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Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 6S / 6 Shell Case - Rose Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Durable and lightweight, the Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 6S / 6 case offers premium protection in a slim, stylish package. Carefully designed the Thin Fit case in rose gold is precisely form-fitted to the phone to highlight its original design.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55452
$17.86 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 78 customers

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Good strength, good value
Won't protect internals from massive fall, but does provide slick scratch cover that seems sturdy enough to last a while. Good value for the amount I spent as well.
Great slim case
Fab case really slim and leaves buttons exposed. Sleek and does not detract from the style of the phone. Only down side is that is is so snug if you try to remove it will split at the edges.
Excellent Product
Just as described, this case is lightweight and simple but protective. Excellent product. Highly recommended and with fast delivery.
Lovely clear case
Nice clear light case for the beautiful phone. Very compact and slim to use.
Great product, very pleased with quality of materials, fit and protection of phone and aesthetics.
The plastic is very smooth and gloss like therefore grip factor is low. I found this to be a small trade off.
Works great
Very nice case fits the phone perfectly and looks good not like the cheap versions.
great case
excellent thin case, nice rubbery grip, exactly what I was expecting
Great cover, excellent quality
Great Cover! Excellent quality! as described
Souvenirs case
Superb product and keeps my new phone safe and sound and always look like new. Best money ever spent.
Scratched on the first day?
Product is good but scratches easy looks great on the phone and fits it superb couldnt fault it apart from the scratching so early into buying it
Excellent fit and wuality
Great case for the money.
Easy to fit and easy to take off too.
Great quality plastic, doesn't mark easily.
Buttons accessible.
Top stuff.
Great case!
This is an excellent case, really clear and easy to access all buttons/ports. I had a really cheap silicone case before this which discoloured quickly and prevented easy use of buttons. This is great! Really tough too.
Excellent Thin Case
Excellent fit, easy to fit. Lives up to its crystal clear name. Fits even with a curved glass screen protector fitted.
The case looks absolutely stunning on my iphone, light and slim, fits it like a glove and feels lovely and smooth. I brought the white one which has a slightly pearlescent effect in the light. I brought it in the sale but would have been willing to pay full price. Buy it you won't regret it!
Great product, as it says, slimline, fits my iphone 6 perfectly, feels really smooth, looks far more expensive than it was). Extra bargain as I got it in the sale. Buy one you wont regret it.
Fits excellently
Good case that not only looks good but fits really well. Very good value for money and still slim. Would recommend if you want to keep your phone looking trim.
Almost perfect
The product is crystal clear, a lot more clean than any cheap alternatives. The case is a very snug fit, but does have a small amount of wiggle. But that might be me being pedantic but I feel the case moves a bit, but this doesn't reduce the protection the case offers.
The beveled edge works perfectly to raise the screen and avoids and contact scratches to the screen. The ports to access buttons are very easily accessible. The case is smooth, and in some angles limits the grip available on the phone.
Case is very thin, feels solid though and feels safe.

All in all a strong case where you won't get much better for its thinness.
Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 6 Shell Case - Crystal Clear
Spigen make great cases for the money and this Thin Fit is no exception, well made so it fits how it should and being clear it allows the iPhones beauty to shine thru. This is the first clear case i have bought and definitely won't be the last.
I bought this case for my husband who has the iPhone 6. He wanted a clear case and I read the reviews and thought this would work. He was kinda hesitant that it wouldn't protect the phone if it dropped but he hasn't dropped it yet so I can't say if it actually protects the phone. It looks great, all the keys on the side are still functional/accessible.
Perfect fit and protection
It was difficult to find a case that allowed the slim and aesthetic side of the iPhone continue but provide the protection I always need (dropping the phone, turning over and scratching the screen). This does it all with the typical Spigen quality and looks. I've bought Spigen before and will buy again. My advice is don't go overboard. If you want bomb proof go elsewhere. If you want looks, quality and practicality go Spigen.
Better than Apple's own...just!
I had to get a case for my iPhone 6 as I'm one of those people that could conceivably drop or crack their phone in the first week of owning it. I got an Apple one as they are the first ones out and it is a decent case but I purchased the silicone one and I never liked the feel of the phone in my hands. So, reluctantly I bought another case and this one is lovely. Thinner, cheaper, lighter and feels better in the hand.

