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SwitchEasy CoverBuddy iPad Pro 12.9 2015 Case - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The CoverBuddy in clear provides tough, lightweight protection and great functionality. Compatible with Apple's Smart Keyboard, Smart Cover and with a holder for the Apple Pencil, this really is the perfect companion for your iPad Pro 12.9 2015.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57194
$37.15 inc VAT
 4 stars from 18 customers

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Worth buy
Seems good for now , looks sturdy too . It is expected to run well
Inferior plastic
Had case for a month corners cracked off never dropped just not made to last waste of cash
Great piece of kit
Great piece of kit, when you consider the price of the alternative Apple product. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Amazing cover and storage for my pencil too!11
I was sick of scratching my iPad with my keyboard attached and having nowhere to put the pencil... This cover is the answer. Amazing!1111
Excellent case
My grandson loved the case for his Ipadpro. It works wonderfully as he is off to college and needs the protection for his Ipadpro. Thanks!!!
Corner cracked
I bought this case in April. I chose this one because it has a holder for Apple Pencil. After a period of normal use, the upper left corner of this case cracked. The material used to build this case is apparently not strong enough for an iPad of this size.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Weiliang

Sorry to hear you have had issues with this case. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Good but expensive
I wanted a protective case to cover the back of my iPad Pro that would allow me to use the Apple keyboard. This cover does that very well. Additionally there is provision to store the Apple Pencil. I have this pencil but as yet I have not used it so I have fitted the supplied blanking panel. This was easy to fit and is just what I need.
I would have awarded five stars to this case but I consider that it is expensive for what it is.
Less than a month
I WAS reasonably happy with this purchase (though retrieving the Apple Pencil from it's holder was a little tricky), but after less than a month, I find broken corners supporting the iPad Pro in its case on my desk with no rough treatment or dropping having occurred. The case is now useless and I will have to buy something else to replace it. Now NOT happy.
Excellent Product
The case is awesome as it allows you to have the Apple Smart Keyboard attached on it with the case on. It also have a Apple Pencil holder on the case which allows me to carry my Apple Pencil on the iPad so when I require it, it is easy for me to take it out of the holder and use it.
Customer Services was fantastic and the product was exactly what i was after, highly recommend Mobile Fun and the iPad Pro case
Switch Easy Cover Buddy I Pad Pro Case
Unfortunately i was quite disappointed with the cover, hard plastic, looks cheap, the IPad Pro pencil holder is a nice idea but it looks terrible & totally spoils the look of the IPad. Needless to say i have now purchased the Apple Front & back cover.
Excellent case, protective and useful!
I'm so glad I waited for this case. It is absolutely perfect for the iPad pro. With the way the pencil has a holder which you can use as a mini stand. And how the case lets you still have the smart keyboard attatched. It's so light weight and it feels really nice to hold. Especially with the pencil holder as you can hold on to that for extra grip. I've dropped my iPad in this case and it took the impact perfectly! It covers all the edges so no damage what so ever! It is the perfect case of you are looking for protection and practicality!
Perfect addition to iPad Pro
Went to the Apple store to get the iPad Pro and immediately asked "where should I put my Apple Pencil". They did not know. This cover answers that question. The location is very convenient and easy to use. Very innovative
Best Case with Pencil Storage Ever
I have tried various solutions for keeping my iPad Pro and Pencil safe and secure, and together since getting my iPad last year. This is by far the best case I have tried. I can use my original iPad Smart Cover (meaning I can remove it if needed), and this keeps the Pencil safe and secure without adding any bulk to it. Would highly recommend this product.
Adequate Apple pencil holder
When you have an Ipad Pro and Apple pencil you really do need the case to hold the pencil . This case does that and it holds the pencil tightly. Good price too. I would have paid a bit more too if it had been manufactured out of a higher quality material . When the pencil is in place the Ipad Pro does not lie flat on its back , instead resting on the pencil holder at one edge.
Winther Apple pencil holder
Best cover for iPad Pro.
Instant Solution
I use the Pencil quite a bit at work, and was having a difficult time holding on to it. It even fell out of my pocket once, onto a hard floor. I started using a pencil holder but would leave it at my desk as I ran to my next lesson.

I've used this Coverbuddy solution for a few weeks and my troubles are over. This is ablsolutely fantastic. It seems lighter than the Apple cover, as well. I love this product. Can't speak highly enough. Nice work, Switcheasy.

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