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STK 4,500mAh Emergency Power Bank (All iPhones & MicroUSB Devices) Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Never run out of power again. The 3-in-1 4,500 Mah Power Bank with iPhone 5S / 5, iPhone 4 and a Micro USB connectors, this stylish emergency power bank provides back up power on the go for many different devices.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40618

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 4.2 stars from 13 customers

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Really handy device
Bought it for a friend as I already have one myself, a very good Phone charging device
Does the job
I like the shape of the STK and it fits nicely into my pocket,I have used this to recharge my mobile when away from a power point and it works very well, no more worries about flat batteries, will be ordering another soon for my hand held GPS which I use for Geocaching.
Pocket convenience
I bought this as running out of phone power, whether for calls, webmail or tethering my iPad, is a massive inconvenience when travelling.
The Power Bank arrived almost fully charged; I topped it up and found myself needing it the following day as I was sitting in Gatwick. So simple, I just plugged it in to my phone and used it for about an hour while waiting for my flight. Even after this, it was still showing about 80% charge left.
Small, convenient and inexpensive. A terrific product
Brilliant gadget and awesome service
I bought a second charger after the first one proved so useful - a gadget my wife actually likes and uses. Unfortunately the micro usb plug came off on the second charger. Mobilefun arranged for a replacement immediately. A great company to do business with
Great Funtional Design
I bought this for my wife. She is totally "I" i-phone 5, iPad, ipod, and is always nervous of running out of power. This unit is ideal - good capacity & built in connectors (no hunting for cables). Mega Brownie Points :-)
Excellent bit of kit
STK 4000mAh Emergency Power Bank (All iPhones & MicroUSB Devices)-

I have only just received this item, and have tested it briefly with the above devices.

What a wonderful idea, as my mobile in particular is always getting low on power.

The concept was clearly described concerning the product.

This will be great when I travel.
This ticked a big box on my Christmas List!
I purchased the STK4000 mAh Emergency Power Bank as an advance Christmas present for a family member who is travelling abroad shortly and will be a way for the festive season. She uses her iPhone all the time and battery life is always a problem. This problem will be emphasised more whilst she's abroad. She is absolutely delighted with her advance present which she has already tried out.
Very good emergency charger.
This charger is ideal for using in an emergency situation and the compact size makes it easy to carry around. I would highly recommend this piece of kit.
Emergency Power Bank
This is really powerful. Charges even two devices at same time. The body of powerbank is slipperly and nicely slides into pocket.
Nearly Perfect - Emergency Charger
A great design but perfection slightly missed due to overly-short connectors making use a little fiddly. The instructions are a little unclear but it's not rocket science to see how to use this device. Stylish, easy to carry, fits neatly in the pocket but V2 needs longer leads please!
Avoid this item
As per the other review. This is a chocolate teapot. Doesn't charge iphone or blackberry. Leads are short and almost impossible to insert/remove. Fortunately I had pliers to remove the old iphone connector, otherwise I would have had a permanent and unwanted egg hanging off my phone.
Perfect all round Charger
This Power pack has a sleek design which is easy to carry and store. It is functional and will power a number of devices. It's really efficient and I'd highly recommend it.
not working with a Blackberry Z10
I ordered two of these. charged them up and the plugged one into my BB Z10 to test, and ... nothing. tried the second one, same result. It did work on an iphone4. Not tested the lightning yet. The micro-usb did work with a Bluetooth speaker.
Also note the leads really are VERY short (apart from the old iphone) - too short to connect to a phone and carry both in one hand easily. Finally the connectors are stiff to plug in and take out.

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