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Style Universal Premium Car Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Stay legal on the roads with our unique Style Universal Holder.
  • Mobile Fun ID 5828
$19.90 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 69 customers

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This is your basic vent type phone holder. The problem is that most modern phones are just to slim to be held securely by this product. It does not use any type of spring to grip the phone so it just flaps about when driving. If your phone is a bit older and thicker then it might be okay. A bit outdated as a product.
Excellent for the price
A product that looks the part and was very simple to fit. I was concerned that it would look like a cheap piece of plastic but it is very discrete and does the job. I have installed the product in our Lexus and Saab and both took no longer than 5 minutes to fit. It sits quite flush and is very easy to insert our iPhones - there is no adjustment required. We both have covers for our phones and the phones slide in very easily. There is some slight movement back and forth but this does not create a problem. Very happy with the product for the price.
Just what I needed.
I have tried various phone holders over the last10 years and this one is better by far. It holds the phone in a steady position while you are driving, and when you speed dial it does not fall or move over. I am very pleased with it.
Better than the original
My wife had a holder for her old balckberry, but when we changed to android phones, hers kept sliding out of the holder. This design works perfectly, and is sleak and inconspicious on the vent. Would DEF recommend for Samsung Galaxy Ace and all smaller type phones
Style Universal Premium Car Holder.
I had twice purchased other cheaper products but found both of them did not work and ultimately to be safe I bought this universal kit for my HTC wildfire phone. It works brilliantly and is strong enough and reusable for other cars. I would highly recommend for the air vents. The stick on pads are also strong.
It works
I got this yesterday and fitted it. My iphone4 seemed to jiggle a bit in it but I think I eventually got it right. It doesnt fall off, that much I can say. And all throughout the bumps on my journey the iphone stayed in place. So I guess it works. Early days yet. But for now I can really say its worth getting one.
For a device costing very little, this performs very well indeed, mounting firmly to a car air vent grille, and holding my htc desire securely whilst still allowing good access to the screen. No reservations whatsoever.
Just what was wanted
The product is everything that was required. Small, unobtrusive and holds the mobile securely in place.
Works great in my Golf with HTC Wildfire. Charger can be connected. Sturdy and great for the money.
Does what it says on the tin
Clips onto the vents and holds a normal-weight phone nice and securely. Max width is given as 58mm, but it holds my Nexus One (which is 2mm wider than that) snugly. Can cope with either horizontal or vertical vents, and comes with short and long clips so you can see which work better for you.
Works for me
Looks good,simple to fit and it does what its supposed to do.
Great Product
Just what i wanted, the phone (samsung monte) fits securely and is easy to use whilst in the holder.
Style universal premium car holder.
Great product. Very adaptable fits both my wifes and my own mobiles, Does exactly what I expected of it.
Just the job
Very useful universal mobile phone holder. Simple to install and remove. However with some phones the side grips can interfere with the side buttons when placing or removing the phone.
Not so good!!!
Got this car phone holder for my iphone4 it states it fits it but it's very loose an falls straight through unless... You have a case on it I.e a bumper at least, it is also not very secure to the vent although it hasn't come off as yet it looks nice though small an simple an does do the job just slightly loose.
Fits perfectly
Easy to fit in my Ford Ka, the phone slides in easily but is held securely. Works exactly as I hoped it would.
Excellent product.
Excellent product. Very neat and easy to fit to the air vents on the dashboard of my 3 Series BMW. It holds my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro very securely.
Mobile Fun provided an excellent service as well. I ordered the holder at 11am and it was delivered the next day at 3pm. Well done.
Good budget piece of kit
This holder is easy to set up and works straight out of the box. Just fit the correct length of 'vent gripper' and you're away.

Was a little worried on the second day when it seemed that the side arms had worked loose however I had mistakenly made use of their adjustable property! A quick re-adjustment and it was fine.

Grips the HTC Desire well even with its protective jacket.

