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TDK SP400 Active Weather-Resistant Earphones - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Small, lightweight and perfect for an active lifestyle. These weather-resistant earphones feature non-slip earbuds, anti-tangle luminous flex cord and noise isolating technology. IPX4 rating means water and sweat resistance.
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RRP $32.95 - you save 76%

$7.90 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 74 customers

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The sound they produce is really good
Really pleased with my purchase of TDK SP400 earphones. They are well made and very comfortable to wear. The sound they produce is really good. Bought them at a really good price from MobileFun and would use this company again.
Little disappointing
The sound is OK but they fit not very good and when I walk they falling many times out my ears.
Very good quality. Quick delivery.
Very fast delivery.
Only ordered earphones but they were of a brilliant quality .
Would recommend ordering from them
Great earphones
Great earphones. Can talk clearly on the phone whilst wearing them..but the stand out feature is the illuminous leads so handy in the middle of the night to find..thoroughly recommend
Good headphones and good price
I like the headphones it has a mic and volume control, it has a button to answer and make calls, I especially like the glow in the dark feature on the cable looks cool, and the cable is anti tangle which is very good I recommend these headphones to anyone.
liked everything except earphones
TDK Earphones-ear plugs just don
T sit properly in my ears. I have gone back to using my iPhone 6s earphones/earplugs as ergonomically designed but sound not as good as TDK. TDK could improve design of earplugs so when walking or sitting, earplugs stay in. I tried everything to get the, to stay in but no good. Rest of purchases, phone screen protector etc good
An excellent set of earphones for an excellent price
These are really great, very straightforward to use and the flat cable means that they don't get tangled. Sound quality is very good for music , spoken voice and for incoming calls. Controls are simple, and earphones are comfortable, even for long periods. For the price there is no downside.
They work
They work as advertised. Sound comes out
fantastic value
this brand works for me and the quality lives up to it.
a great product excellent value
a popular brand to me and impressed with the features
Very good
Works as expected. The quality is very good for the price. I am going to buy another for my kid.
Mobile fun has been great they have handled all my orders
This company Mobile Fun has been perfect taking care of all my needs with my Samsung phone.
These earphones are amazing. Great sound quality, super comfortable and the anti- tangle cord glows in the dark! They're cool, useful and highly recommended.
Very sturdy headset
Thank you. I finally received my package two days ago. Very secure packaging that the headset was packed in. Took me awhile to get them out of the box but at least they were not damaged. I am pleased with this purchase.
Great value
For the price these are an excellent set of in ear headphones. Recommended.
Fantastic Value
I purchased these to replace some excellent retractable TDK headphones if purchased nearly 7 years earlier whose casing had failed after decent use. These have chunky bass with default settings so if you're using an equalizer or phone, make sure you tune it to your liking. The ear cups genuinely fit brilliantly and block out external noise partially, the design choice to have flat cabling is a little awkward, but the trade off here is that it glows in the dark and is waterresistant, so if you like late wet runs or rides, these are the headphones for you! Great value all in all.
Love them.
Actually bought two. One for my son (iPhone) and one for me (iPad mini). Asked my son and he is impressed - particularly because they glow in the dark! But then, he is only 12. I was never a fan of headphones except on flights. However, with the demise of in-flight entertainment I was forced to have a rethink. These are by far the best I have ever had. The sound quality is excellent. My son uses his everyday on the school bus. I will use mine flying to somewhere sunny in summer. Very, very pleased with my purchase.
very good
Very good. Great value. Great service as always
Well I bought two pairs and then bought another two pairs.
I like to have a few pairs of earphones around so that I don't have to search everywhere every time I need them. The first two pairs I purchased proved to be comfortable, tangle-free, have easy to use slider-control and easily visible so as to be able to locate them among all the clutter that tech brings with it. Sound is not up there with my more expensive sets but I can live with that, so much so that I purchased two more pairs.
I am sure that these are good earphones. I couldn't use then as they were uncomfortable to wear, they wouldn't stay in my ears.
Amazing Quality Headphones
I've got a large collection of music spanning many different genre's and eras and so far I haven't found anything that doesn't sound wonderful through these headphones. With the low end being 20 Hz I've owned headphones that have lower frequency response but with the silicone ear buds blocking out outside noise and preventing noise leakage from the headphones these really do sound great! The fact that they are fully iPhone compatible is simply icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.
The best complement
Perfect for my Wiko, these earphones give me everything I need; high quality sound as well as the possibility to manage the volume without the need to take my phone out of my pocket. Also useful the clip to fix the headphones which avoid the uncomfortable problem of getting them caught everywhere. Awesome!
Thanks very much for that great product at a really incredible price.
Fantastic earphones for the price
I am really happy with these, seem to be good quality and the black and grey colour matches my phone perfectly, unlike the cheap white headphones provided by Huawei. Just a couple of things to bear in mind, luminous, as mentioned in the description means glow in the dark. I didn't realise this so got freaked out, haha. Second thing is the mic and volume control is ludicrously high up in comparison to other headphones meaning it is hard to adjust while in use and for me at least, has to be held away from my face during a conversation as otherwise the sound is not clear. The mic pick up is better than average though and these are the only earphones where the mic has worked properly for duolingo.
Works with Music and Radio Apps
Good sound reproduction. Comfortable. Tie-clip and under chin adjustment, both removable. Works with both Audio Apps and as an aerial for FM Radio Apps. Note: If buying like for like replacement this 3.5mm jack has four sections (unlike standard 3.5mm jack that has three). Exchanging the silicon earbud covers for better fit is difficult, therefore I suggest the following TIP: Soak replacement silicon cover in hot (not boiling) water and dry, before inserting the blunt end of a 7mm drill-bit into the top of the cone and ease down until the end of the bit can be seen level with end of the shaft. Place the open end of the shaft against the earbud and gently slide off the drill-bit and on to the earbud - works every time.
The sound from them was fine
These were not suitable for me as they wouldn't stay in my ears. The sound from them was fine though.
Not compatible with Nexus 5x
The ear buds are not compatible with my Nexus 5x mobile. The product does not insert properly in the mobiles designated insert site for a headset.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Joe

