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Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4 - Infinity White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Check the time and screen incoming calls all without opening the case, the Spigen Slim Armor Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is an elegant solution for previewing 'at a glance' information.
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 4.6 stars from 413 customers

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Slim armour
The spigen slim armour view put simply is the best case for s4 I have seen or owned. Firstly it is very stylish with its matte black design and subtle styling it looks very professional. Also the case as the name suggests is slim and doesn't bulk the phone. In a cover I like to have all round protection the slim armour view gives me that and more, it's got a secure 'clip' to keep the front covered (a criticism I had of the official Samsung view case). The phone also fires perfect in the case everything lines up perfect and with enough room to fit plus etc in to charger and headphones. A nice touch with the car is the package screen protector and cleaning cloth. I would have no hesitation in recommending this case to a fellow s4 owner.
Used before and it diesd saving my mobile
Having had the same armour in place for over a year and it having done its job of protecting my 'phone very well indeed despite my best efforts to break it during work on multiple shop sites I had no hesitation in seeking a replacement. Costly yes but in the context of a new phone and delays etc. then money very well spent, it does a great job. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.
Phone case
Eventually arrived. Very happy!
Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4 - Infinity White
Having used this case for a week now I have to say I love it. Sits nicely in the hand, sturdy, saved my phone when it fell out of my pocket onto the road. Definitely recommend to all S4 users.
Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4 - Infinity White
Having used this case for a week now I have to say I love it. Sits nicely in the hand, sturdy, saved my phone when it fell out of my pocket onto the road. Definitely recommend to all S4 users.
I ordered this very useful cover! The money are spent in the right way! I have got three cover x one: a hard cover with max protection, a flip cover to maximize the display's features and a view case you can use with your case staying closed. It's a lock on the side and all the buttons protected. I'm really happy!
It's a must!
Better late than never!
The case is great so far (I've had it for only 3 days). I am sure my current phone will last longer than my last one in this sleek tank of a case. The viewing window has already helped me save battery life so i only have to charge my phone every 3 days or so (though I'm not one to use my phone ALL the time). The white case is a little slippery but it's prettier than the black case IMHO.
Strong & effective without ruining the design of S4
Constantly taking my S4 in and out of a pocket to check correspondence or snap a photo/scan in all weathers and conditions, this case has been excellent since the day I bought it 5 months ago. Nervous as to whether the price for an original Spigen would be worth it, I have not been disappointed. I wanted to protect my S4 for several years. Smooth & silky to the touch, the case fits snugly in the hand with the front flap open or closed. It holds the S4 securely protecting it on all sides and corners. I do not find the extra width afforded by the case to limit the sleekness of design of the S4. It looks great. The rubbery flexibility of this case allows for the quick removal of the S4 for access to the back of the phone that remains in place. The front flap fits well over the front of the S4 and with a light click fastens the case closed. The S4 is well protected against knocks and light water splashes. The small window makes good contact with the S4 glass when the case is closed allowing normal use without opening the case. The pack comes with a screen protector cut to the size of the small window which should be placed on the inside of the case to ensure good connectivity with the S4 glass. On the reverse of the case, the holes for the LED and camera lens are sufficient not to obscure their operation, however, when the flap is folded right back behind the phone, it obscures part of the camera lens affecting the shot. So when taking pictures, the flap needs to be held open. After 4 months I detected small degree of cosmetic peeling of the black rubberised surface. Mobilefun.co.uk replaced the case immediately. In all, a quality product worth that bit extra to protect a valuable mobile.
Exactly what I wanted
This case is strong but still slim enough to put in my pocket. I especially like that I can use the phone without opening the cover. With my active outdoor life, the screen stays clean and scratch-free.
Worth the money
Having spent a long time looking at cases to protect my phone I decided to go for the Spigen Slim Armor and very glad I did spend the extra money. It ticks all of the boxes….
1. view window
2. very good fit
3. very good protection all round
4. very slim and easy to hold,
5. light
6. front flip of case snaps shut so stays shut when dropped
AND 7. the case folds back fully and very neatly leaving the phone easy to use and hold.
Worth it and highly recommended.
looking tired
good case at first but within a few months started to show signs of spliting on hinge, 5 month on bits falling off the hinges and catch is spliting, it is looking really sad with marks all over the back and front, very bad quality for the price
Product had well reviewed faults
Reviews said they had issues with the catch breaking and the covering for the case peeling off. Then it happened to me. Mobile Fun have replaced the faulty item.
Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4 - Infinity White
A very good product, well packed and on time delivery.
This was what I was looking for. A strong case that had the swipe window. It's a well designed case as described and the video helped make my decision.
Mobile Fun delivered promptly as usual.
Phone fits case well and has protected phone well surviving several knocks without damage to phone.
The down side is latch on case broke after 6 months not a major issue
After 15 months hinge has broken so case front no longer can be attached to protect screen . This is a weak point and will stop me buying another spigen case .
shouldn't happen
Extremely happy with my purchase but after less than a year the platic tab which keeps the cover closed has become stressed and is about to fall off
Expensive and won't last
After 6 months the clasp broke.
Replacement had out layer of rubber peeling off like bad sunburn. Looked ok once all peeled off, but 6 months on the back section holding the hinge where the volume buttons are cracked and broke, so the door falls off.