I know this is a problem that isn't a major one but if you use your phone that often, the way a phone sits in the hand can be annoying if you don't have the right case for you.

Brilliant service from Mobilefun once again (this is my second case from them!)
Great cover
A really unobtrusive cover. Once on its a devil to remove as I found when I placed it over my new iPhone into which I was yet to insert eh SIM card!!! Very happy with the product.
Protect your iphone 6 with this cover
Good price, good quality, crystal clear .. perfect for the iphone 6 .. a must have if youre an iphone 6 owner
Nice product. Sleek and smooth but with enough grip you don't feel like it will slip out of your hand too easily; ports are accessible EXCEPT will not stay connected with old wider lightning adapter charger. Lives up to its name as a 'slim' case but there was a little more depth to it than I anticipated. Overall I am happy with the product.
Great slimline case
I love this case. The new iPhones are good looking phones so good to have protection for it without covering it up.
MobileZap was good to deal with and I would recommend buying from them.
Brilliantly Clear
I was looking for a way to protect my new Iphone 6 without hiding it away in a wallet. The Spigen Shell case does just that. It is extremely well made and fits like a glove. It is crystal clear and allows the beauty of the Iphone case to still be displayed as well as allowing me to mount the phone in tits dashboard holder securely and without the risk of damage. If you are worried about scratching the screen I would suggest some sort of glass protector but I haven't bothered and the phones predecessor was exposed in the same way with no damage over two years. This is probably the best made protective glove I have seen for any phone and have no hesitation in recommending it to you.
Good case!
This case is amazing. It fits perfectly on the phone and it looks good on my silver iPhone 6. It's thin but strong however it is a bit hard to take off but nevertheless still a good quality case.
great case
I bought this simple black case for my new iphone 6 and it fits the bill very well. It protects the phone without overpowering it. With some cases all you see is the case,they are so big,with this case you get some subtlety,which enhances the use and . Look of the phone. Would have been great to get a screen protector bundled with it. The back of the case is a little prone to finger and smearing,but I think it is just with it being new. Happy with this case.
The case of do you or don't you
Im not a big fan of cases on my iPhone, simply as I sometimes think you are covering a Versace Suit with a Donkey jacket and ruining the quality look and feel I think the iPhone has always had. However, I do also feel I should protect it, but without ruining that look and feel. This is where this case comes in. The case is not so thick that it feels like its wearing it, but adds that feeling of security in both protection and feel. I very rarely give 5 stars to anything as I think every product can further improve, but if like me you want to protect your phone with a quality case, you will find this one works well.
Phone case
Love it! Everyone else loves it too and want to know where i got it.
Pretty Good
Received this case for my iPhone 6 within a few days. The case looks and feels premium and therefore matches the iPhone's look well. The case is slightly rubberised allowing for pretty good grip overall. All the button holes line up perfectly and the whole case feels solid in the hand. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the edge of the case that protects the screen when the phone is put face down, is only very slightly holding the screen from touching the surface. If used with a decent screen protector, this shouldn't be an issue. A recommended buy.
Thin fit iphone 6 case
Nice cover, just not what it states. It is clear, good, it is NOT none skid coated and is slick as the phone. Could have bought at Mac, but this states it is coated with non skid, very important, as this plastic just slips out of your pocket. So, keep looking for something that is really slip proof, in clear, sorry to return, but not as stated. Sorry.
Good Case
With so many cases on the market it can be daunting trying to find a good case, this case is a great fit. nice and slim and provides okay day to day protection if your not working outdoors. Sits up around a millimeter on the screen side so you can lay you phone face down without the screen touching the table surface (Screen protector still recommended though) raised section on back of case as well so the camera lens will not touch a surface when laying fat also. bottom ports are very accessible with this case on so connecting aftermarket car chargers or headphone jacks no drama's either.
