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SwitchEasy Nude Ultra Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Made from ultra thin 1mm polycarbonate casing, the Switch Easy Nude Black case comes with front and rear protectors to provide 360 degree protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36466
$19.24 inc. VAT
 3.7 stars from 55 customers

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Very good
This case is the most compact I have seen and actually enhances the look of the phone. Quality feel and buttons work positively and easily. It probably will crack if dropped but if you can live with this it is the best case around.
iPhone 5
Very smart and easy to use. I'm very pleased with it.
Poor looking : Expensive to return
I've been quite a fan of Mobile Fun for the last 3 years but this product really disappointed me.

When it arrived it looked nothing like the picture and was glossy and rather cheap looking.
I decided to return it only to find that I had to pay for the postage and Mobile Fun were going to charge me £3.30 for the privilege. So I'm about £5 out of pocket and no cover to show for it.
Very poor service all round.
Elegance of simpleness
-Excellent item, received in perfect condition
-Perfect & snug fit for my iPhone 5
-Provides sufficient protection for my phone
-Arrived with items I unexpected too! - Screen protectors for front and back of the phone!
-Elegant and simple case - would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a simple case that shows off the phone, while providing excellent protection and better yet, adds no bulk to the phone!
Not good as expected
Not good as expected
Clear case for iPhone 5S
I like this clear plastic case for my new gold iPhone 5S because it's light and minimal. You barely notice it and all you focus on is the phone and it's gold back, which is exactly what I wanted.
phone cover
This is my 4th purchase here at mobile fun ...The case is really sturdy and doesn't add any bulk to the phone love it ........
Good but not great
Good item, offers overall good coverage and phone protection.
The plastic feels cheap and is of a hard composite which looks like it would shatter if dropped.
Description could be a little more precise when describing material, ie rubberised plastic or solid rigid cover.
Excellent Case
Case is an excellent fit and well made without adding hardly any bulk. Screen protecters easy to apply with no air bubbles! Good Price am very pleased!
Doesn't last long - breaks easily....
I bought this case largely to protect from scratches etc & not from any heavy falls. Like other reviewers however I found that that the edging round the on/off switch cracked & fell off easily within 4-5 weeks. I now have a slightly blemished iPhone 5 near the on/off switch. Was not from any heavy battering or being thrown around so assumed I was just unlucky & ordered a second case. Exactly the same problem has occurred at the on/off switch & at the volume switches after c. 1 month. I won't be ordering a third version of this case & am looking for an alternative. I would not recommend this case at all(unless you want to be a repeat buyer every 2 months!) It is a pity as the case looks well with ultra thin design & the plug to help cover the headphone jack & speakers is a great idea. If only the manufacturers could sort out the build quality!.....
Don't buy
The cases edge doesn't sit flush to the phone, there are large gaps at the corners so the dust and dirt will easily get in. The screen protectors do not 100% fit properly and I have actually marked my screen in two places using them!
Oh and the finger prints on the back aren't good as this is a gloss finish case
Just what I wanted for my white iPhone 5 but couldn't get in the shops. Thank you
At last the perfect case
I like to keep my things as natural as possible, I hate spoiling the good looks of my phone with bulky cases and I've never found one that I really liked .... Step forward MobileFun ... Not only have you given me a product that's perfect for me and the dog and bone that not only protects my phone perfectly but it fits that well you don't even know its on but you provide a faultless service ... Perfect item and super speedy delivery .... Brilliant !!!!!!
Just the ticket - well phone cover!
Brilliant service and next day delivery, no complaints and cover is just what is says on the tin!

Thanks, i will use this website again!
The look is good, but doesn't last
Mobilefun was great, but unfortunately this cover is not so. The cover is really good at delivering on the look - it gives the phone protection without hiding the actual phone and as I have a white one with the silver trim I didn't want to cover any of that up. However, the big downside is that the part of the cover at the on/off switch is thinner plastic and snaps off after time. I've bought this cover twice because I had hoped first time it was just a one off, but it's happened again. So although the look is great which was the whole reason for buying this item, that is diminished now that I have a bit cracked off it which is far from great.
Pretty flimsy
Thought this was going to be a good purchase, but the plastic cover over the on/off switch has cracked already. Also, before this went, I was finding that a lot of dust was getting in between the top of the phone and the case and now that this has broken, there's even more! The phone an case has been handled very carefully, so this breakage is not a a result of heavy handed use. It may be light and thin, but that clearly shows in it's robustness. Time for a new case from another manufacturer....
Absolutely Terrible
I had just bought my Switch Easy Case about a week ago. I dropped it once, and its already broken. Its a waste of money and i would recommend it for anyone. I was very disappointed.
MobileFun Reply
We're sorry you aren't happy the product. The SwitchEasy Nude is named so because it is a slim fitting case best suited for protection against cosmetic damage and not drops. We will amend the product pageto make this clear.
very good case! was unsure on the price but saying it comes with 2x screen protectors, back protector, headphone protectors etc, its definitely worth the price. if i had one complaint, in the picture it shows the case to curl slightly over the edge of the front of the iphone to protect the screen for smashing, however this is not the case. Apart from this, a brilliant case. Fits well, no bulk added, sleek and comfy.
Beautiful cover for my white iPhone5
This time round and after many years of boring old black phones I went for the white iPhone5, it is probably the best looking pieces of kit Apple have produced, next to the new iMac.. I had a bought a quick and easy cover first off from a store just to protect the phone but it did not feel just right, a bit loose. The Nude Case I ordered shows the phone of too full effect, protects its very well, although I have not done a drop test yet, is secure and snug fitting to the phone and feels, safe. The service was prompt and on the money and I would have no issue in recommending these guys to anyone.
iPhone 5 in car holder
Very secure for expensive phone you need it safe while you are driving so that no offence of the law I use navigation a lot so it is very Helpfull to have a safe and secure holder that last a fair time very easy to use simple yet effective device
Recommend to anyone I am very happy

