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Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Cover for iPhone 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 5 from bumps and drops with this highly protective flip case with impactology technology. The case comes in a stylish black colour to compliment your phone.
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 3.5 stars from 44 customers

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Just what i was looking
Its a very beautifull case. I got the ipgone 5s a month ago and i was looking for a case to protect it well. This is the one i found and is. The best case to protect your phone. It is also real leather
Could have had it all...
On arrival case is perfect, elegant, appears well made, very happy until about a month in when 1 corner cracked and hung like a loose tooth until 2 other corners broke off and my phone fell out. Lasted 2-3 months max. e-mailed for return but not no reply. Another small gripe is there is no magnetic closure so when you do drop your phone the front 'door' will open and your phone lands screen down, or the door will always open in your handbag leaving the screen exposed. Could have been the perfect iphone case, shame.
Excellent case.
Nicely made although have seen reviews stating the plastic corners can crack with time, however so far so good. At the price I'd buy another if the first one failed.
Very impressed
Really impressed with this case, fits the phone perfectly and looks good.
This is exactly what I was looking for
Great phone cover lightweight and smart looking just what I was after will definitely recommend
Loved this item BUT
after 6 months the corner holding the phone in position have cracked... not good!
Safe from a 6ft drop onto concrete!
I chose this case because it didn't have the annoying close tab which pokes your ear when you are on the phone! It's a great case which adds little bulk.

I need a new one - last week I managed to drop my phone from a height of 6 feet. The flap opened mid-air and it landed smack, face down on concrete. I turned the phone over fully expecting smashed glass but the phone was perfectly intact. You can feel the ridges in the plastic of the case where it smashed against the concrete but no damage whatsoever to my phone which is working perfectly.

The Tech21 case has a crack on the corner but that's OK, I am very happy to buy a new case! 5 stars from me!!
bought this case 4 months ago, dropped phone from about 3 feet and it smashed to bits and phone came out, if you want to protect your phone, DO NOT BUY THIS CASE!!
very disappointed.
Very Poor Quality, corners broke within 5 months of having case and cover does not stay shut
Considering this case is D3O and bought this to protect my iphone 5 from drops, the case cover does not stay shut, the front glass is exposed should the cover be open if dropped and would smash the screen.

The corners have now also snapped on the two sides, so my phone is now lose in the case. Basically if it was dropped now the phone would pop out the case.

DO NOT BUY - it's quality is next to crap!
Corner broke off when dropped damaging my iPhone
Fancy Tech Materials - Lack of Thought on Basics
Case fits well - looks smart and will stop your phone getting scratched if it's in your pocket or bag next to coins, keys etc.

However, in terms of impact protection, the design is pretty poor. I've tested dropping it on the bed - and since the screen cover falls wide open, it does land quite easily on the screen glass and the "bumpers" on the snap case aren't raised above the line of the screen - they're flush against it (and I've pushed the phone in as hard as I can), so the snap case won't save the screen if it lands on it.

From that point of view, the basics have been overlooked. Lots of technical materials and logos to wow you, but the actual protection offered is poor if you don't drop it "in the right way" and make sure it lands on it's back!

All it needs it a basic magnet strip on the edge of the flip cover and the snap case and it would be perfect - hugely disappointing that something so simple has been omitted from the design - especially for the money you pay for this case.
Initally good but broke pretty quick
I bought this case and loved it for a couple of months then the inner corner grips both broke within a week of each other.
Now my phone just keeps falling out and this £25 case is useless!
Good idea and tech let down by poor quality outer casing.
Poor Quality only lasts one month.
The product looks great. A case for the Iphone 5 that looks like Samsung Galaxy case. Nice flip over cover.
BUT its poor quality. I purchased a white cover and the corner broke away. I thought that it may have been my fault, but literally it was just taking it in and out of my pocket and it caught my pocket. I purchased another in black but again the same problem. The corners are week and cannot survive daily usage,
With my 4S last year, I had trouble finding a case that wasn't overpriced, but still good quality. I finally settled with a £35 one from Apple's Store - which was good, but didn't protect the screen - as it appeared any case with a flip cover on the front, was always over £50.

This case I bought for my iPhone 5 is by far the best quality case I've ever had for any of my phones and the best thing is - it's just the right price. It has the ability to successfully absorb any impact, to reduce any damage to the phone. It protects the front and back. It doesn't add any noticeable weight or bulk to the phone. And an added extra, it's stylish.

I certainly will be buying from Mobile Fun again, there service was perfect.
Awful case!
Case is not very good at all took the phone out the case and the side broke off would not recommend people to buy this case at all!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi, we apologise that the product does not meet your expectations. A member of our customer services department will be in contact with you shortly to arrange a replacement / refund. We hope that this does not deter you from considering us for future purc
Looks Great but doesn't protect your phone
This cover looks great and the idea is a good one but in practice it's a badly made cover! The cover cracked the first time I tried to remove my iphone from it as the plastic is too rigid. I dropped my phone pulling it out of my pocket on Monday and the screen has smashed! In addition the plastic conrner chiped off! So spending 25 pounds on cover to give you peace of mind has end up costing me a lot more! I know that the new iPhone has it's faults but the covers are meant to protect against these! I have had 2 previous iPhones with much cheaper covers and never had any problems. Ironically I spend 5 times as much to protect my new one and ended up with a smashed screen!
Fits the iPhone 5 like a glove, good quality feel to it. I thought the white case might look a bit girly but as I have a white iPhone 5 I decided to go for it. Glad I did it definitely grows on you. Just wish it came in more colours
I ordered it , next day it arrived. Very impressed. Thanks guys
Case protection
I needed protection for my iPhone 5 from accidently dropping it. Seeing this D3O on Dragons Den made me think I'd get a quality product but on further inspection today I notice the cover on the front of the case cover does not lock in place if droped on the screen side it's likely to damage the phone.