Great piece of kit
Good value for money, light and easy to fit yet sturdy. Looks neat and holds mobile firmly in Place. Have bought one for my husband as well.
Great Product
Read previous reviews on this product all were excellent they were not wrong.
Good solid product
This is a good solid product. It fits snugly in the air vents of my Audi A3. The rubber on the ends of the prongs ensures a tight fit and it has not dropped the phone once so far in a week or so of use. Would reccomend it.
A little gem
This is my second one of these, first one was 'borrowed' by my son. Wanted it for my iphone 4 which I have a cover for, it fits perfectly and hides away neatly in the car.
Beyond quick delivery too!
Very Good
Good price
Good product
Would recommend to friends
Easy to fit
Very good product for the price
Works well and avoids a windscreen mount
Fits my blackberry 8900 very nicely and a good build quality for the price.
simple holder
As the adverts say does exactly what it says on the tin, holds my samsung perfectley.
mobile phone holder
Brilliant. All my phones fit. Easy to install - just clips in and can punch keys without the whole thing collapsing as with some holders
car holder
looks good & at the right price what can i say it's just the gob for the my phone in the car
Car Holder
Excellent depth and width adjustments on arms for all sizes of phones. Easily slots in air vent. Would prefer it to have a matt black finish and for the large Logo removed from backplate,
Very Pleased
I originally bought one for myself last month. I was so plesed I purchased another for my Wife.
Good service.

Many thanks
Excellent product
Speedy delivery and very pleased with the quality of the product..thank you
Great holder
Been looking for ages for the right holder. This one is the best!! Very small but fits any phone.
Item not as described
Ordered this for use with a Samsung Galaxy S. As it states on the website it is compatible with this model and had some good reviews I thought I would be sorted.

However item arrived and packaging states that the maximum width is narrower than the phone so it won't fit. Obviously not compatible with this phone.
Just the job...
Great little product and much smaller than you imagine from the photos.

I thought this was going to end up as a return because my Mini's vents are round, at an angle and the ON/OFF twisty-thing sticks out a mile. However, I persevered and (after about 5 minutes of fiddling) found an angle that fit and seemed pretty secure.

The cradle comes with 4 rubber ended clips (2 short, 2 long) that lock into place in the back of the cradle either with the clip horizontal or vertical. You then simply push the clips onto the blades of your car vents. A pretty clever design and because you get 2 lengths of clip AND each clip can be horizontal or vertical independently of the other, you're bound to find a combination that will fit your car.

My iPhone 4 sits in it perfectly and seems secure, although the expanding arms of the cradle have to be as far apart as they'll go...having said that, my iPhone does have Speck's PixelSkin HD cover on it which adds slightly to the bulk. I'll edit this review if I find out that the cradle drops off after being in use for a few days. :-)

As usual, seemingly impossible delivery from MobileFun...ordered PM and was delivered the next day...amazing.
Premium car holder
Although advertised as suitable for and HTC legend I couldn't get my phone to sit in it securely. However if I leave the phone in its leather case it works just fine
I bought this for my iphone 4 after trying 4 different holders as they werent up to scratch. This is by far the best. It looks nice, is compact, clips well to the vent and hold the iphone 4 perfect with the incase snap case I use. It also fits with the pixelskin HD case but is slightly tight. Overall great product
I am very pleased with this product. It is well designed and very compact.I had no problem fitting it to the car vent and the phone is secure. Just what I wanted.
Style Universal Premium Car Holder
Excellent Product, arrived next day and is top quality, two different connections to fix to your air vent, very sturdy and looks good.
Great Buy
This is a great product, much smaller than what is displayed, hides behind mobile and the mob fits snuggly. I would recommend this to anyone. Got a quick delivery to.
style universal premium car holder
Excellent product, next day delivery. Easy to fit much smaller than expected. Perfect for my Nokia classic 2330.
Just what I wanted
The item was so good I have purchased a second. I use it with an iPhone4 with the bumber case and it is great. Holds it steady and allows access to the connection for charging.
Universal Car Holder
Good quality product that does what it says on the box. Not the greatest fit for my phone though, the Sony ELM, because the side grips cover the call & end call buttons!
Styles Universal Premium Car Holder
I bought the Premium car holder and found it was really easy to fit and easy to use I would recommend it to anyone who wants a phone holder for the car
Works with iPhone 4 with bumper on
This holder will hold an iphone 4 whilst still in it's apple bumper case (bit tight, but it fits securely)
Won't hold a 3gs though with the case on (haven't had time to try it witout a case yet, but it doesn't mention the 3gs in the compatibilty list, so it's probably doubtful)
Just thought i'd let people know if you've got an iphone4 and want to keep it in it's case!
Works well with iPhone
Very happy with this holder; it fits securely in the air vent and holds my iPhone well. I tried a few others, but we now have one of these in each car!
Cellular Line Phone Cradle
I bought it for my fathers 5800 and it is perfect for landscape and portrait. Has a very strong hold.

