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Sticky Dashboard Mat For Smartphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Sticky Dashboard Mat provides your smartphone with a secure resting place on your car's dashboard which doesn't leave behind any sticky residue.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52863
$7.96 inc VAT
 3.4 stars from 97 customers

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Great product
I ordered the sticky phone mat. This thing is very "sticky" and works great. It really holds my phone and it won't slip and slide. There is no skill needed to install and it leaves no marks on dash. Great product, I highly recommend it.
Does the job well
Just works as it's mentioned to
Great gadget
A great gadget to have on your dashboard. Does as it says does not move and holds, keys money and lipstick. I wouldn't trust my phone with it though.
Not effective at all.
Not effective either in staying in place on the dashboard or in holding the phone. Disappointed.
almost useless
It's certainly sticky but it doesn't support my mobile phone. When I place my phone in the device it either falls out or unseats the mat. The concept sounds good but doesn't work. Stick to conventional mobile phone holders.
Does a good job
It did take 3 weeks for my order to arrive but I am pleased with it. I like the two tones of the iPhone cover so I can choose which colour I want on the outside and I particularly chose this product because of the window so I can see calls when they come it. Unfortunately, the material it is made of is very flimsy so I'm not sure how long the iPhone cover will last.
The stand is too small to place my iPhone 6Plus down horizontally. I haven't tried it yet standing up in the groves but I am afraid it won't hold the phone when I'm driving.
Good idea didn't work
This is a useful concept; the material is easily managed and doesn't slide around. But it's not strong enough to hold my phones upright so I can't use it for the stated purpose.
Unuseable for Galaxy S7
Shame, but the sides arent stiff enough to hold thep last phone up to view.
I stuffed it in lengthways but the dash is too sttep to hold te mat that way.
Great product
Works as claimed! I was sceptical but now a convert.
Good but not great
Very good idea is this dashmat. Proved very handy when I was using my phone as a sat nav. Its very sticky so your phone will stay on the mat and the mat will be almost glues to your dash board. The only gripe I have is the cutout section to stand your phone upright is a bit too wide for any new phone so uour phone can flop forward and back with hard breaking and heavy acceleration. Lying flat though they're almost glued in place. The upright section could do with being a lot firmer, as this would make me feel a lot surer about the phone staying in place but altogether it's a nifty bit of kit. The mat does turn to jelly in hot sunshine but it still stays sticky as hell.
Great idea
Great idea, prompt delivery
Works well use it everyday so far
I have a sports car with rounded dash. Still holds the phone at an almost right angle.. Great
Works well
I use it mostly for my sunglasses, and it works well for that
Excellent product
Easy to use and good to take between different cars.
Sticky tray Good item
It certainly is sticky. I have yet to put it on my Land Rover dashboard but I am sure it will stay put.
In our dusty Aussie environment I am a little concerned that it may also pick up a lot of dust on the top tray surface. If i wash it will it lose its sticky ability?
Not quite right for iPhone 6+s
Theory is simple and it has a clean look but in practice my 6s+ (with case) would fall out of the vertical position, invariably when braking or driving around a corner. The soft clamping system doesn't have a great hold. My dash has a left-right curve which may contribute to the problem. Perhaps with a flat dash, it may function better. Wouldn't recommend.
Simplicity is great
The best way of mounting my phone so I can see the GPS instructions.
Not good
Not so siutable for my phone, phone keeps falling off
Awesome from all the points of view !!!
I am happy with the product and with the transaction overall !
It's alright
I put this on my dashboard and tell you that it's only good for your phone to lay down but not put it between the slots cos once you drive off it will go back or forward mostly forward and it will stay that way until you actually get annoyed with it and put it down...
Too small
My Nexus 5x doesn't fit within the pocked, not an ideal fit for my phone.
Very handy little phone holder keeps phone from skipping to the floor board.
This little rubber mat will hold anything you put on it in a car and keep it from skipping to the floor board of the car.
Handy and useful
This is handy to place in almost any position for good vision and ease if use.
Nice accessory
As described and works well holding phone, loose change etc.
Very happy with my item. Would order again.
Very happy and would buy again.
Great little piece of plastic and ingenuity!
My phone was flying in all directions before I bought this little device.
It's a sticky piece of plastic with enough hold to keep my phone visible and secure. No suction cup to clutter the windshield.
Not happy.
My iPhone 6s does not fit it.
good product
not quite what I expected but it does the job that I bought it for at the moment. I think it will be alright. it's soft and they say washing it in in water will make it sticky again.
Example: Excellent features
Mat was good for using the upright feature when using GPS on my phone. I have a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and it doesn't fit on mat . Mat is too small for large screened smartphones.
Does as it says
Works as suggested. Good way to store varying phones without having to do endless cradle adjustments.

