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Tech21 Impact Snap with Cover for Sony Xperia Z - Purple Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Sony Xperia Z from bumps and drops with this highly protective purple flip case with impactology technology.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40257
$39.82 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 19 customers

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Great case
Case is great. Protection is great for the phone. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a very durable case.
Does what it says on the box
This was a replacement last cover broke when phone fell out of my pocket and landed on a kerb and broke the case phone ok case saved the phone.
So I have replaced with the same model
it works
this case does indeed have a leather flippy front thing. still deciding whether i like it or not
- its good having something prevent my pocket from messing with my phone.
-makes it hard to use the phone one handed, especially a left hand.

the case itself is good, has a nice feel. does not have a bevel around the front edge.
sony experia
easy to deal with and heaps of options. fast posting as well. will use this service again
over charging with this quality
The quality not better that rofix or Muvit, quite disappointed with this purchase.
The part of the case that the phone fits into is made of hard and very poor quality plastic. Also, the edges that snap onto the phone are very sharp and the corners dig into the phone when inserting it. This has caused the rubberized frame of the phone to get scratched. There is no hole for the lanyard eyelet on the phone.
Not worth the money.
A new case
Looking for a new case that was robust yet easy use. Expected from the description of snap that there would be a magnetic holding mechanism to keep the case folded shut.
This is not present, but nonetheless this case is sturdy and meets the needs of the user.

Having a good catch would have resulted in a 5 star score
Tech21 Case
I like it so far. It fits MUCH better that the casemate (not to say the casemate fit at all). It seems to be good quality and I will look at other Tech21 cases in the future. The only thing that remains to be seen is how well the folding flap holds up.
Great product, Tech21
Great product, fits the telephone perfectly. Possibly the only thing that I would've liked is a magnetized cover to keep it closed.
Neat protection
The case is easy to fit and doesn't add much bulk to an already large phone. The corner protection is as good as it could be considering the location of ports which are nicely acessible and the case closes while you're charging. The inside of the front cover is soft and the outside the the case is smooth so it doesn't prevent sliding into pockets.

The only negatives are fairly minor. The front cover has no fastener so you can still drop your phone on the screen. I'd rather have a minimal case so that's not too bad for me. The other negative is the quality feel of the front cover, it doesn't feel as expensive as it was.
Top of a very short list
I'm getting pretty steamed that with a price tag of £500 for my phone there are no decent armoured cases to protect it, ive seen some of the other cases tech 21 do and thought it would be the answer to my problems.
The case itself fits superbly snaps into position with easy access to all the buttons and the covers for the charger and headphones, the quality is what you would expect for the price tag as such feels good.
Now the downers, i'm right handed which means i hold my phone in my left, the case opens as a book would meaning all the weight of the phone goes on your fingers making it hard to grab, so every time you want to text its a bit more fiddly than needs. Also this is supposed to be with "impactology" which is great unless when you drop it the front cover comes open as its not secured and it lands on the screen.... Not good.
All in all in all a reasonable case, but if tech21 made a survivor model like griffin (who wont make one for and sony phone) then this would be binned and replaced hence the 3* score.
tech 21 review
This case arrived well packaged in its box and was very easy to attach. It provides total cover to both front and rear of the sony experia z and is an exact fit.Access to all external ports is provided and the case itself is minimal in terms of bulk. Overall a smart cover well made and I am sure would do the business in the unfortunate event of the phone being dropped. Certainly a great product and worth the money in terms of providing all round protection.

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