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The Capdase Ultimate Charger Pack - MicroUSB Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Capdase charger pack is the ultimate charging solution for your MicroUSB phone.
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 4.9 stars from 15 customers

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A useful combination of components
With this combination of components, I can charge my Samsung Galaxy S3 in the following combinations;

- From the mains using the Mains adapter/standard USB/Micro USB cable combination.

- In the car using the Lighter Plug/standard USB/Micro USB cable combination.

- Any standard powered USB socket using the standard USB/Micro USB cable.

- The supplied standard USB/Micro USB cable can also be used to transfer data to/from the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The supplied mains adapter is a 3 pin UK plug style, so you can only charge using a 3 pin UK mains socket. It would have been more useful if it came supplied with a more flexible mains adapter for foreign travel.
Nice all round charger pack
This has all you'll ever need to charge your phone: from the wall socket, in the car, and via USB on your computer. Slpendid.
Thank you

Speedy, reliable and Great way to shop

Keep up the good work
The Capdace Ultimate Charger Pack
The Capdace ultimate charger is a very well made product
The connection points are strong and again well made
The cigarette outlet charger is a very good unit and remains in place and does not spring out as some do and become an annoying distraction
The charging rate is good and so far has kept my HTC topped up and they gobble up power
The wall outlet charging unit is very neat and tidy and again gives out a very satisfactory charging rate
Overall I would rate the Capdase package as excellent in terms of value and performance
I have recommended the unit to a business associate upon based on my usage to date and I would recomm nd it to others to buy as it is a TOP QUALITY AND EXCELLENT VALUE PRODUCT if you buy one you will not be dissatfied
it is spot on!
i am well impressed with the product,the updates i recieved and speed of delivery Also outstanding value for the device truely excellent all round Thanks very much I will most defienetly recommend and return for any future purchaces needed! :D
Love it!
This just turned up for my brand new Galaxy S3 which I managed to get a couple of days early, everything in the pack looks really high quality, a great value for money kit that I would recommend to anyone.
Impressive Quality
I've bought this pack as I've lost my mains charger for my Galaxy S2. Both units are small, which is especially good for the car charger as it makes the area around my lighter socket much neater. Overall very impressed with these well made products.
I learnt the hard way that cheap chargers are a waste of money.
I didn't realise until I owned a smartphone just how much difference a quality charger makes to the time it takes to charge.
My old S620 would charge using any old crap chargers, but my H0X wouldn't as the consumption was larger than the charger could provide. But now using this car charger the battery is topped up even when I'm using the SatNav app.
Just right
Needed a charger for my car, and spotted this 1 - took the plunge as I thought 3 in 1 can't be bad. Very happy that I did. Rapid charging for my S2 off the mains or from my lighter socket in my car. Doesn't overcharge my phone. Delivery time beyond belief too. 1 very happy customer.
Stylish and Practical
Cracking bundle, firstly the mains charger is very small, almost compare to the nice slim apple one.. almost. Use it at home and really need the cable to come out the top as my sockets are awkwardly placed where cables which some out the bottom causes access issues. (Probably only a benefit for me!). Charges the device quite fast, so is definitely a 1 AMP charger, I can notice the difference when I use a spare microUSB charger in the house, it's almost twice as fast. The Car Charger is probably the best bit of this kit, super low profile and charges by Samsung SII and Plantonics headset quite quickly - powerful and small - nicely done, the included cable with the car charger is quite long so I am able to charge my handset in a holder to the right of the steering wheel, without stretching it too much (The previous coiled one, was always under too much stress). You can take the cable with you which is a plus, haven't done that yet. Plus the wife can plug in her Apple cable to charge her iPhone when she uses the car. Overall it's great deal, as the kit is quality in terms of the materials and of course the power/speed of charging - much better than the generic multi pack my wife got from Argos! Well done Mobile Fun again.
Charges really fast, perfect for the car
I was surprised how quickly this charged my smartphone, especially in the car. Went on holiday recently and it was perfect for the long car ride there. The kids played angry birds on my phone in the back seats the whole way. Normally I'd have no battery left, but the long cable meant I had full power at the end of the journey !!
Special and speedy
This pack is the perfect combination - I now have a charger for in the house and an in-car charger. Both charge quickly even when my phone's in use - Big thumbs up :)
mainly went for this becasue of the car charger, i was fed up of going to change into 3rd or 5th gear and nearly cutting my hand open on my car charger, this one is now 2 inches clear and looks so much better than the cheapo one i had before. the mains charger is neat and compact and charges my s2 very quickly. and yey another micro usb cable. happy times
This is a great buy for home and car.Well made,and charges devices faster and safley switches off when phone etc fully charged.Recommended must have buy!
Well done again mobile fun!!

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