Great design, and superficially good quality, but not built to last. I didn't abuse or drop them at all. Not even a scratch on them, but the underlying material quality is poor and they will break from simple use.
Good protected but expensive and has design flaws
The reason I bought this case is because it's the only case that completely protects my phone while giving me the proper S View window allowing me to see the time and answer calls without opening the case. Annoyingly apart from the very flimsy, expensive case from Samsung there are no others that seem to do this. I think it looks pretty good but it does attract fingerprints and smudges easily. The button covers all work well and the audio grills let sound through the speaker and microphone without problems. I have also never had an issue with the case getting in the way of the camera. The main issue with this case is the clasp. It is a small bit of plastic that clips over the back of the case and is very flimsy. The reason I had to buy a second version was that this catch broke meaning the cover won't stay closed. Reading other reviews this is a common problem. Apart from the catch letting it down my other issue with the case is the cost. It is very expensive for a piece of well moulded plastic and is more expensive than most other cases.
I bought this case to replace an old one that is accidently buried at work with an 8 tonne excavator. Realised what is done & homed in on the ring tone. Cover was damaged but the phone was fine. Job done. Speen did the business
Great Case
Great, lightweight, slim, protective case.
great at 1st
loved this case at 1st then after 6 months the fastener on the side broke of really disappointed
Attractive and protective case
This is a lovely looking case and protects the phone really well. I had a problem with the closure catch breaking but that was no big deal - meant I could then open with one hand! But then the hinge broke, which was more of a problem so I contacted customer services and was offered an immediate replacement which has now arrived. Let's see how long it lasts.....!
Clasp breaks after short time
Initially very pleased and was very happy for about 6 months then the clasp started to break - and it had not been dropped or abused in any way. Clasp continued to crack along line where it joins the flap and eventually broke off completely. Now won't stay shut and cover keeps coming off. Warranty is only 3 month so no point in asking for refund. Whilst the idea of this case is good it is seriously let down by the poor clasp design which makes this case very very expensive if you have to replace it every 6 months or so. I will be buying a different case from a different manufacturer as this manufacturer is clearly not prepared to stand behind their productly.
Best case
I was specifically looking for a robust case for my s4 but the only ones I could initially find made the phone look like a brick......until I discovered this spigen slim armor view case. It looks stylish and ensures the phone remains slim and above all protected. The case can remain shut when answering calls which is an excellent idea. The only downsize is the material it's made from tends to mark easily but you can't have everything. Overall though well worth the money.
helps provide for the masses
I bought this cover for my last S4. It's brilliant it enabled me to leave my phone on top of the car and for it to fly off while driving down the streets of Livi. It took me a day to shut out the phone so I know that it survived intact and was still usable.
could be better
This is potentially a very good case, probably the toughest around – BUT after only a few days, the lacquer started peeling off all over the case and took me weeks to peel the off the rest, it looked awful until it was all off, I don’t understand why they put the lacquer on in the first place, as it looks fine once all has been peeled off. On a plus note, I have dropped my S4 a few times with this case and no damage to the phone at all – it does what it says on the tin… this case is a MUST with the S4 phone, worth every penny. The other downside is that after 5 months of use (I work in an office, not building site) the clip that holds it closed is starting to snap away and will not last much longer.
