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Spigen Slim Armor Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Tough Case - Champagne Gold Reviews

The Slim Armor case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in champagne gold has shock absorbing technology specifically incorporated to protect the device from impacts from any angle.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63027

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 4.6 stars from 8 customers

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No bulk case
Great protection for your phone without all the bulk. I have small hands and have no issues holding the phone in my hand. Very nice sleek design, the built in stand works great also. I highly recommend this product to anyone.
Worth to try!
- Pros:
+ Durable
+ Protect screen from dropping (my S8 plus is fine after I drop it)
+ Convenient with the stand
+ Worth the price (the case is good and not so expensive)
+ Nice color (I choose Violet)
+ Dirt doesn't stick on the case
+ Easy to identify the finger-print scanner without looking at the back

- Cons:
+ If you have small hand, it makes the case bigger and difficult for you to hold
+ Somehow, I feel like it makes the phone heavier and bulky (I don't like putting in my pocket)
+ It's is matte and so smooth that make it's quite slippery to hold
+Darker-color parts of the case can get black stains from your clothes or something else (should be cleaned by soft and quite wet cloth every week)

- OVERALL: 4/5 (Recommended)
+ I'd buy again with other colors
Very good case
A really good case for the S8+. Provides solid protection and I love the kickstand.
The one bugbear is that you have to take it out of the case to charge wirelessly.
i bought one of these for my last phone (Galaxy S7 Edge) and when I upgraded to my new one the phone was in perfect as new condition. They only add a little bit to the overall size but the protection it gives is excellent. I highly recommend this product.

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