the lead supplied with the ipad is long enough to be able to use the charger but I doubt it.

Overall a very poor product - definitely not an Ultimate accessory pack.
Great value pack
Recently got a ipad mini and needed a cover the ultimate accessory pack delivered on all my needs, excellent quality cover, stylus pen, screen protectors and in car charging unit. Great buy, ordered around 5pm Tuesday and delivered 9.15am on Wednesday. What more can you ask for great service and great product.
Exactly what i was looking for.
I recently received a mini iPad,so the first thing i decided to do was get a cover for it, as i have ordered before from Mobile Fun and i knew the quality of their goods that was the first place i headed to, and i was not dissapointed.I looked on their site seen their covers and chose this one, when it arrived i was very pleased with it, it fitted my iPad like a glove, plus it came with screen covers, a stylus and a free car charger, everything i could ever need in one package, overall i am extremly pleased with the quality of this cover and along with the extras it is EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKIN FOR.
Brilliant product, fantastic service. Ordered for my wife's new I-Pad Mini just before 6.00 pm on Friday evening and it was delivered on Saturday morning. Really good value and great quality. Thanks!
Worth it?
For anyone wondering, comparing this to the standard apple cover and the smart case, this is the one to buy. A leather effect hardwearing 'bookcase' cover, which doubles up as the stand. This alone is equal quality to the apple counterpart and already cheaper. The stylus i didn't like, the in car charger i may never use, the screen protector I failed in putting on, these are all things that are my problem. The product is awesome, good quality and cheap! When i buy a 2nd Ipad for the wife, i'll get this pack with it.
Value for money
In terms of value for money, this product is excellent. Why you would choose to buy Apple's own iPad Mini smart cover for £35 when you can get this very smart, sleek and effective kit for more than £10 less is beyond me.

The case fits the iPad perfectly and securely, looking very stylish in the process. The pen/stylus is a great feature and comes in extremely handy. Screen protectors also fit the iPad Mini screen precisely, offering complete protection, especially when in the case.

As a graphic designer, I use the stylus to produce artworks on the iPad Mini. One thing I will say, is that once the screen protector is on, it becomes ever so slightly less unresponsive. Although, this is only really noticeable when working in a lot of detail on a digital painting for example. For general functionality, it works absolutely fine. The in-car charger completes the pack and justifies the product name of 'The Ultimate iPad Mini Accessory Pack'.
Just the Job!
Case fits like a treat. Screen protector also fits well.
Stylus pen is responsive.
Yet to try the car adaptor, but will advise if any issues.

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