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Tetrax Fix Universal In-Car Phone Holder - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Magnetically attach and position your smartphone securely in your car with the no-nonsense and easy-to-use Tetrax Fix Universal In-Car Phone Holder.
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 3.8 stars from 31 customers

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Great idea but...
I loved the design and concept, however my phone has a glass back. I fixed the phone magnet to the phone and it seemed quite secure, I applied it to the dashboard-mounted magnet and again it seemed very secure. However, when I removed the phone from the dashboard-mounted magnet it took the phone magnet straight off the phone. I queried this with Mobilefun and it seems likely that this is because the phone has a glass back. Regretfully returning for a refund.

Worst item ever. Doesn't even stick on. Waste of money
Simple and effective
Very easy to install - no mess no fuss to either the dash or the back of the phone. Excellent stability for equipment when driving. Class product.
Good product
It's an excellent product to use for any sort of mobile.
Thank you.
not bad, but not good.
It is a magnet and it does stick to your phone. BUT my phone keeps falling off as its too heavy. I admit I do have a galaxy note which is larger than the average phone but be aware of this. I suppose an average sized phone would be o.k. The magnet could do with being longer as the phone rotates, it could do with being a strip rather than a small circle. if you don't get the magnet bang on the center of the phone it spins to the side. This product is o.k but not suited for heavier phones.
Convenient place in the car
Convenient place in the car
Great item
I've owned numerous styles of Tetrax mounts and this is another great option. Comes with two(2) device mounts and one(1) dash mount and holds solid. I use this in a 4X4 pick-up without issue. Love these.
Not as expected
Firstly the plus points. Easy to install, magnets strong and easy to connect. Negative points is that the base magnet when stuck to the car dash is not strong enough to support the weight of an Iphone 5 when applied to magnet. Only way I could see to improve things was to apply superglue.
Not as expected
Firstly the plus points. Easy to install, magnets strong and easy to connect. Negative points is that the base magnet when stuck to the car dash is not strong enough to support the weight of an Iphone 5 when applied to magnet. Only way I could see to improve things was to apply superglue.
After a week of use I have to say it works a treat, no more clunky window suction devices. I will be buying more.
Not strong enough
The adhesive on the phone magnet was not strong enough to hold the phone for 24 hours.
Not strong enough
The adhesive on the phone magnet was not strong enough to hold the phone for 24 hours.
Excellent product. very much useful
Rubbish. Bought my one (same manufacturer) from Halfords.

Sticky back on dash hardly stuck at all, and the guy who said it will fall off when the dash is hot is right on the money.

Complete waste of time and money.
Excellent product. Great for use in cars without much space to attach things. Even works when magnet attached to the phone cover. Would recommend. Very happy with this product.
Car phone holder
This product is such a great idea and when I first set it up in my truck it worked great. No bulky holder to get in the way. Magnet works great. However, the weather has gotten hot over here and the inside of the truck can push 100 degrees on most days in the sun and I think the heat is too much for the sticky backing and it literally just melted off where I had it set and won't stay stuck in place to hold my phone. I am gonna try to apply a different sticky backing and hope it will hold in the heat.
A Versatile and Highly Effective Product of Excellent Quality
This is a wonderful item! Having researched in-car iPhone holders, it was a pleasure to find the Tetrax concept of mobile phone securing. The (strong) magnet attaches to any iPhone cover and is very strong when located onto the base part secured on the facia of the car's dashboard. Even on bumpy roads it holds with no problem whatsoever. Easily removable, it 'slides' off its 'base' magnet (secured on dashboard). Magnetically secured to the base holder, the iPhone can also be rotated/swivelled to any position required, although you have to be sure when rotating it not to accidentally slide it off the holder. The package also comes with free additional magnets. This is definitely the best in-car iPhone holder I have seen... no silly suction pads, cables etc. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending it... in fact, dump your old holder and buy this! I can't imagine you'll regret it! D (Edinburgh)
brilliant purcahse
Does exactly what I hoped for! For anyone who had similar doubts about this like I did thinking, how could a little magnet hold my phone? Trust me it does! That magnet is very strong! Even the the small bit you stick onto the back of your phone is easy to get used to. Strongly recommend this for anyone who has a phone within the products limits (screen size and weight)
great item
This item does what it says , it holds your phone firm
not fit for purpose
Worked OK for 48 hours but then phone started turning on magnet if I went round a gentle bend then the dash fixing fell off & not sticky enough to reattach so now uselesd. Item will only hold 150gm, moto x was just under with no case so probably not suitable for most smart phones.
This worked for about three days until one day I could not find my phone then I realised the sticky pad magnet wasn't so sticky anymore.Expensive rubbish!
Effective and discreet
The magnets were easy to fit to the car dashboard and my iPhone. The system is discreet when not in use, and holds my phone securely with no vibration.
not as universal as I wanted, as I prefer to keep my phone protected
To be able to secure my phone in the car without having to take the cover off every time
This is a great bit of kit. It holds the phone well & doesn't move, I'm very impressed with it. I will definitely buy from this site again. Excellent service, many thanks x
Nice item
I have bought another mobile phone holder recently but the Tetrax Fix holder is much neater and very easy to fit. It looks good and takes up much less room than the other one I purchased.
didnt work
never even got out the driveway before my phone was on the floor very dissapointed cant give zero star or i would
MobileFun Reply
Hi Hugh, we are very sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with this product. I would highly recommend cleaning the back of your phone with the cleaning wipes provided by Tetrax before attaching the magnet to the back of your phone. Skipping th
Hidden Button Massive Attraction
This is unique such a small magnet with great attraction allows you to mount your phone away from prying eyes and glaring light from the vehicle glass.
Fitting is easy and follow the instructions to make sure the mounts fix firmly first time and then your device is secure hanging as if by magic.
I found it useful using the button that fits on your phone the bigger the device the larger button is great I also use the small button with the iPhone.
If you want a descreet way to mount your phone or small sat nav that you can quickly release with out clips or spring brackets to battle with then this us for you - also with small washers you could attach even more devices but only one at once.
The button don't impede using a case either I haven't any problems to date.
Get ordering for a great unobtrusive mount system even on rough roads the magnet copes really well and the device doesn't seem to vibrate as it did in suction mounts
What a great little piece of equipment
I've been trying to find something for a while to use with my phone to make it handsfree in the car. This product is brilliant. Very unintrusive within the car and I reckon the easiest to use on a day by day basis being able to connect using just one hand whilst many other products involve you using two hands and leaning over the dash board etc. Its quite simple, just buy one!!!

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