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Spigen Sony Xperia Z2 Screen Protector Steinheil - Ultra Oleophobic Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed to provide superb clarity, the Spigen SGP Screen Protector Steinheil with Ultra Oleophobic coating to prevent smudges for the Sony Xperia Z2.
  • Mobile Fun ID 45091

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 4.6 stars from 11 customers

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Good product.
A really nice screen guard for my phone.Very impressed with the product quality.
Great glass screen protector. Goes on like a breeze. Would recommend this product to anyone thinking of buying one.
Excellent !
This glass screen protector is perfect and it corresponds on all points to what I expected : easy to put on the phone, it fits perfectly on the screen and it does not reduce neither the colors nor the finger touch.
The price is correct and the product is excellent.
It is my third screen protector by Spigen and all of them were great products.
Sorry for my poor English and I hope this short review would help some customers.
Genuine Product - Fast shipping
This product is awesome. For front you have tempered glass and for back you normal screen guard.

This product cost justifies its quality. Buy it do not hesitate.
I will never buy another plastic screen protector again, this glass is amazing. It fits so perfectly, was so easy to install and feels like you don't even have it on the phone, love it!!!
Tempered glass protector
Andrew L, I believe you're wrong.
The glass protector's camera hole cutout isn't on the wrong side...its meant to cover the camera on the right, there's a hole on the left because that's meant to be the auto light sensitivity sensor O_O

Great product otherwise, just make sure its clean and fitted first time, its a bit hard when dirt gets underneath the protector.
Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector
The spigen tempered glass screen protector is a great product BUT there is one problem with it, and its the Front screen protector the cut out for the front facing camera is in the wrong position its cut out on the left side which the camera is situated on the right, if you're not too picky with the cut out on the wrong side its great but if you don't want a random circle cut out on your front screen wait for a new one which fixes this,

PS. The screen protector does not affect the quality of the front facing camera its still the same as if there was no protector,
my personal opinion its a great screen protector the back is fine and it looks and feels like there is no screen protector there
screen. saver
Great service and good quality goods

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