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Tech21 Impact Shield with Self Heal for iPhone 5S / 5 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Tech 21 Impact Shield is one of the most advanced screen protector available for your iPhone 5S / 5. Bubble free, self healing and advanced impact protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39199
$26.41 inc. VAT
 3.9 stars from 8 customers

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If you are giving this product a bad review it's because you can't apply it properly. I apply at least 10-20 of these per day 7 days a week at work, and these are by far the easiest screen protectors to apply. They pretty much do the work for you as long as you line it up straight!
Tech21 Impact Shield
This is probably the same thing everyone says, but I had the dickens of a time applying this. It seems to have picked up airborne dust, which resulted in several bumps/air bubbles that could not be removed. It went on a bit crooked and partially covered the earpiece. After gently lifting it to reposition, there are not areas at the edge that will not re-seal. Also, it is not quite as large as the screen, so it's edges are not covered by the Tech21 Impact Mesh case. I consider this very bad result for such an expensive screen cover. I am disappointed.
Great Film!
I've had the shield on my phone for over a week now and I love it! The film is a little thicker than I expected and it's not the easiest to apply (seriously, watch the application video on this one!), but I've already dropped my phone face-down on a nail (don't ask) and my screen is still in tact. there is a little nick in the film where I dropped it but you can't really feel it. I'm a huge fan!
Fantastic Product, Difficult to Get Right
The screen protector itself is a REALLY wonderful product! Yes, it IS actually self-repairing (obviously, to an extent) - if you accidentally get a little scratch, it'll literally melt away. But the other thing is that it does scratch a little bit more readily than another protector might. So, it's like a tradeoff: it scratches relatively easily, but it will repair itself. It may sound pointless when you think of it like that, but it is actually really worth it (not to mention totally awesome)! I haven't given it extensive "testing," but so far it looks like it works wonderfully.
But that brings me to the only downside: it's BRUTALLY difficult to apply straight on. Tech21 states that they made this protector to be compatable with all of their Impactology cases, meaning that you can use them both on one device. Well... Yes, they're compatable, but BARELY. There's an EXTREMELY small margin of error when applying it if you don't want any overlap of a case on the protector (if there IS overlap, it actually doesn't even make a difference, but I know it bothered me).
So, final verdict: Really fine product, but GET A PROFESSIONAL TO APPLY IT.
Tech21 impact shield iphone5
Product was excellent. Will definitely order more items very pleased!
Good money in the bin
Not happy with this item Not very good looking (very thick) But gave it a try,fallowed instructions but could not get edge to seal, had to remove and fitted another supplied with phone cover which was fine Have fitted similar items in parsed and never had problem
protects iphone 5 front glass
great product not like the ones on ebay that come off all the time pricey but well worth it came the next day to

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