Just hope it doesn't melt in the sun like the previous one I brought elsewhere.
Very sticky
Great phone holder. This thing doesn't slide anywhere and neither does your phone.
Great Accessories
This Is A Great Addition For My Yukon Denali It Fits On The Dashboard And I Do Not Have To Touch My Cellular Telephone While I Am Driving !
holder inadequate
holder inadequate to properly hold a large IPhone or nexus P6 phone. They flop over
my phone is too big for it
My phone is too big and slowly falls over . Might be fine for smaller phones. Iv a windows 950 xl
Stick mat issue
Sticky mat doesn't work well with protective cases like the one I use. It does as described but should state only have f the device has no case.
Fits the description, thus OK. Quite unpleasant to manipulate, but advertised as "sticky", and sticky it is.
stand up slot in wrong position
This is a very nice holder for one's phone in the car. However, the stand up slots go across the short side. This impedes the ability to use it on our Scion, as the long side must go from the driver to the window, and there is not enough space on a flat enough surface to do that. It would be nicer if there were a way to stand up your cell phone, so you can see your GPS in front of the wheel, by placing your cell phone either width or length wise.
no good
To bad I was lead to believe that would work w my phone and it didn't.total waist of money.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Oscar

What phone do you have? Certain cases may have difficulty with the sticky mat, but most cases and phones we have tested have work absolutely fine.
seemed as though it would serve the purpose
Would not fit to my Iphone 6 s plus. Gave unit to my daughter
Complete rubbish and waste of money..
Product was what i imagined but when i put my phone in it it snapped clean in half?
A bit flimsy - but sticks well
Didn't expect much for the money, and the product does stick relatively well. Only really useful for small phones - not really much use for those with 5" phones and above seeking a GPS holder
Really easy to use
Really easy to use ,comes in handy keeps your phone in place
Not stronge
Want even hold a phone up. To flimsy. Use it to late my glasses on
Not Bad, Not Great
Does not hold my phone in the vertical as the material is to soft.

Other than that works as designed.
only good to go if you do not have a dash mat.
This will be a gift for my brother. He has the same style phone and a land cruiser which goes off road a lot. No good for my car as it is fitted with a dashmat
It is made from very soft rubber that can't come close to holding an iPhone 6 Plus on my desk, never mind a moving car. I thought this was going to made out of a firmer material. I was very excited about the concept, but their execution is terrible. I don't know how you can sell this product. "d give it zero stars, because it is useless, but 1 is the lowest they let you rate it.
Awesome gadget
I finally can place my phone on something that wont fly everywhere in my car.

Its very handy gadget :) 5 Stars
useless for my phone, which is the LG G4. It falls over everytime I have to start or stop as the channel that you put the phone into is simply not deep enough.
Not suitable
It doesn't work for an iPhone6: not strong enough to keep the phone upright in the slot. May work for a lighter device
Not worth it
Product doesn't stick to surface as shown. If you have put a cover on your phone, then it becomes useless.
Just what I expect, great service, very happy.
Thank you, I was happy with the ease of purchase, the delivery and follow up. Would recommend product and site. Thanks, Karen
Loved: classic style, user friendly, constructed well.

Less loved: I wish it held a little more...
cheap and nasty.
had trouble fitting a phone that had a case on.
Handy phoneholder for the right phone and/or car
This sticky mat is a very good idea and easy to use.
Unfortunately, I did not have any space on my dashboard where I could put it and still use my phone.
My phone (Samsung S6 Edge) did not really fit in it either.
I bought this for my Surface Pro and it is a very nice product. I love this website!
Very disappointed I purchased a Cover for my S6 edge and was asked if i WOULD LIKE A STICKY dASHBOARD HOLDER FOR IT AND IT IS WAY TOO SMALL DIDNT EVEN HOLD MY HUSBANDS s3 PHONE ..Bit of a bummer... Loved my cover though that was brilliant
Great sticky mat for my smartphone
Great sticky mat for my smartphone, can put on dash or centre arm rest, easy to use and very effective. AAA rating. garry bauer
Not that good!
Doesn't hold my phone up too flimsy and quite big. Waste of money. Its now living under my seat waiting to be tossed in the bin.
Sticky dashboard mat rubbish
This day board mat is a joke. Totally incapable of holding up a piece of paper let alone the weight of a mobile fine. About as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Save you money. Oh and this is a UK based company, so if your ordering from anywhere else in the world, you will have to wait for shipping. They don't fall you this on their ordering page.
As above
Phone Holder
TERRIBLE! Fell aaprt after ONLY 2 days! VERY cheaply made!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Robert

Sorry to hear you had problems with this item, please contact our Customer Services team who will be happy to help.
Sticky Dashboard Mat for smartphones
When I 1st took this out of its case, I thought how useful this would be.
It offers amazing grip, and non of your devices will slip no matter how jerky the car is
However, on the 2nd day I left it on the dashboard, and it was a particularly hot day
My partner went to relocate it, and it just ripped in half, like jelly, but its still somewhat useful, which is why I haven't asked for a refund, but i'd avoid buying this again
Does not work!
I feel so stupid in spending my money on this crap! Does not work! Will not hold your phone! Don't be stupid like me!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Patricia

Sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase, can you please contact us so we can hear exactly what the problem is and hopefully we will be able to help.
Dash tidy
nice product plenty of room to store phone cigs and lighter would recomend to anyone and a pleasure to deal with this company nothing is a problem to them fast reliable no fuss
good product
I have a sony xperia Z2 and it's a little wobbly in the upright position but still holds, does what it says on the tin. 8/10
Doesn't work for me
It holds the phone well enough, but not at an angle that is functional while driving.

It's ok if you want to just lay it down flat so it doesn't move off anything.
Sticky Dashboard Mat for Smartphones
Ordered it because it was cheap, using a large phone I think this would not be safe in an accident. Ok for money or small shades. Hard to fit on dashes that have a lot of curves on it.
clever idea and perfectly suits my needs for a simple solution
Love it, love it
Really useful. I sit my Galaxy S5 in this bad boy and have some coins and keys in there too. I recommend this.

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