With all the little problems with this case, I will be buying another as it does fully protect the phone and £30 odd quid is a small price to pay on a £300 - £400 worth of phone.
Just to add, my wife has one of the genuine Samsung flip "S View" covers, and its rubbish compared to this.
Greay product really protects the phone .great service again
Poor Quality
I am now on my third Spigen Slim Armor case for my Galaxy S4. On the first case, the door clasp broke off and it was replaced by MobileFun. With the replacement, the clasp broke off again and the laquer finish on the case started peeling off after 3 weeks which made the case look like it was 3 years old, not 3 weeks.
The cases have not been abused in any way, I literally put the phone in my pocket every day and that's it.
There's clearly a weakness with the clasp, just the fact of opening it and closing throughout the day causes metal fatigue which means the clasp will eventually break off.
What caused all the laquer to peel off I don't know. It didn't happen on the first case, only the second.
I won't be using the third case, it's going on ebay and I'll use the money to buy an alternative case from MobileFun, who have been excellent and replaced both cases without quibble.
I contacted Spigen as the faults are clearly manufacturing faults but they said it's not their problem and I should go back to MobileFun to solve the issues.
5 Stars for MobileFun - Zero Stars for Spigen.
yeap just what i needed
The Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4 - Soul Black.
I had bought this case as i had previouly damaged my lcd screen and had been online looking for the top rated smartphone case.
I had purchased this purticular case aweek ago and had shown a friend and the next thing i knew my friend wanted 1 and then purchased another.
Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4 - Soul Black
Great cover, only fault is the flip cover mechanism, its not that easy to open in a hurry, you have to use two hands, at least I do as its a little combersome.
Slim Armor
Very good service came in a couple of days. Will be back for more stuff.
Secure good looking case
Bought this case after reading the rest of the reviews. Excellent good looking case. Fingerprints show up and the home button doesn't work on kitkat but still one of the most robust cases I've seen without being cumbersome. Good points more than make up for the bad
Nice look, but awful quality
A very nice cover but heavy. It took obly a few days before it started to fray, thin pieces of the cover fell off. After 4 months the piece responsible for locking the shell fell off. Now it both looks ugly and I can't close it as I want and I got it only about 4 months ago.
Excellent product, great design, worth the money
I was looking to replace my existing white S4 flipcover with a case to protect the whole phone front and back, not just a cover/sleeve. After doing extensive research on the best Galaxy S4 cases, and watching the videos for the Spiegen on this website I decided to finally go for it and I can honestly say it's the best mobile phone case I have had so far.
It doesn't require removing the back cover (like the SView), its smart piece of kit as when you close the case, it changes the screen so that the big screen shrinks to a mini version within the size of the case window, (eg showing the time, date, incoming calls, missed calls, texts) but when opening, it goes back to normal again. Photos are easy to take, volume controls on the left, the front cover wraps right round 180 to the back, answer calls without opening it (just swipe with the SView window) it includes a thin protective strip for the case sview screen. I would recommend buying a separate full screen protector for the actual phone to act as double protection. The case looks sleek and stays clean (I have the white one -storm troopery) It's a bit more to pay than other cases, but it's definitely worth the money compared to other products which might not last as long or do the job as well.
Not what it's all cracked up to be!
The spigen slim armour view case is a sturdy and semi- reliable phone case. The view window is really useful as I have on many accounts received calls by swiping to answer. I love the fact that the case surrounds the whole phone so that the sides do not suffer from scuffs and scratches.

