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Spigen Thin Fit HTC 10 Case - Mint Green Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Durable and very lightweight, the Spigen Thin Fit series for the HTC 10 offers premium protection in a slim, stylish package. Carefully designed, the Thin Fit case in mint is form-fitted for a perfect fit that is totally sympathetic to your phone's shape.
  • Mobile Fun ID 59479
$17.08 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 10 customers

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Good fit, good looks.
This is quite a slim fitting case so it doesn't detract from the sleek lines of the phone too much. It fits nicely over the back and sides of the phone, and all buttons and openings are easily accessible. As it's quite thin it might not offer as much protection as some other covers, particularly as it doesn't cover the top and bottom front edges of the phone.

The outside of the cover has a rubberised feel to it, which gives quite a lot of grip. Generally this is very good as I find the aluminium on the back of the phone quite slippery, but the "stickiness" can be a bit annoying when you're trying to slip the phone (with cover) into a pocket, etc.

The cover has a slight metallic finish, which I wasn't expecting. This suits the premium look of the HTC 10 very well, even enhancing the bevel around the back edge.

If you're after a cover that offers moderate protection while not detracting from the appearance of a beautiful phone, this would be a good choice.
Fits like a glove - and shiny!
Fit perfectly first go and doesn't budge. I like that it still shows of the chamfered edges and is a little bit shiny. Protects the camera nicely - it's recessed about 1mm. Also extendes about 1mm above the screen so I can lie it face down without fear of scratching the screen.
Worth every penny
I've been using Spigen cases for quite some time now. Their cases have become close to perfection. They fit like a glove and the quality is extremely high.
The same goes for this case. Incredible.
a quality product
Excellent fit, low profile with all cut-outs in precise locations. It has a quality feel to it, and the finish is superb.
Could do better if a matt black was available.
The case itself is decent enough quality
The case itself is decent enough quality. Just a shame it leaves the top of the phone exposed to scratches.
Great minimal design
This is a great case - provides protection without adding bulk to the phone. Just one minor annoyance - the cutout for the camera lens at the back is slightly off and isn't an exact fit.
Service from MobileFun was excellent.
Neat case, light but protective
This is an attractive case at a good price that provides a reasonable degree of protection for the HTC 10. Nor does it detract from the good looks of the phone because it is indeed very slim. Easy to get on and off, which is just as well because it covers the SIM and microSD slots on the phone.
Very good service and delivery from MobileFun.
It was smooth and quite slippery but great quality product
Feel of it. It was smooth and quite slippery but great quality product
Excellent service and quality item
Once again Mobile Fun have given excellent service and delivered a quality item.
Some might say, why have a protective case around the HTC 10 as this will hide the quality build of the phone. My reason is for making sure I keep it that way and this case certainly does that.
It has a good tight fit with a satisfying click when it is attached. It hardly increases the size of the phone, either in width or thickness. What it does do is increase the safety of the device in the hand as it gives an extra grip.
Would certainly not hesitate to recommend this item to anyone thinking of buying it.

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