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Spigen Tough Armor Tech iPhone 6S / 6 Case - Metal Slate Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Let the Tough Armor Tech case in metal slate protect your iPhone 6S / 6, whilst keeping it incredibly slim. The flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate exterior combine perfectly and also feature Spigen's Air Cushion technology for extreme protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 56240
$30.03 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 66 customers

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Very satisfied
Very good item. I recommend it.
Great case love it Great value for money
Great Case
Wouldn't recommend
Looks great but is not fit for purpose. The buttons stick and it is difficult to compress the up/down volume buttons on the side. It would be better designed with a cut out for controls.
Excellent service, excellent product
very good quality
Fantastic cover
fast service and delivery
strong cover
would defo use website again
on time and matching expectations
it took some time to arrive and i complained. i got a factual answer that it was in line with the condtiones and they were right. Although it took 2 weeks it was within the timing on the page and i had not seen it properly.
as for the case i am quite happy with it. pretty much a match to what is on the site.
Tough iPhone case
What a great purchase I ordered this for my new iPhone 6s Plus. It arrived well packed, the case fits well with all the outer buttons operating well. It feels secure and protected who could ask for more.
Perfect fit
This is a perfect fitting stylish case which will seriously protect your phone. All the I phone buttons still work with no extra force needed to press them, and everything lines up just perfect so easy to plug in charger or ear phones. Worth every penny.
Does the job
Attractive and tough case that protects the iPhone wonderfully. It does add slightly to the weight and bulk but that is the small compromise for a case that provides $ 1,000 protection. Additional feature of built in stand is nifty. My second Spigen case and love it.
I like it
Looks nice. Good quality. I like it.

Superb service as always.
Nice looking but heavy and hard to work the buttons
This case is good-looking and doubtlessly tough which offers good protection but it's heavy. iPhone 6 Plus is slim but big and this case doubles its bulk and weight.
Spigen Tough AROMOR CASE
Great case, looks good, not to heavy or bulky , would recommend
Best case around!
I highly recommend this case! I have dropped my phone at least a dozen times since I have gotten it, and my phone doesn't have a single scuff on it. Very tough and reliable case.
Great product for phone protection
I am extremely pleased with this product. Other reviewers suggested it is a heavy product. That is not so, it feels comfortable to hold. Phone is secure, and the little stand on the back is excellent.
I would recommend this product
Execellent product
This case adds great protection to the iPhone without compromising the general appearance of the phone itself. Overall good value for money.
Perfect fit for Iphone6+
I chose the Gold and it's the perfect colour match for Apple's Gold of the new Iphone 6 + and I couldn't be happier :) Also a perfect fit, and the front border of the case has a bit of stretch which is great. Looks good, better than I expected.
This case is amazing. Strong yet lightweight but sturdy enough to always know it's in your pocket.. Great corners on the case so if you do drop it won't damage the phone, however I have not tested that yet as I've not dropped it. The case has charger and AUX covers which is very handy to keep fluff from getting in. Very good case
Works great
It feels classy and strong support. Perfect for my styles
Excellent case with excellent service
The case ordered never appeared and is still missing but I was sent a replacement I found a well fitted case Made of good material I keep on changing the case because I could get one that looked good an felt part of the phone this one so far is one I be been happy with
Good case
These are good cases but I wouldn't get another one because the stand is just too flimsy. I broke it about 2 weeks after I received the case. If they can make them with stronger stands and stands that let you stand your phone vertically as well as horizontally, that would be great.
Not bulky, like the stand good 1
I like the stand , nice and lite not bulky , I like it .
Arrived as expected , excellent price and product !
Item arrived as described
Item arrived as described, the delivery was sooner than expected considering it was between holiday period.Electronic communication was prompt.
Many thanks for speedy service!
Great product, best i have had
see above
This case is excellent
This case is excellent, it is tough but unobtrusive. The two part case makes for rugged case with a soft inner protection against drops. The case also wraps around the front, giving protection against scratching, but with does not obstruct the screen.
There are some nice aesthetic touches like the carbon fibre inserts and the the hard section is made to look like cast aluminium.
The only minus is that the hard section makes the phone slippy.
Good product.
Happy with product. Gives good protection to phone,also very good grip whilst holding a llarge phone
As hard as nails and as clear as day and as cheap as chips what more do you want at that price.
Excellent product
This case arrived next day as I requested and was extremely easy to fit. It gives substantial protection without increasing the dimensions too much or the weight. Overall a great protective case which I recommend. The only drawback is that if you want to change the outer colour you have to buy the complete case rather than separate coloured covers which does make it expensive for those with a more fashion conscious purchase.
Good quality
Very nice product and good bargain. Very happy with it. Highly recommended!
best case I've had for my 6plus
saw this case on youtube and thought i had to get it its was on offer so i got 2 of the cases and give one to my mate as he bent he 6plus and got a new one its came with in a few day and so happy with the case protect the iPhone so good i highly recommended this case
Good protection with a very clever stand
I uptgraded to a "phablet" so that I didn't have to squint to see the internet or watch TV and videos. Just one thing missing, my phone kept slipping down whenever I leaned it up against the wall or a book. So I scrabbled around to look for something to stop the slipping and ended up carrying around blue tac to prop up my lovely new phone! Time to do something about it.