Now I am buying another for the n900 as is perfect for GPS and browsing again, in landscape and portrait.
Dash board phone holder
An inexpensive way to secure your mobile to the dashboard. Neat and easy to fit. Would definitely recommend
style premium fone holder
Vent clips sturdy, flexible, and grip well. But the fone side holders are far to weak to hold the fone in place.
Style Universal Premium Car Holder.
Not what I expected. The retaining arms have no spring so that as the car moves along the mobile telephone falls out of the assembly. Not a good buy.
MobileFun Reply
Although the retaining arms have no spring, they can be locked into place so that your phone is secure. If you use the retractable "feet", then your phone should not fall out of the holder.
Holding up well
A phone holder is a phone holder! This works well for me and my Nokia 5800. Does exactly what I wanted attached to me air vent.
What more could you want?
Seemingly well-made, compact holder that was quite capable of holding our Nokia 6600 Slide and E63, in our Nissan Micra (2005) and Vauxhall Rascal (1990) - both using the longer set of clips to mount on the airvent to the left of the driver.

Would recommend, especially for the price.
Style Universal Premium Car Holder.
Neat little phone holder with quality fittings which clamp onto airvents in my car or van. Holds a heavy Blackberry solid as a rock without damaging the vents.
Odered it Monday morning arrived Tuesday morning, went for the special delivery.
When I opened the package I could not belive how small the holder was, I thought that would never work, I used the small grippers on my Mondeo air vent and it's stuck there like superglue, and my Nokia 5800 fits perfect.
Good quality but ugly
The Positives:

-It is very easy to set up and there are different sized prongs, as well as a sticky pad should you require it.

-There is a review complaining about it moving up and down as the air vents move up and down. I found this issue is resolved if you put it on the lowest slat of the air vent.

-My Nokia N97 fits in nicely, but isn't so tight that it presses the buttons on the side.

The Negatives:

-The image is misleading. The image looks slightly transparent but is in fact black. This would have been fine by itself (in fact it may have even looked better). However, it is branded with a large 'Cellular Line' logo on it. This will only matter to people who are particular about their dashboards. Without the phone in it, it looks a bit ugly. This is the reason why I have only given it 2 stars. I won't be using it as it looks tacky on my dashboard. If it were unbranded, it would be 5 stars.
Excellent service and accurate product description - next day delivery and it really is.
Super quick delivery, ordered at 4pm and was here when I got in at 2.30pm next day. Great service.
Fits Ford Focus air vent very neatly, really secure fit.
Excellent product.
This is avery good holder,well made.I found using the smaller crabs more sturdy on the air vents but not quite as good with the charger attached as it tended to weigh the air vent & phone down.
I cannot fault the service it is brilliant.I ordered 5.20pm it was shipped 10 mins later arrived next day I would certainly use Mobile Fun again.
Style Universal Premium Car Holder
great item, very small and compact , will fit every mobile phone, easy to assemble and attach to anywhere in car . highly recommended.
Very useful
I bought one of these for myself & found it held my phones & ipod very well, the adjustable features on this product can cope with most types,very easy to fit too. this is the second i've bought, the second for my mates car. ... worth the money.
Check where you can locate it!
Bought this for ford focus & T630. But, as the air vents tilt up/down, the weight of the phone in the holder makes it totally unusable as it tips forward. No flat surface on focus dash so couldn't even stick it on! Tip: prise vents apart with pen to remove
NOT suitable for Creative Zen
This is a good product, but do not buy if you want it for a Creative Zen Vision M - it does not open wide enough to fit it in.
Excellent...does exactly what it says on the box
Very small and fairly well made. Recommended.
Installation instructions
Only buy if the air vents are spaced at least 7 mm apart, otherwise it will not fit in to the air vent!
Great All-rounder
I took a risk and bought 2 for both our cars. Me and the Mrs have three phones between us, A Sam D500 a Sony E W500i and an old Nokia (company phone). The car holder takes each one easily, with no effort needed still leaving room for cable hands free sets. The photo doesnt do the product justice as when the phone is in place you can hardly see it. It's smaller than you think. If you've been browsing for a car holder, this one will be perfect.
Very easy to install and much smaller than expected. Class 1 product

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