I also bought a nude case for iPhone 5 very slick design and yet does the job to protect the phone slips in easily in the pocket not bulky yet effective
iPhone 5 in car holder
Very secure for expensive phone you need it safe while you are driving so that no offence of the law I use navigation a lot so it is very Helpfull to have a safe and secure holder that last a fair time very easy to use simple yet effective device
Recommend to anyone I am very happy
Just what I needed
Honestly the product was nice, delivery was quick, and nicely packaged, but I think price was a little too much. I hope this helps anyone who would like to purchase this product.
The Switcheasy case has not made my phone at all bulky but has given it a very protective guard. Very happy with this product and recommend it to all with an iPhone 5.
Good but don't be tempted to keep removing it.
Very attractive case espeically on the white iPhone 5. You can hardly tell the case is there once it's on, which leaves you with the temptation to take the case off, too really feel what the iPhone 5 feels like without a case, but in turn this makes the case a bit brittle, the little plastic parts around the side buttons begin to break off the more you remove the phone from its case. Having said that I would highly recommend this case (as long as it stays in the case) it's sleek and it offers full protection (including 2 screen protectors and 2 socket protectors for the bottom) a good buy I would say. 4.2 stars
Beautiful - but delicate
Received one of these last Thursday - boy, is it slim and gorgeous. And very slippery. Adds near zero bulk to the phone. Unfortunately, adds near zero protection - as today, just three days later, I noticed the case is broken - the plastic is so thin it has snapped under its own weight!
Exactly what I wanted
I'm really pleased with this case as I wanted one that wouldn't hide the lovely look of the phone or make it feel bulky. As this case is clear all over it means it doesn't spoil the look but keeps it extra protected and after being on for a week still looks as good as when I put it on. Lovely case and great value as comes with extra screen protectors.
Very good
Its an excellent cover. Just what I was looking for. Very tough but not at all bulky and completely transparent so you can show the looks of your phone and very very thin. Although it does give it a slight cheap look but absolutely recommend it to all smart phone users
Say No to “ScuffGate” with this great case for the iPhone 5
After receiving my pre-ordered iPhone chipped and scratched in the box I was looking for a slim line case which didn't add extra bulk to my shiny new replacement. I found just the right case with the SwitchEasy Nude Ultra.
The case adds virtually no additional bulk to the phone, and it remains light, sleek and looks smart. The Nude Ultra provides full 360 degree protection – all surfaces, edges and buttons are protected, so you can be confident you won’t suffer “ScuffGate”. SwitchEasy also provide you with a port protector for the Lightning and headphone jacks. If you think you might easily loose that, they have thoughtfully provided a spare in the box! The case also comes with two screen protectors and a back protector, though I haven’t used them so can’t say how good they are.
There is really only one downside to the case – it isn’t the smoky transparent black colour that I expected. It’s impossible to see though. This isn't a problem to me, but if you like to see the contrasting colours of the phone back, and show off that Apple logo, you should probably go for the clear one instead.
Overall a highly recommended purchase.
Good, but not Great
I bought this case out of necessity, I wanted something quick and cheap to protect my iPhone whilst other manufacturers take their sweet time to release cases...

The case is good value for money I guess, coming with 1 rear protecter film, x2 films for the touch screen and a silicone insert for the bottom which is held in place using the headphone and connector sockets. I have however lost one of these removing it to charge the phone..

It's also a good thing it did come with 2 films for the touchscreen as I wasted one trying to reapply it without millions of bubbles. Also, within seconds of removing the adhesive cover on both the rear and touchscreen films, every dust particle present in the room stuck to it and now form lots of tiny annoying bubbles on the screen...

The cover itself is OK quality and remarkbly thin. The fact that this case has volume button and lock button covers built in is good for virtual 100% all over protection, but annoyingly fiddly to fit. If the case isn't fitting exactly right or shifts in your pocket it depresses the volume button..turning down your ringtone or turning the speaker up when on a call...not great.

The lock button covering actually broke on one side and split all the way to the top of the camera hole.

In summary not great, but a good, cheap fix until better brands like InCase and Powersupport release iPhone 5 covers..

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