So while I looked for a protective case for my new phone I thought I'd look for a separate stand. But no! Here it is all in one. It's elegant, strong and the stand doesn't get in the way when I put the phone in my bag. And of course I won't ever lose the stand. I have had the case for a month and used it most days and no sign of breaking. Very happy with the quality and I fully expect it will last a couple of years. The colour of the case is nice too.

The only drawback is I sometimes can't release the stand from the back and have to prise it open with a fingernail. But I'd rather that then have a loose stand that breaks in my bag. It lost one star for that - was I being harsh?
Excellent iPhone 6 Plus Case
The delivered item is quite excellent and strong enough to protect my iPhone 6 Plus
great looking buff case
A quality product that will make sure your iPhone is protected. Kickstand is a great added feature. Good looks despite being quite large/thick
iPhone 6 plus case
Brilliant service iPhone 6 plus case fantastic well worth the money will use mobile fun again
I would definitely early use this web site every time I buy some other devices for my iPhone thanks
Please with product
I am very pleased with this product.
Good product and fast shipping
I really like the product. It look very modern and tough.
Excellent Case
This is a great product, it works really well and makes the phone easier to handle, it also provides the necessary protection to keep the phone as safe as possible.
Excellent product
Solid phone case to stop your iPhone 6 plus bending in your pocket.
Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 6 Plus Case - Slate
Bought for company mobiles to protect them. Very happy with the product, they will do the job nicely
Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 6 Plus Case - Champagne Gold
Really happy with this case. Tough but not too heavy and good looking too
Solid but HEAVY
The tough armor iPhone case is exactly as described. It's a solid tough cover that gives the impression of well protecting your phone. I add a significant weight to the already large phone so think again if you want to carry it in a shirt pocket. This is the classic it does what it says on the tin. If you are happy to carry around a gold brick then this is the cover for you.
Phone Case
excellent product!!
would recommend this phone case for IPhone 6 Plus
lightweight and not bulky
sleek design and stylish
Iphone 6 plus case
Excellent Quality and Very Slim case for such a Large Phone. Maybe the first case i would trust on my iphone not to actually damage the phone, unlike most cases that scratch the outside of the phone when the case is on.
Spigen Tough Armore iPhone 6 Plus Case - Electric Blue
Best cellphone case I've ever had! Buttons are perfect, not sticky like others. Colors/design are perfect. One minor criticism - the kickstand doesn't lock into place when you extend it. So, it can fairly easily be dislodged and the phone will fall over. But that's a minor annoyance and happens infrequently. Plus, 5 stars for Mobile Fun customer service. They initially thought the phone would be delayed by a few weeks and proactively reached out to offer me other choices. I wasn't in a rush, so decided to keep the order. They immediately replied to all emails and were thoughtful and knowledgable.
Fantastic, stunning looking item
Fantastic, stunning looking item. Fast deliverey, any time again!!!
Excellent buy.
The spigen tough armor iphone 6Plus case
Is a smart looking tough protection case.
Which really compliments the iPhone 6 or 6+
Would recommend it to my friends
It's five star.
Good guard
Bought iPhone 6 plus mobile spigen case and it's really good and protects phone well...
Love it
Love this cover. Super elegant. Only gripe is back seems a bit slippery, little grip, so probably need to be that little bit careful when handling that it doesn't slip out of your hand in the most potentially dangerous (for your beloved device) locations.
Excellent phone case
Looked at all different Iphone 6 Plus cases reviews and decided on the Spigen Tough Armour case really glad I did it fits the phone like a glove would defenitly recommend
Best Value for Money
This cover is the best suit for my phone.
This is a great case
This case fits the iPhone 6 Plus really snugly. It's made of a tough, durable material that feels like it would protect the phone from most bumps and bashes. The lip around edge sits just proud the screen, so that the phone can be placed either face down or face up without damaging the screen. The hinged support on the back is really nice touch, so the phone can be propped up sideways on a table to watch a movie. The button covers that operate the volume and the power work well, and the colour is pretty striking. All the other functions are easily accessible. Overall, this is stylish and functional cover. It does add some bulk to phone, but I think it's worth it to provide the protection.
Quick sevice & great product.
I thought my phone was going to be without a case for a while, but to my suprise it arrived in a couple of days. i was so happy.
The product is great just as it was described & lucky i had it as my phone slipped out lof my pocket earlier.
overall 5 star delivery with a 5 star product.

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