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Tecmobile You 25 Dual SIM Android Smartphone Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Connect quickly with this stylish, compact and lightweight Dual SIM Android handset. A full feature handset at an amazing price.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41361

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 3.5 stars from 4 customers

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My view of the Techmobile Android Smartphone - poorly functional
The phone came well packed and was very presentable. The sim I transferred from my normal mobile phone (O2) was difficult to put in place. The operations of the phone were quite difficult. The touch screen was either too sensitive (for scrolling through contacts) or not sensitive enough ( for activating the phone or finishing a call). The camera worked quite well, but I could not transfer the pictures to any computer. Neither my IMAC or PC recognised it when it was plugged in via the USB port.
Just what I needed
For the money I can't complain, yes it isn't the most powerful Android phone around but it does the job well.

The dual sim feature is the main reason i bought this and that feature works flawlessly. The wireless / wifi is fine as well, not sure why the other reviewer is having issues.
Great for the price
I purchased this phone so I could keep my work away from my home calls. for that alone it is priceless. it is easy to use and is very light.
Decent cheap Android phone with limitations
I bought this phone for its dual-SIM features, and was quite impressed with the level of SIM-specific configuration that is possible via the "SIM Management" menu. Each SIM can be configured as the default for SMS, MMS, calls and data, and for SMS, MMS and calls you can select either card or to "ask every time" for outgoings. Calls, SMS and MMS can be received on both connections simultaneously.

As an Android phone, it's very basic. The low-res screen is readable but there are not a lot of cosmetic touches (eg only two standard wallpapers). This makes it of limited use as your "main phone" and dilutes the usefulness of having dual SIM capability.

For me the most annoying glitch was that the wifi-tethering capability of Android doesn't work properly on the You25. You have the option of "Open" of "WPA2-PSK", and when using WPA2-PSK connectivity is very hit and miss with connecting wifi clients getting an "authentication error" a significant proportion of the time, making it unusable except in "Open" mode. For example, once connected, wifi clients lose connectivity if the You25 screen switches off after its normal timeout, but (usually) not if you click the on/off button. And even then, wifi connectivity only works for a short time before "authentication error".

Battery life is excellent, even with wifi tethering switched on.

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