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Spigen Tough Armor Samsung Galaxy S7 Case - Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Spigen Tough Armor in gold is the new leader in lightweight protective cases. The new Air Cushion Technology corners reduce the thickness of the case while providing optimal protection for your Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57265
$33.18 inc VAT
 5 stars from 28 customers

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Excellent case
The case feels like it's really protecting my phone. The design around the edges makes it a bit bulky but the fact that you can't accidentally press the buttons on the sides more than compensates for that. Very pleased so far.
Great product
I feel that my new phone will be safe with this protective cover on, it looks and feels great.
Stylish and practical.
Stylish and practical.
Attractive and functional.
Attractive and functional.
Great Case
Excellent case that fits well with the phone. High quality material. So far so good. Strongly recommended!
Awesome Phone cover
Thanks MobileZap - awesome case and great service.
Cover as described and looks great on the Galaxy S7
Great Product
The dual material feels both solid and rugged. It has a great lip covering the screen when placed face down. The ports have more than enough clearance for use. Button coverings feel good.
A tough old friend...
Well my friendship with Spigen started when I purchased a Samsung galaxy S5 and has protected my phone ever since... Time rolls on and I decided to take the Black Friday offers on and buy a couple of Samsung galaxy S7 phones and decided a Spigen case to match my new edition... What you get is a cover that covers.... Time has took its tole on my S5 yes it's aged but only by electronic standards.. The Spigen has been a space suit a riot shield and a fluffy bunny for my S5 and the S7 will be no different... A happy Spigen owner
Good look protection
It's great snugged that offers full protection for the phone. The side buttons are perfect and even covered. It's shape and details makes the phone look clean, great and stylish. The cover does not make the phone chunky. Recommend for people who likes the simple, stylish and protection for their phone.
Very good
The product arrived quickly. Very good quality. Product as described
I dont normally bother to write reviews but...
This case is easily the best case I have had on any smart phone.
It matches perfectly with the S7 and even colour matches the rose gold, not that that's too important for me.
* its a tight fit
* the front has a slight ridge which protects the face when laid down
* its a nice grippy rubber on the sides and edges and smooth on the back, so feels nice in your hand
* i have dropped the phone a few times, as is normal and, as I expect, no breakages

Really the best recommendation I can give is that it is supposed to be a rugged case and to put it bluntly, it simply does its job. That's what we all want really, just for it to work.

I'm a Builder and after 4 weeks I am delighted with it, and for the money I paid, i feel it will see the phone out, so is good value too.
Spigen Tough Armor case perfect fit feels good and offers protection
Spigen Tough Armor case perfect fit feels good and offers protection
The only negative is that your phone gets bigger and slider close to the edge, for example on Spotify, it gets a tiny bit harder to use the slider. Other than that, dropped my phone in high speed about waist height, no damage on phone. A little tear on the case but what do you expect. Great case if you're a little clumsy as me
Very sturdy
A fantastic product
A fantastic product. Top quality and really good service from the sales team. They sorted out my delivery problem and hence top marks for all involved.
The case fits the phone perfectly
The case fits the phone perfectly and in particular the button positions on the case are excellent. The case also has a nice rubberised texture to it which makes it easy to handle.
Best of the bunch
I tried out a number of different cases before opting for the Spiegen. I ordered on the basis of positive reviews having no experience of the brand before so didn't have particularly high hopes. I was pleased with the case when it eventually turned up (it was out of stock when I ordered so took 10 days to despatch during which time my lovely S7 was 'protected' by a trainer sock not recommended!) Case looks and feels robust, fits well and is a good colour match for the phone would definitely recommend.

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