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SuperSpot Power Bank 10,400mAh - Rose Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The SuperSpot 10,400mAh Power Bank in rose gold is the perfect companion to ensure your smartphone or tablet has enough charge to power your app usage throughout the day and even comes with a handy carry case and USB cable.
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$26.53 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 36 customers

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Great little power pack
The Superspot Power Bank is a great power pack for it`s size as it charged my xperia z3 in no time and was able to continue using my phone would recommend this great power pack to anyone when your out and about and need to charge your phone when your away from home. It worked for me and could work for you.
The power bank was OK but the case that came with it was all smashed and crumbled when taken out and had to be thrown away so disappointed
MobileFun Reply
Hi Norman

Sorry to hear that the package arrived damaged. Please contact our Customer Services team.
I bought this for travelling. It anchorage my iPad from almost dead to full and have charge to fully charge my mobile!

It doesn't heat up either I like the bigger size also...
It works.
I bought this item for festivals. So far it's lasted me through 2 of them (3 days mind you) It was greatly needed.
Mobile charging device
This product is pefect for charging away from home , fits into handbag or any bag . Not that heavy . Reliable
Very nice classy looking mobile charger!
Not too big, but holds a lot of charge (over 10000mah) and looks great. Build quality is very good. Highly recommend!
Superb little power bank
I needed some extra power to compensate for the poor standard battery in the Samsung galaxy s6 and gave the super spot power bank a go. Once fully charged this power bank will provide 2 days worth of recharge capability for the Samsung. The amp age is high enough to trickle charge when the phone is in use and of course dull charge if it's off. Also able to fast charge my phone so thumbs up.. a superb little power solution..
excellent value
The powerbank is a bit heavier than expected, but apart from that it's a really useful piece of kit,and I love the colour. I fully-charged my phone with it last week for the first time, and it looks like there's still enough charge left for three more goes. I carry it everywhere with me when i'm out and about
Great power bank , thumbs up
Purchased this item for my sons Nokia 550 as these phones drain quickly, can recharge 4/5 times before needing recharging do a very handy powerbank to have if you have the Nokia 550
Excellent product
I am very happy with this purchase. The device gives at least two full charges to the iPhone 6 Plus. My only complaint is about the length of the charging lead that came with the device. It is only 10 inches long.
Perfect battery
I've never tried power banks before but apsolutely blown away by superspot after a full charge I was bit dubious at 1st but it charged my blackberry classic from 1% battery power to full charge then fully charged my work mobile Iphone 5c even fully charged my Samsung galaxy tab s 8.4 tablet I'm seriously considering buying a 2nd one to keep at work keep my work mobile topped up when I'm away from office this truly is value for money 20.00 u can't go wrong for this price. Very happy as always delivery very fast kept upto date on where order is.
Excellent charging device
Great charging device, perfect size to carry around and also put in to a bag at a festival! highly recommend, keeps the phone charged for at least 4 days and if not more
This seems fine so far
This will probably charge your mobile phone about 4 times depending on how much charge you have on your phone. I set it to work on my Ipad, the charger was not fully charged and the Ipad had about 30% charge. It did charge the Ipad and the charger still had better than 25% charge left, that's probably enough for two more phones.
The charger does take quite a while to recharge, Best bet do it overnight.
Although it charged my phone as normal, it did take longer to charge my Ipad.
In summary if you're going to be away from electricity for a while, this will tide you over a few days again depending on how much you rabbit on your phone or how much time you spend gawping at FB on your Ipad. Of course, if you wish to rabbit and gawp for longer, purchase two of them.
Easy to buy, charge and use
Website very easy to use- delivered next working day brilliant
Easy to charge up and use
5 Stars
Best kit I have Bought for Ages 5 Stars
Brillient product- even better delivery-thanks
To order something on a sunday night (yesterday) pay for First Class postage yet get it delivered next day by a courier is exemplary service- thanks
Product does what it says in description- easy to use- so far only fully charged but great to have that back up whenver the smart phone goes flat-which it always does in the middle of a field!
Best value for money - compact and very easy to use
Best value for money - compact and very easy to use. Does all that it says and gives peace of mind for traveling with devices that require charging. Great gadget!!!
Superb piece of kit
Excellent purchase. Don't know how I've managed without one before. Charges my iPhone & iPad before it needs to be re-charged.
Excellent delivery service - only downside was the case it came in was cracked & broken.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Heather

Sorry to hear you have had an item damaged while it was out for delivery. If there is anything we can do to help, please contact our Customer Services team.
A great piece of kit
a bit heavier than i thought, otherwise a great piece of kit
I purchased this item, to take on holiday
I purchased this item, to take on holiday so as to be able to take pictures etc on phone, particularly, when battery getting low, until i am able to charge battery
Opinia power bank
Sprzet pierwsza klasa. Polecam jak najbardziej, duza pojemnosc pozwala na ladowanie telefonu do pelna nawet kilka razy.
Opinia power bank
Sprzet pierwsza klasa. Polecam jak najbardziej, duza pojemnosc pozwala na ladowanie telefonu do pelna nawet kilka razy.
What a wonderful power bank
In our house our devices were always running out of battery. Not any more! The super spot power bank allows us to be able to charge our phones and/or our tablet wherever we are. Easy to use, easy to charge. What a device!
I love it
The portable charger I got is fantastic I love it I can charger up my iPad or phone anytime anywhere even when it's in my handbag
I love it
The portable charger I got is fantastic I love it I can charger up my iPad or phone anytime anywhere even when it's in my handbag
Now it's great...
I bought this for a camping trip. Good value for multiple charges of new phone. Did not charge more than twice. Mobilefun were great- they replaced it and now it does what it is designed to do. I can charge my phone several times. The charge indicator on it is helpful as is the container in which it came. I'm very pleased.
This product lives up to the ratings. Charges in about an bour and I have fully recharged my phone 3times and only the first LED light has gone out.
Does what it says on the Can!
Arrived just before holiday so I've used it several times.Not the fastest charger but doesa good job.
Is a good product but....
I use this product for a couple of weeks now and I m happy with it. Even though when I first charge the battery and start charge my smartphone with it, the battery runs out of juice with only ONE charge and that make me mad because is a 10400 mah battery. Luckily when I charge the battery for second time it manage to charge my smartphone 2,5 times from 10%-5% to 100% full charge(maybe I didn't charge it enough the first time).
Fast charge of the phone and I mean FAST, maybe it takes the same time, like when you put the phone to the plug.
2 to 2,5 charges (I can only speak for Samsung Galaxy S4) but to be honest I was expecting more power juice from a 10400 mah battery.

I don't recommend it as a pocket battery is big and heavy.
Charge it from a plug socket take a lot of time. To change it from any other USB device takes forever (live it the whole night around 8 hours and still not fully charged).

I buy it because I use the phone GPS a lot and my phone runs out of juice really fast
Is a good product if you have the right reasons to buy it.
Super bit of kit. Load it up with and off you go. Will keep your tablet or phone going for several charges.
Packs a punch
This is a great piece of kit packed full of all the power you may ever need at your fingertips and so compacked you would hardly notice it and suitable for many devices
Packed full of life
Great little power bank for when you need it most suitable for all my gizmos and also my wife's mini iPad
I purchased this product because I go night fishing and there is never any power available for charging any device so I was over the moon with this product as it kept my iPhone 6 fully charged for four days and still had power left 10/10
Superspot charge bank
Arrived in good condition and on time, thank you mobile zap.
Stylish, good size, works well
The previous charger of this maH I bought was much larger and extremely ugly. This charged my mobile from under 10% to 100% around 2-1/2 to 3 times.

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