For me there are only a couple of things I find to be problematic. Firstly the material of the case shows finger prints really easy and can make the phone appear dirty if hands are slightly greasy, regular cleaning may be necessary. Secondly the catch on the side of the phone is relatively ineffective when the phone drops. On many occasions when I have dropped the phone, the lid opens up and lands on the screen, when in fact it should remain closed to protect the screen. Lastly the catch itself is easy to bend. If the phone drops in an awkward position, the catch will bend. When attempting to bend the catch back into place, it is easy to cause a crack which will event in the catch breaking off completely, thus meaning that the lid will no longer stay closed.

In summary, I think the case is effective in securing every angle of the phone, however the material shows finger marks really easy and the catch is not the best at keeping the lid closed.
Sturdy Protection
Very happy with the cover/case. Clasp really bites and it can be fiddely getting used to opening it, but if it didn't bite, it would be a downside. So the upshot is that it is a really good and secure case.
Great case for Samsung S4
It is perfect. It has both a back and front, so completely encases the S4 for full protection. It is hard and durable. Looks fantastic. Better than Samsung product.
Perfect protection for S4
I had been looking for a suitable case for my Galaxy S4 and decided to spend that little bit extra to get the Spigen Slim Armor View Case. Best investment since I bought the phone and really complements the phone itself. I am no longer concerned about damaging the phone as this case is excellent. Brief concern when I dropped phone & case when it was open. The front cover came right off the phone - separate at the hinge! However, with a small amount of fiddling, I managed to get it back in place and still works perfectly - no damage. Great investment!
Not so Tough!
Firstly, 5 stars to Mobile fun for replacing this case for me - no quibble and they even paid the postage. Companies like this deserve to succeed.
Now the case - I bought this case as it looked tough and built to last.
The case itself is made from very tough plastic material, is very well made and fits the S4 perfectly.
However, it is let down by the very flimsy clasp that holds the hinged door shut. It is less than 1mm thick and if you should accidentally bend it whilst shutting the door, it snaps off!
Such a shame as the rest of the case is very high quality.
Good protective case
Good hard wearing case for my phone; I like the flip over cover, which I didn't have on my previous cover, and it does provide extra protection for the screen. It hinges so that it folds right back when the phone is in use.

Overall it's not too bulky, so the "slimness" of the phone is not compromised by the bulk of the cover.

