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THB Universal XXL System 8 Take & Talk Cradle with Micro USB Cable Reviews

A quick fit universal cradle for use with the highly acclaimed Uni System 8 Car Kit from THB BURY.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34844
$114.14 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 7 customers

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upgrade works
Motorolla moto G3 fits the cradle & works well with the Bury S8 system
Super product Excellent
Perfect solution
The cradle worked immediately and has worked for a number of weeks now. Delivery from the UK was very quick. Very happy with the service and product.
Works very well. Would recomend
The item is very good. The only improvement i would recommend is to increase the height adjustment to suit my Samsung S6 with a cover.
Flexible phone holder.
Use it for a Motorola phone. Flexibility is good as it allows me to have a cover on the phone. Most phone holders wouldn't accommodate this.
Great flexible unit
Great item particularly as my phone is about as near to the maximum this takes, there are various corners packaged separately which allow every thickness of phone to be comfortably cradled particularly as there is even further adjustment by means of a small knob on every corner. Read the instructions carefully the width adjustment is obvious [and simple] but don't be fooled that the button on the side which causes the unit to expand vertically by about 30mm is the only height adjustment [it isn't] its only to release the phone during use. Leave it shut and press the small inset which is very similar to the width adjustment [but not so obvious] this causes a massive height adjustment to be revealed. Charging and all other Bluetooth connections are simple and very satisfactory. In short a well constructed item that does everything you could want. It even allows the phone to be rotated should you wish.
As universal as it's name!
I was worried when I had to retire my old Nokia 3110 for a smartphone (Moto G) that the Bury kit installed in my car would become an over priced hanger for my sunglasses.

This kit however solved the problem and was simple and easy to use. The size combinations are numerous to suit most phones and just when you thought you couldn't adjust it anymore, yet another catch releases another section (a bit like a James Bond gadget from Q)so it suits the large as well as the small devices.

Mobilefun saved the guesswork as to whether my phone would fit by a rapid reply to my query on their discussion board.

Great product, great supplier!

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