One thing i would note, it is a very tight fitting case, if you like to change phone cases regularly get a soft case, i think if you ware constantly trying to remove this hard shell case you would scratch the aluminium bumpers over time.
It is a nice fitting case that provides adequate protection for office and around the home use, the case fits nice & looks good.
Excellent Case
I was looking for a slim and lightweight case but one which had a good grip. This case fits my requirements perfectly, is reasonably priced and I would definitely recommend it.
Iphone 6
Took my gold iPhone 6 from drab to absolutely fab !!!
Iphone 6
This case looks nice on phone but one big problem, it scratches very easy when you put down on a hard surface like a table and you can also see dust underneath it when you look at the back of your phone.
Love It
Exactly what I was looking for. The case is perfectly clear, which allows the pretty gold color of my iPhone to shine through, and very low-profile. It doesn't smother the phone. But it's also durable -- no flimsy plastic. I'm really pleased with it.
Just bought the iPhone 6 gold phone so wanted to show off the gold obviously. This cover is perfect, very thin and I have lots of confidence in it that it will keep my phone safe. Also quite unnoticeable which is good. Only down side is dust gets down the back some how but a little wipe sorts this!
Case is rock solid! Very slim, honestly I forget there is a case on my phone and the white case compliments the white face of the phone! I've not dropped my phone yet but if I did I'm confident the case will take it like a tank!
Spigen case for iPhone 6
Hi I've ordered one of the best iPhone six spigen case sorting so like perfect fit you can't go wrong with itand it arrived really quick today for extra cost i'm give it a five star by your items for Mobile Stuff from mobile fun
Fabulous quality
A minimalistic clear protection which is essential for your iPhone 6 to show off your iPhone.
Fabulous quality with great protection highly recommend this product..
Good quality slimline protection
The thinfit iphone case is exactly what it says! Thin Fit! Very confortable in your hands and provides good protection to your phone! Also with the new iphone with the rumours of it bending, this case is very ridgid and will protect against that happening! Good product and quick delivery!
Does the job!
Case does exactly what I want. I don't know how much abuse it can withstand, but will protect the back & sides of the phone from scratches etc. It is so lightweight you don't really notice it's there. It's clear so you can see the great finish of your iPhone. Well worth the money. Delivery time was also excellent.
It is indeed thin,but the lip on this case is BARELY NOTICEABLE at only 0.5mm! That's very disappointing, all spigen needed to do was to add another 1mm in thickness onto the lip for it to follow its previous iterations. A big let down. Plus side is clear case looks nice but im worried more about LACK of protection to screen due to low lip
Perfect case for my new phone at a great price!
The spigen shell case is simply perfect, fits the phone as you would expect, nice and snug!

It's the perfect thickness, not adding too much to the overall thickness of the phone, extremely lightweight and seems to be strong enough to protect it from any knocks that might occur!

Also I love the fact that it is thick enough to protect the camera lens which protrudes from the back of the iPhone 6.
I would recommend this without hesitation (and a load cheaper than the apple branded cases)
Exactly what I was after
It's just a solid, bright, clean looking case for my iPhone 6. Very happy.
Great Product. Awesome Price!!
Lovely fitting on the product. Looks very professional and sleek and means the iPhone still continues to look like the best phone out there. It is a little open on the top and bottom so if you are slightly clumsy then maybe get a sturdier case to withstand bashes on the top or bottom. Had the case since iPhone release date. Still looks very good. Comfortable to hold. Cannot fault it!
The perfect case
Brilliant case for iPhone 6, a clear case to protect your phone yet allows you to show off how cool your phone looks too. Its slim fitting and easy to click on and take off.
Very nice case
Great case fits and looks well, while protecting my phone
Not sure how technical i can get about a iphone case but.... feels great to the touch, nice matte finish, really slim fitting so keeps my phone nice and thin (and light) but dropped one star for the ease of use... practically need a crowbar to take it off, but i guess in a way thats a good thing? who knows

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