Yes, very pleased with it.
Amazed by the speed with which this arrived- Ordered on Wednesday, arrived on following Monday. Came halfway around the world. It's a nice, protective, good looking cover. The "view" feature is great because I can answer without opening the cover and check if I have any message notifications.. I am not worried about dropping the phone any more. Initially the catch on the side was a problem. The case popped open. lt has loosened up a bit with use the catch is behaving better. The only weakness is the way the camera tense is partially obscured when the Cover is folded back. A flapping cover is always a pain when taking photos. This cover folds away so nicely it seems a very careless design oversight to fail to deal with this obstruction, This is the only thing that prevents me giving it 5 stars.
very good value for money
Looks very stylish the case very durable the front cover clicks very secure and the s view works better than I expected and now I love it for the important information it give you at a glance. only down side is if you want to take a photo you have to hold it a bit like a book, but I don't take many photos so this dose not concern me
The Best cover ever!!
I normally do not bother with reviews, but this actually the best cover I have ever had. My respect to Spigen..
looked james bond type gadjet
was disappointed, did not click shut .I had to sent it back
Great Case But.............
Bought this case for my new Galaxy S4 a few weeks ago. The case is excellent and the phone fits into it perfectly. Only complaint which has just surfaced is that with the latest software upgrade from Samsung (4.4.2), the home key no longer works with the case shut. This is very annoying as you now have to open the case to answer calls.
Classy case
Very good looking and high quality case. Really pleased with it so far in every respect.
Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4
Excellent product
Excellent piece of kit!
I was looking for a robust quality cover for my new Samsung galaxy s4 and saw the slim armor view case for the Galaxy S4 in Infinity white. I watched the video and was impressed enough to give it.a try. I am not disappointed. It is a quality made piece of equipment that is easy to use and protects my phone completely whilst enhancing its overall look. It doesn't restrict the phones use even when taking photos and video footage. I am really thrilled with it in fact I would go as far to say that it is the best phone cover I have owned in the past 20 years. Thank you mobile fun!
Excellent piece of kit!
I was looking for a robust quality cover for my new Samsung galaxy s4 and saw the slim armor view case for the Galaxy S4 in Infinity white. I watched the video and was impressed enough to give it.a try. I am not disappointed. It is a quality made piece of equipment that is easy to use and protects my phone completely whilst enhancing its overall look. It doesn't restrict the phones use even when taking photos and video footage. I am really thrilled with it in fact I would go as far to say that it is the best phone cover I have owned in the past 20 years. Thank you mobile fun!
Knight In Shining Armor
I needed something to encase my Galaxy S4 as my S3 crashed to the floor and died wearing the Flip Cover which doesn't click Shut like this Spigen Slim Armor. It's a fantastic all round guard for my phone which hasn't been dropped yet but hopefully looking at this Spigen it will live up to the Armor like protection.
NEGATIVE: Should be all just 1 colour
Fantastic I love this.
Stylish Sturdy Case
I required a protective case for my phone and originally bought the Tech21 case - this was returned and replaced 3 times due to the top left corner developing a crack each time without being dropped on this point.
The Spigen Slim Armor Case looks a bit like a Storm Trooper from StarWars but is slim and provides wonderful protection.
Prior to purchasing this case I have dropped my phone 4 times.
I would recommend this case to everyone with an S4.
Everyone should have one
Recently purchased the Spiggen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4....don't know how I lived without it before! As someone who is exceptionally prone to dropping my phone this feels as if it was made for me! The phone fits perfectly into the case, the buttons respond well...don't have to use extra force when pressing them. Completely protects my phone's casing and screen. A must have for anyone who wants to protect their phone properly. It is sturdy but still stylish.
Where did you get that?
Happy with the Spigen Slim Armor case for my S4! When I pull my phone out and place it near me at a restaurant or at work, people can't help asking, "where did you get that case? Can I see it?" It does look fabulous. More importantly, it is functional. I have to throw it in a bag/briefcase...no pocket, so I need to find it, and it needs to hold up being banged against my stuff. It charges beautifully on a wireless charger, which is nice to know, since the case IS substantial in size. Front flap is sweet. If you want a front flap, this one is functional and will hold up. I also ride a bike to work and for recreation, and the case has survived one crash, while in my pocket. Previous phones have succumbed to the impact.
Thorough protection
Very good case. Seems rather expensive upon first viewing it, but to protect something like my Galaxy S4 then it is a price worth paying. The case is of good quality built with durable plastics and a separate screen protector for the S view window. Whilst using this case you cannot fold the case onto the reverse side and use the camera, as the S4 window overlaps onto the camera lense. Some reviewers on different sites have stated that this can be remedied by pushing the case up and then taking a picture; this will not work because the S view screen protector is still in front of the camera lense and causes blurring. I would recommend this product for those who, like me, are wanting to provide a high level of protection for their phone without using the all-rubber military type cases. For people who like to take impromptu shots or like shooting media, I would imagine the case would get in the way and would advise a different product. Also worth bearing in mind that the case is glossy plastic and has no tactile surface to improve grip.
Wife now wants one
This case fits the phone very well and gives it a very classy look.
I got the Black one for myself and now the wife wants this white version for her phone.
I think that qualifies it as a great buy in here and my eyes.

Its font cover, with its small window allows the phone to use the additional built in functions in the same way as the “Genuine Samsung Premium” cover does, while also protecting it at the same time, which the Samsung product does not succeed in doing anywhere near as successfully.

Yes I know this now, because I dropped it from well over 8 foot (about 3 meters) and it hardly shows a mark on the corner of the case – This would surely have smashed the screen without it.

The buttons work better than the original Samsung case buttons as they are now more positive and the price matches the Samsung equivalent,mentioned above.

On the down side it makes the phone a little larger and it weighs a fraction more now, but this is inconsequential compared to the benefits it offers.

