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Tetrax Geo Universal Car Phone Holder - Dark Steel Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hold your phone in your car with a simple yet strong magnet.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28827
$27.80 inc. VAT
 4.1 stars from 27 customers

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Fitment is not truly universal
How well this product works will be dependant on the profile of the fins on your air vents.

I had the same problem on both my cars, one an Alfa 166 and the other a Volvo V70, which is that the fins in the airvents are not flat. On the Volvo they are curved, like the profile of an aeroplane wing. On the Alfa the vent don't really have fins and instead have two flaps but they are quite think and have a lip on the edge.

I found the only way I could get this to fit was by removing the rubber boot from the prongs. With the rubber fitted, the thickness of my vent fins/flaps meant I couldn't tighten the grip down enough, so the prongs would be in a V shape and it would just slip straight off the vent. With the rubber removed, it made the gap between the prongs wider so I could get enough purchase on to the vent, but then it has to be really tightened down as you've not longer got the rubber to prevent it slipping about. Getting it tight this way is difficult as the product is so small it's hard to twist hard by finger.

On a positive note, everything else about it is good. The metal piece has stuck fast to my Otterbox phone protector (as it's lightly textured I sanded it flat where I was going to stick it), the magnet is strong, and it's just about the most quick and convenient way you'll ever find to mount and unmount a phone in the car. It does what it says on the tin, in being able to hold a phone securely. Though that said, I suppose another down side to it's design is it leaves your device free to rotate (with the magnte being the pivot point) so you will find that your phone can move/swing/rotate etc with the movement of the car.

So my advice is, check your air vents before ordering. If they are thin and flat, this will probably mount up just fine and do a great job. Otherwise don;t waste your time, or maybe look at the other Tetrax version that sticks to your dashboard.
Car Holder
This product was really disappointing. Admittedly it is well made and looks good, but mine would not tighten securely onto the vent and kept coming off when I detached the phone. Even when it is in place the phone wobbles about. Expensive and a waste of money.
i bought it to use in my work van
the really short arms don't hold tight enough and they aren't long enough to securley hold

the 3m sticky backing is rubbish i ended up buying a really cheap case and supergluing the magnet to the back of it even after following the instructions

i would suggest a standard car holder or hands free
gud bit o kit.
the phone holder is a great idea,the only problem with the one i got is it does not grip well enough.i ended up having to glue it in to my air vent to get it 2 stay in.was quite disappointed with it but once glued in,it works well.its very discreet so does,nt stand out in your car.push through,spring loaded arms might have worked better.
recommened and fab
This is the third car phone holder I've tried - this was recommended by 2 friends and I'm happy with it. It was easy to fit and sits well on the air vent - the only downside I've found is the weight of my iPhone tips the air vent downward, but a folded piece of paper has solved that.
I drive a van doing deliveries all day and have used this product for about 2 weeks now and it is class.
At last a phone holder that is easy to use
This little phone holder is just perfect, I have tried several over the years when changing phones. New phone new holder. This one is simple to use, just place it on the car vent and tighten. Providing you push and tighten at the same time you shouldn't have any difficulty of it falling off.
The holder comes with several sticky pads which come in different sizes,the only problem that I had was the pad sticking to the phone case as soon as it touched, I didn't realise how sticky these were and scratched my case a little it trying to move it. The best way is if you have them is to hold it with your fingernails and place it in the position then release. I was skeptical to how well this would hold the phone and was totally amazed. The phone didn't slip turn or twist except by my hand and this was over some bumpy roads. This is in my opinion one of the better out there. I used this for my GPS app. Best thing is there are more sticky pads if I should change my phone or even my case. Thank you Tetrax
Best for the job I have found
Very easy to fix as long as you don't try to follow the instructions and works like a dream. Only down side was the delivery time
Excellent! Wish I'd found this sooner!
I had low expectations of this device! I'm on my 5th in car "universal car air vent phone holder" and all have been either unreliable or so large I had to leave the door open to use them. I saw this in one of the Mobile fun mailshots and figured I had to get lucky at some point. Placed the order and well...It's the easiest thing in the world to fit. Fair from unsightly - I've actually had a few compliments on the device. And not just from geeky mates either! The nubbin for the phone is a little odd and once it's fitted it doesn't look like it's moving but that a small price. Reliable, it hold my phone better than every other device I've had. one small point once you fit the nubbin to your phone be away your phone won't lay flat any more.
Does (almost) everything it says on the tin
I was a little unsure about getting a magnetic holder for a windows 7 phone, but having seen that this was listed as OK, I gave it a shot.
My only gripe was that it did not clamp onto the vents on my '05 Focus. Not that big a problem as I just dabbed some Super Glue onto the clamps and hey presto! works a treat. It holds both my wife's and my phones very well. No movement, no falling off.
Everyone I've shown it to thinks its brilliant & I would happily buy the version without the clamp, but haven't seen it on here yet, just so I can have the iPod and the phone within easy reach.
Over all, apart from one (very) small niggle, this is a top class bit of kit.
Simple, but perfect solution
My only gripe with this was that it kept coming away from the vent as it isnt as "grippy" as I would like. Easily solved with a dab of super glue on each side of the clip & now its imovable. There were actually 5 mags in the pack, not 3, but they have now held (unmoving) an optimus 7, ipod classic & a samsung omnia 7 with no difficulty at all. As I say, apart from it not clamping too well in a ford focus, its the best holder I have ever had.
Really clever device
I was trying to find a holder to use my iphone in the car without having to give away I used a device by a sucker ring on the windscreen or something stuck on the dashboard. The tetrax geo fits onto the vent on the dashboard and is very discrete when not holding a phone. It holds my iphone perfectly and allows me to use the tomtom app perfectly. Small niggle is it is not a strong enough magnet to hold the device in landscape even though the manufacturer claims you can. Very pleased with it.

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