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Bear grylls of headphones
If carlsberg made headphones.... These are truelly amazing! Great built in bass, anti tangle cable that glows in dark, sits nice and snug in the ears you forget they're in. Also water proof so if you get caught in the downpour no need to worry about your expensive headphones being ruined
Excellent ear phones
The TDK ear phones are comfortable to wear and useful for people that can't see in the dark very well because they glow in the dark.
I recommend them to my Auntie who was admitted into a hospital ward with noisy patients and she found she could listen to her music without disruption from other noise so it's a big thumbs up from her and myself.
Excellent ear phones
The TDK ear phones are comfortable to wear and useful for people that can't see in the dark very well because they glow in the dark.
I recommend them to my Auntie who was on
great Product
prompt service, great product.
Great headphones for the price
the headphones come with different size buds so you can pick the size that suits you.
unhappy with product
Hello unfortunately the headset for the nokia 3720c I purchased from you does not fit my nokia although your add did say it would fit
MobileFun Reply
Hi Maria

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate.
Great for my radio sound realy ckear
these were ecelkent value for money great for my radio sound realy ckear would recomend to a friend uve alreasy bought 8 pairs as gifts and they loved them
awesome product
Order the item and got it in good condition at scheduled time.
Good product, efficient delivery
Gambled on whether it would work with my Samsung Tab S as an old one didn't. It does. Not used to this technology as I'm old, so was pleasantly surprised by sound quality.
Great bit of kit
very reasonably priced and does the job exactly as described, the item arrived earlier than expected, would definitely recommend
Good product, efficient delivery
I Googled earphones for Samsung Galaxy Tab S because an old pair did not work. These came up at a good price. Sound quality and stereo discrimination are more than enough for my old ears, and I was surprised how much bass got through from such small devices.
I-player is now an option. Very pleased.
great looking good sound, sturdy
great looking good sound, sturdy
Item just as stated and as wanted. Good service and contacts. Took rather a long time for delivery but that may have been our hopeless postal xystem.
Good for Discounted Price
The headphones are brilliant light in weight. Only i find less sound in my Xperia Z2 compared to my other device.
Even though the quality is amazing and the glowing light in dark is just technology at its brilliance.
I like it it
I like it and sound its loud enough
Excellent purchase
Bought so that grandson could wear on laptop without disturbing my tv viewing. Over the moon with quality of product and sound great (his words)
Great value
100% satisfied. Great sound with good bass. Glow in the dark :)
TL; DR: Good value for money (£4.99)
- They do not feel secure, plus buds are kinda weird (I normally use S-M, even L does not feel okay)
- Acoustic response feels kinda bad (Adaptive Sound(TM) kinda amends it)
- They always made a better offer since their first, so, beware :P

+ L-shaped plug
+ Fits my Survivor Samsung S4 earphone opening (although plug could loose 3-5 mm "height" to fit better
-/+ Mechanical Volume Switch, cannot fully mute, cannot edit phone volume
-/+ On the maximum safe volume (Samsung S4), with slider all the way to the max, "maximum" volume is not pretty

loud. You won't go full dance mode, but your ears will thank you. Going louder definately helps.
-/+ Glow (as expected) is minimum, but more than enought to find them after they 'charge'
love headphone
love colour and love headphone
Good product, good price - delivered as agreed ..
Better than i expected
For the price, these are a lot better than i expected. Sound is quite good (better than the beaten up iphone headphones i was using while waiting for these to arrive). I like that you get a few diff sized earbud covers with them. Cords are a bit chunky but the clip that allows you to anchor it to clothing etc is useful (for me).
Excellent product.
They fitted my device exactly as described having been unsure at the start. Delivered early, great, excellent service throughout from start to completion. I would certainly recommend to friends and family. Definitely use you guys again. Thanks.
Good, durable and easy to use
Nothing extra to add
Good value
Ample volume from the drivers, multiple size ear pieces and tangle free cable - this represents very good value.
Bad Sound
Had to turn up the volume on my iphone 5 to full to hear anything not a patch on my iphone Earphones only good thing about them was the buds more comfortable than the iphones But sending them back as if you turn them down to half way nothing not impressed teach me not to buy cheep
Exceptional value for money
For the price I wasn't expecting anything magical but was pleasantly surprised. Build quality is good and sound quality is more than acceptable.
The bass response is more than adequate without sounding woolly.
Sound good and fit well
I was looking for some earphones for running and when training in the gym, nothing expensive as I tend to break them. For the price I can't fault them, sound better than the apple ones, fit better and they are sweat proof :)

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