It has saved my phone on one occasion now, so its paid for itself and...... It also looks great too.
“SlimArmor” Does exactly what it says on the case
This case fits the phone very well and gives it a very classy look.
Its font cover, with its small window allows the phone to use the additional built in functions in the same way as the “Genuine Samsung Premium” cover does, while also protecting it at the same time, which the Samsung product does not succeed in doing anywhere near as successfully.
- Yes I know this now, because I dropped it from well over 8 foot (about 3 meters) and it hardly shows a mark on the corner of the case – This would surely have smashed the screen without it -
The buttons work better than the original Samsung case buttons as they are now more positive and the price matches the Samsung equivalent,mentioned above.
On the down side it makes the phone a little larger and it weighs a fraction more now, but this is inconsequential compared to the benefits it offers.
Well it's already saved my phone on one occasion, so its paid for itself and it also looks great too.
This case is just perfect - protects the whole phone and looks great. Had many cases before, but this is the best one and I like it most. The proce is quite high, but it was worth spending.
Amazing product!
This case perfectly fits my S4. The build quality and its sturdiness are, as far as my long-time search is concerned, definitely make it an unmatched product. Thank you Mobile Fun for availing this 'genuine' case (I'm practically aware of the presence of counterfeit cases out there in the market). 5 star is the least I could give.
Excellent product! Sturdy and fits snugly. Would definitely recommend.
Very good case
This case is one of the best for me. 1)Easy clip to lock and unlock (is not unlocking accidentally)
2)Great design this white/black bind very good with my white s4.
3)Easy to put or take out your s4 from the case
4)Nice inside rubber for keeping your phone safe and the case is not heavy or look massive at all.
My only downside is the buttons you need to try a little bit more to make them work but you get used to it.
Overall is a vary good product.
Smart and Strong
After ordering my new phone the first thing I look for is how to protect it to last these new 24 month contracts. After looking at the 'others' there was only one winner. With the thin case and clipping access door in an overall strong case the Slim Armor View for the S4 beat other rivals hands down and is a must for all S4 users and other users alike. Allowing to see who is calling and to answer the phone without opening the cover using the viewing window is ideal. Not forgetting Mobile Fun for having the lowest price I could find a big thank you all round.
Slightly disappointed
I was really pleased with the case when it first arrived. It incases and protects the phone well. I chose the black case as it goes well with the phone. But I haven't even had the case 1month and the black is wearing off around the edges, reveling white underneath. Expected top quality. Considering the price of the case it should last years without wearing, not weeks!
wonderful product. Accessible
a case to trust
I have tried a few different cases for my S4 and most offer minimal protection against dropping. The Spigen slim armor case looks like it will give full protection to the screen if it was dropped. Its lightweight and can also be folded back if you want full screen access. For answering calls you just swipe the top screen without having to open the case. We use three of these cases at work and everyone seems happy with them.
Makes my phone feel proper cool!
If Batman had a phone, he would want one of these cases. Beautifully made, looks fantastic, easily the best case I have ever owned. Sleek, stylish, cool but understated.
Incredibly Good!
The Slim "Armor" view case is just what the name suggests. The cover is built to quality and it shows. The rubber layer inside protects the phone aswell as it grips it. The lock prevents the flip cover from opening. The only downside is you cannot turn the flip cover all the way to the back as it blocks the camera edges. You can overcome it by opening the cover only halfway around. The best part is the flip cover can be unhinged and the base now resembles Spigen Slim Armor Case :)
This case is excellent,fits phone perfectly,also looks as good as the phone it's on.
Excellent Service
I purchased a Spigen Slim Armour View Case for my Galaxy S4. This is an excellent protective case which has already saved my phone. It developed a crack on the closure clasp and so I returned it to mobile fun for a replacement as I am so happy with it. The service from mobile fun was first rate. They answered all of my questions quickly and kept me up to date throughout the process. Well Done.
Fantastic case
This is probably the best case for a phone that I have ever had the pleasure to own. It is slim, light weight, easy to use and appears very robust in the protection it offers. The view screen works really well meaning for call answering/rejection there is no need to open the case at all. All round this is a fantastic case for the money.
Spigem Armor View Case White
I have always had cases for my mobile phones. Having read and seen reviews of the Spigen Armor cases I decided to buy one for my S4. The cover works perfectly and clips securely and does not open accidentally. I have holding and shaking the cover vigorously and it does not disengage, the top flap can be taken off and replace with no problem whatsoever. The only problem I found is taking photos with the cover folded back leaves a border leaves a border at the top of the screen but if you push the cover up a little the problem disappears. I presume Spigen will solve this with later versions. Your phone is securely safe if drop. This case has it all and I thoroughly recommend it to any one.

