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STK Zippit 3.5mm Anti-Tangle Earphones and Hands-free Microphone Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Listen to your favourite music from any 3.5mm supported mobile device with these excellent black headphones with an integrated zipper style to prevent cable tangles, and a hands-free mic to enable you to take calls when listening to music.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41414
$18.58 inc VAT
 3.6 stars from 28 customers

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Not Bad
Decent idea, the zippers are definitely handy but the sound quality is pretty average unfortunately.
Great Headphones
These are great headphones, with the zip, there is no more tangle issues. Highly recommend them especially for children who can normally get headphones tangled.
Just average
Sound quality is fine but not different sizes ear covers ,fell off with normal use so we were not impressed.
Very good
Does not tangle, i can use hands free out walking or when i want to use headphones
Avoid the tangled wires!
The zipper does an excellent job of preventing tangles and so protects the wires from undue stress in the pocket. Microphone is more difficult to fix conveniently as a result: single cable to jack is a bit short; but this is enough to put phone in a jacket pocket, with microphone clipped to the lapel for example. Good sound quality both ways.
I love the fact they zip, they don't tangle in my bag either. But I struggle to keep them in my ears and when is windy you can bearly hear
STK Zippit 3.5mm anti tangle earphones +
I pondered if it was worth the extra to buy these headphones but, well, yes yes yes! they obviously do not tangle, which is great, but you can zip or un-zip to your preference. I haven't taken a call on my headphones yet, but it looks easy enough!
STK Zippit 3.5 earphones and hands free.
I am glad I did not pay a lot for these headphones as the only bit that works is the headphones.

The hands free is useless if I am lucky enough to be able to speak to my caller at all it will not be for long, the button to answer does not often work and will disconnect the caller inexplicably. The station function on the button when listening to the radio also does not work.
Zipping Good Earphones!
These are excellent quality earphones with a unique, but practical solution to the old problem of tangled wires. By incorporating a robust zip function, these earphones eradicate a frustrating and annoying everyday occurrence.
very poor quality
One of the earphones broke off after less than 2 weeks of use.
Just don't
Maybe they are cheap, but oh my how useless. Every time you put them in or turn your head there is this annoying, loud clicking sound. Also occurs randomly. It's just unbearable! They also poorly fit.
Great product ...
Plastic protective cover, great product, exactly what it says on the tin, smooth transaction and prompt delivery. I am pleased.
Excellent product
I bought this for my daughter, after she damaged her other headphones.

Never bought a zip headphone before, so was pleasantly surprised to see it.

My daughter loved it immediately and becuase of the zip concept, I think it will last much longer.

10 out of 10. Fully recommended.
excellent service and deliver
Excellent service and super fast delivery
I was really pleased with this item it came on time It looks good very funky and easy to use.

I will order again very good keep it up on what you are doing.
Avoid !!
The idea of this..initially fascinated me..what a good idea I thought....this quickly turned to " oh no what have I done ?."
It is too heavy to be practical...the single choice ear buds are too big for my little lugholes...therefore the weight of the thing combined with ill fitting earphones means it stays insitu for 2 seconds...not good !!
Ideal for my needs
Great set of headphones for my mobile. Does what it says - i.e. no tangle! Reception excellent and zip idea is brilliant.
Now i can hear
Great set of earphones and look really dinky!
The Zip Up headphones are a clever idea and they sound great, keeping the wires from tangling as advertised.
A Great Idea!
I bought these phones so I could listen to music and receive calls without having to dig into my pockets every 5 mins. Also, I was fed up with having to untangle the leads every time I used them. SO, I was really pleased to find these phones and they really do work well with good sound quality.
Excellent Product
Very good quality. Being able to zip up the headphones stops me from having to untangle my headphones everytime they go into my pocket
Great while sitting still, useless while moving
Great sound quality when sitting absolutely still and the zip minimizes pocket tangles. But when walking or jogging, the zip bangs against your clothing and sends uncomfortably loud noises to your ears. I'm sorry I wasted my money on this.
Great performance and value for money
Bought these headphones mainly for the novelty value of the zipper - was pleasantly surprised by the build quality and the sound quality. Would have been nice to have more than one size of earbud in the pack, but I guess you can't have everything! Recommended and makes a cool gift!

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