The glass on the iphone is above the 4 snap in points on the phone.

It is poorly designed. Was looking at this case with the screen protector on this site and wondering if that would even fit with this case also. If it don't one will have to go back.

Any alternative good D3O product cases anyone can recommend?
Not satisfied
I don't write a review straight after purchase. I have been using this cover for 3 weeks now. When I got it, the first impression was like a great cover but just in 3 weeks there was a big horizontal crack at the back of the cover. I am not satisfied with this product.
Follow Up
Further to my prvious review the case has now started to crack on the top left. Do not wate your money on this product.
It Just Works
I dropped and broke my previous iphone when it was out of its otterbox going into a waterproof cover when sailing.Stupid eh?!This cover is brilliant. The screen is protected in my pocket. The cover gives me a grip.Very functional to phone or speak to my new best friend Siri.How will I break it to justify and Iphone 6 then?
Needs a Catch.
Great case, very light , a snug fit and all round protective cover, however today it dropped from my shirt pocket, the cover flew open and it landed on it's unprotected face, fortunately It landed on a hardwood painted surface and having removed the paint no further apparent damage. Verdict? It needs some sort of retaining catch to keep the cover closed and then it would be a five star case.
Did this case cause a crack in my new iphone?
The case was put on my new iphone 5 straight away but after a few days of using it I noticed a crack on the iphone screen at the top. It might be coincidence but looking closely at the internal casing which holds the phone I noticed it didn't really fit the iphone 5 properly and the glass was above the lip of the case. My husband's cheaper wallet style cover fitted perfectly.
Good Product-could be improved
The Tech21 Impact Snap Case is a slim case that is very appealing. The lip could be raised a bit by the manufacturer to increase the protection for the face of the iPhone. The phone would get a "5" if it came with a way to close the cover securely so it doesn't come open when it falls to the ground. I made my own secure closure and it works great.
Front cover has no magnetic strip!!!!
I bought this case after reading the positive reviews. Much to my disappointment it has no magnetic strip to hold the front cover closed, why??? Poor design in my opinion!!!
Not much of a 'Protector'
The main problem is that the front flap doesn't stay down, no magnetic strip etc.

Not the best design to 'protect your phone'

Sent straight back and I wouldn't recommend to anyone, which is a shame because I wanted a case with d30 technology.
exactly what I needed
Exactly what I was looking for, nice product, also, the service was perfect, delivered on time. I really do recommend this site.
Firstly, Mobile Fun, yet again, delivered quickly and without any hassle - many thanks!!

Product perfect. Phone fits like a glove and protects perfectly. Looks great too.
Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Cover for iPhone 5
A decent case that does what it is supposed to but has a couple of annoying features.
The screen protector is frustrating as it doesn't stay shut in so much as it doesn't have a catch to keep the flap closed when in bags or when dropped etc.
The screen protector has also proven to be annoying when taking photos, as the easiest way to hold the phone is with the cover folded back and this covers the camera.
Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Cover for iPhone 5
A decent case that does what it is supposed to but has a couple of annoying features.
The screen protector is frustrating as it doesn't stay shut in so much as it doesn't have a catch to keep the flap closed when in bags or when dropped etc.
The screen protector has also proven to be annoying when taking photos, as the easiest way to hold the phone is with the cover folded back and this covers the camera.
Tech21 case
Nice case looks good and is well made . I cant say how well the phone fits in it becuse my phone hasn`t arrived yet .
Highly satisfied!
Been through a lot of cases for i5 before finally settling for this. It's a great case with good protection and looks great! I highly recommend it, especially if you want something a little different.

Mobilefun shipping was perfect! Overnight from the UK to US.
Great case
So I have had three cases in the same number of weeks I have had the iPhone5. The first two cases either made the 5 too big and bulky to handle or they did not fit properly. I looked for a case that would keep the profile of the 5 small yet protect the device and allow very easy unhindered access.

I was un-sure that the book type case would be great but over the last week I have found the case to be great and to deliver on all of my key requirements.

I love the D30 concept - the harder you hit it the more it protects - great for this piece of technology.

All in all very happy with the case and the service offered.
Great Case
I love this case, it looks good, is well made and offers a lot of protection.
Subtle Protection
I had read that the iPhone 5 was liable to scratching of the anodised shell so wanted a case that would provide subtle protection. With the Tech21 Impact Snap Case With Cover this is exactly what I got.

My iPhone 5 sits securely in the main body of the case. I have the reassurance that the case has a cover so my pride and joy is completely protected.

All the important buttons and ports are readily accessible,the case cover folds neatly behind the iPhone when the phone is in use.

The case is neat, slim and lightweight and does not "grab" at my pockets when being removed.

All in all the Tech21 Impact Snap Case with cover is perfect for me. I'm no deep sea diver or arctic explorer so the protection my iPhone 5 gets is just the job!

I would recommend this case to anyone.

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