Lloyd Worrell
Great S4 case
Love this case, fits very well, hinge works like a dream, good and sturdy. Being able to answer calls without having to open it is a real bonus. I have two minor gripes though.
1. There is no hole in the cover to view the notification LED.
2. The earphone jack hole is way too small for most headphone jacks, I had to cut mine and it was not an easy task as its a rubberised material.
Other than that I would have no hesitation in recommending this excellent quality case.
What a fantastic case.
Ordered just before Christmas.
It is without doubt the best case I have ever ordered. Thanks guys!
Perfect protection
This cover is like Samsung's own s view cover but 100x better. It clips shut, feels very nice in the hand and looks ace.

Also, the customer service at Mobile Fun is nothing short of exceptional.

Excellent case, finger prints not so bad
I've now used this case for 3 weeks and think it's excellent. My biggest fear was fingerprints showing up. When you first take it out of the box it is spotlessly clean. But when you touch it finger prints start showing. My first thought was wish I'd gone for the white one, although in reality finger prints on a used case are quite hard to see and don't really spoil the look of it.
The case looks like it will provide good protection. Allows the phone to sit flat on a surface and stops it sliding around so much. The flap folds over to allow the phone to be put in a car dashboard holder.
First review I have written ever but this case is soooi good it deserves it..
For myself, a farmer, mechanic and plumber this case is perfect..it is strong, compact, smart and with window I often dont even hav to open it..it is superb..better than iphone with otterbox..waterproof is the only want..high quality and worth thw money..do not buy 3 x £10 cases..buy this first.
What I thought I'd get and what I actually got
I'll start with what I don't really like and that is that the hinge gets loose in time and this can get really flimsy, I'm saying this after about a week. Another thing I did not like is the...em...well...there isn't really anything not to like! This cover fits perfectly and the best thing about it is that when you held your phone without it, you felt you hold a phone, a smartphone, a really neat device that has really good hardware, but with the Spigen Slim Armor case you hold a man's phone, it feels manly, it feels buff, it gives you confidence, all that in a nice black matte finish. Only good thing that you can do is make a version with some hard metal outside(titanium?) and rubber inside, other than that there is nothing you can do better. Cheers!
This case is just what I needed at a great price and fast delivery. Definitely recommend it to people always on the go or even accident prone
Spigen cover
great cover very good fit and offers very good protection.
Great case but needs improvement!
From the moment you get the case you can see that it is made from good quality materials. It is durable and fits the phone perfectly.
There are a couple of things that needs to be changed though.
The first thing is the front "screen". It should designed in that way that will allow you to take photos! Right now it covers 20% of the camera when it is folded back, the only way to take a photo is to hold the front cover on the side which is very annoying!
The second thing that needs to be improved are the buttons ( volume and power ). They are hard to press, they need to be a little bit softer on touch.

Besides these two things the case is top notch quality wise and appearance!
The Best Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4
This case is brilliant. It looks great, protects all sides of the phone. The best things about it are the ability to answer call without having to open the case (swiping the small screen) and the fact that the top cover clips into place so it doesn't flap open.
This case saved my phone and my pocket!
I recently decided to forget my phone and leave it on top of my car. It came off my roof at 80km/hr and hit the road.
The case was dented and my phone had been thrown out of it after the 7th or 8th bounce... but after replacing the screen of my phone IT STILL WORKS.
I have little doubt that this tough little case saved my phone from being a debris field in the middle of the road not to mention saved me a bucket of money.
I do however need a new case and will definitely be getting one of these again!
Wanted a case to protect and not look to clumpy this is perfect looks good love the matt finish doesn't make phone look bulky.
Fantastic delivery time
I received an email this morning telling me the case was sent out at 9.45am and I received it about 2pm. Now that's what I call service.
The case itself is the best case I have ever had for any phone I ever owned, and believe me I have had many. I don't think there are any way that this case could be improved.
At first I thought the price was quite expensive but after fitting my phone I realised that this is great value.
Thanks Mobile fun I will be dealing with you again.
Slim and sturdy case but finger marks too easily
When the cover arrived it is well packaged but upon opening the packaging, straight away you find the black Spigen Slim Armor View Case achilles heel, it shows every finger mark, smear and leaves a greasy look on the exterior regardless how clean your hands are. Pity because it is an excellently designed phone cover that offers all round protection when closed whilst still managing to be slim. Returned the cover for a refund because in my opinion the extrior finish of the cover does not reflect it's premium price tag.
A really slick and hard waring case. Very high quality product. Would recommend this product to anyone with a S4, you would never need to worry about you getting damaged ever again
Its a very nice S4 case
I have purchased this case from Mobile fun and it is very good, i liked it.... :)
The right one
Obtained my case and I'm very impressed at the level of protection it provided for my phone,fully enclosing the phones exterior with out the bulky size of the usual cases I've had before,I recommend this to anyone who uses a galaxy s4,my only down side is when it's open it slightly obscures the lens on the back but nothing that can't be sorted with a slight of hand of the opening
Stylish Protection
I have always bought a case every time I've received a new phone, this is one of the best I've had.
When you consider how much smart phones cost these days the amount I paid for the case was minimal.
snazxy and sleek
Needed a case that protected my phone but also looked good. Had a few cases before but none were strong enough or they just didnt look nice.

