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SuperGrip Universal Case Compatible In Car Mount - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Safely and legally display your device in your car for enhanced GPS navigation and music streaming with the white SuperGrip Case Compatible Car Mount.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35384

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 4.5 stars from 16 customers

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This product not only looks good but is sturdy
This product not only looks good but is sturdy and is easy to use. Lots of people ask me.wherw I got this from so has a visual impact as well as reliability.
Thank you for your product
I like your product SuperGrip Universal Case Compatible Car Mount - White.
Love it!
This is the first time I've had an iPhone and I'm determined to protect it while I'm in the car ( rather than just throwing it wherever!) so when I saw this item I thought it was ideal, and it is! Love it and the fact that its white to match my phone is even better! Makes it so easy to just hit 'Siri' and let him do the rest! Also bought in black for my sons work van and he loves it too!
I like this. I've had a number of car phone holders in the past, and still use one of those as my primary phone holder as it's secure and has one handed operation in terms of putting the phone in it, but I needed a 2nd device for my new work phone.

This stick firmly to a smooth surface, whether it be the dashboard or the windscreen, is very versatile in terms of angling, and holds pretty much any phone securely in either portrait or landscape mode.

The only reason it won't become my primary phone holder is that it needs two handed operation to get the phone in. Not too much of an issue, I guess, but I still prefer just being able to slot my iphone into my other holder with one hand without even having to think about it.

Good product though.

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