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Spigen Ultra Rugged Capsule Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tough Case Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Meet the newly designed rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Made from a flexible, rugged TPU and featuring a mechanical design, including a carbon fibre texture, the Ultra Rugged capsule in black keeps your phone safe and slim.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52617
$19.58 inc VAT
 5 stars from 6 customers

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Fits very nicely around the phone
Fits very nicely around the phone;covers the volume up/down buttons including the poweron/off button.the materials used won't slip out of your hands.Protects the area around the camera.
Looks Great
Great cover Strong and looks great
High Quality
Delivery took a week or so but when it arrived I was very happy with the quality of the product. The case fits perfectly and there are no rough edges.
Great buy
Very good value for money. Very sleek. Delighted with purchase
Perfect case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
The Spigen Ultra Rugged Capsule is a fantastic case that protects all of the S6 Edge.

It is made of a pleasing, tough yet flexible rubber-like material. Fitting it couldn't be easier, you simply push the phone into it.

Even though the screen or the camera lens are not covered, the case sticks out enough so that if the phone was to land on it's face or back the glass would not hit the ground.

The side buttons are completely covered but still work perfectly well and all ports, sensors and the microphone are easily accessible.

I was loathe to cover the beautiful glass on the back of my phone, but, despite its quite rugged style this case looks really smart and is quite unobtrusive.

On top of the fantastic protection, probably the biggest plus point of this case is that it solves the problem of the S6 Edge sliding out of your hand. Much as I love the phone, it is so beautifully sleek but also super slippery. This case gives great grip and my phone is a lot more comfortable to use now.

In summary,the Spigen Ultra Rugged Capsule is a fantastic case that is rugged without being chunky and ugly, offers great protection yet still looks good , gives brilliant grip solving the problem of the beautiful but very slippery glass and makes the S6 Edge a lot more comfortable to use.

I would highly recommend this case to every Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge owner.
Very nice case. Fits perfect! Doesn't add any bulk. Wireless charging still works.

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