this case is fantastic!

it's strong, sleek and easy to fit.
it changes the screen so you dont even have to open the case to answer the phone. You can do it through the viewer on the front. Even better!!!
Almost perfect...
A brilliant, stylish, slick case which offers full protection with the active view feature. Makes the phone feel sturdy with adding too much bulk. So why almost perfect? In my opinion the following two would've perfected it 1. A small cut out for the notification light 2. A magnetic closing mechanism which enables opening the case holding it in one hand by a little push of the thumb.
Very well made but !l
Excellent case and do not think anything could protect it better.
But in my area on Vodafone it reduces signal by one bar and if in a poor area its worse.
already paid for itself!!!
Having been stupid enough to think I could get away with using my phone with just a screen protector imagine my dismay when my 4 month old sg4 was dropped from a height of just 2 feet and the so called gorilla glass cracked around the on/off switch. Luckily I was insured, but decided to purchase a protective case. Having done quite a lot of research I opted for the spigen slim armour view case. Even though I wasn't sure about using the phone with a full case. I can only say I am 100% satisfied with it. The view window is excellent for use when receiving calls and the clasp closure ensures it stays closed when wanted. It is very robust but adds virtually nothing to the phones size. As the title suggests I have already dropped my phone again from a height of around four feet with absolutely no adverse effects. My advise is pay for quality as it gives peace of mind.
The protection and the style I was looking for
This is the best case I have ever seen. It fully protects my phone as it covers the front back and sides. The case adds a bit of weight to the phone but the benefits far outweigh this. The active view is an excellent feature and the buttons are very responsive. Not only is the case very well made but it is very stylish and classy. I have had so many comments on how good the case looks. I looked at the official samsung case for the same price but to be honest there was no comparison. If you are looking for a quality well built case giving full protecting for you phone then The Spigen Slim Armour Case is the one for you.
Good service
Delivery time as advertise, case is excellent.
Fantastic Case - Exactly as expected
I go through quite a lot of cases as I'm prone to either getting bored or going off them quite quickly.

This is my very first horizontal flip case and I'm very impressed

The case feels expensive and sturdy but doesn't add a great deal of weight or extra size to the phone

The front cover clips into place perfectly - a much better mechanism than the official Samsung View Cover.

But for me, the best and most unexpected part is the ability to use the 'view window' on the front of the case to answer/reject calls, alarms, events, reminders etc. - Genius!

All in all I'd say this is the best case I've ever bought and I would highly recommend!
This is a great case to have for your samsung galaxy s4. Sturdy, protective and has a good feel to it. Highly recommend.
this is the must have case, looks 5 star, protection 5 star, handling 5 star.
Best cover for samsung galaxy s4
This cover is the best. It protects you phone, bak front and sides. Which is what I was looking for in a case. The case doesn't add much thickness to the phone and the phone is still so light.

I love this case. I'm glad I got it.
s4 phone case
Great product and very fast shipping
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