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Spigen Slim Armor Samsung Galaxy S7 Case - Violet Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Slim Armour case in violet for the Samsung Galaxy S7 has shock absorbing technology specifically incorporated to protect the device from any angle.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57259
$30.51 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 13 customers

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Great cover
Got this cover for my phone a couple of years ago. Working up a ladder. Dropped it, bounced on concrete and was still good. Brought a second one recently as needed another phone for another worker. Great cover, not to bulky.
Product is great, service is not
I love the case, high quality and seems to give good protection without being too bulky.

But it took over 3 weeks to be delivered, the day before it finally arrived, my screen cracked from falling 5cm, from my bag that was already on the floor. (Turns out you reeeeallly need a case for this phone). 8 days after I placed my order I was told that the memory card that I ordered at the same time was out of stock. I'm not too bothered about waiting for the memory card, but to be told 8 days later is ridiculous.
Great product
Looks and feels very solid.
And the stand works great.
One thind I found frustrating - it is rather hard to tap on the keyboard keys that are right next to the edge of the screen.
Nice phone case. Love the colour!!!
I really like this phone case. Its sturdy and protects the corners if dropped. The volume and on/off buttons can easily be pushed. The openings for the charge cable, headphones and speaker are nice and clean and fit perfectly.
The kickstand is a nice feature and hasn't given me any issues.
I love the two tone colour!!

My only con is the case is a little too smooth, so sometimes feels a bit slippery down the sides and back, otherwise its a fantastic phone case!!
Product is well made and tough
Delivered very quickly. Product is well made and tough A dip to pull out the stand would be handy but then most folk would have finger nails
Fantastic at a good price
I have had 2 phone covers from phone fun and both were fantastic at a good price and fast delivery.
First class service. First class product
First class service. First class product. Will definitely use again.
Great accessory, great service.
When I bought my S7 the first accessory I got was this Spigen Slim Armor case. I'd bought a similar case from mobilefun for my previous phone, an S4, and was impressed by the build quality with the case still doing the job after 3 years. There was no question as to what case I'd get this time around. I'm glad to see that the build quality is just as good now and that there are a few design improvements. There's a built in stand and there's more space now for larger headphone and USB connectors to fit through the case. When I gave my old phone to a friend he asked how I kept it in such good condition, I put it squarely down to these Spigen cases.

Along with the excellent products I've bought, I've been more than happy with the service from mobilefun, their website is easy to navigate, their prices are good and the transactions and deliveries flawless. An overall great experience. I will use them again and have advised friends and family to use them too.
Product is great. I did not realize this was coming from the UK though.
Slimi, smart & functional
New phone - so time for a new case.
Previously I have opted for the leather wallet style, but they do add a lot of bulk ... and when the new phone is a s slim as the S7 it would not seem the right way to go.
Looked around .. and several reviews rated this case ..........the price on mobilefun was fair.
The case is a very good fit ... so much so it looks like the phone is not in a case.
Definitely detracts nothing from the style of the phone .... and the gel style edging should help if dropped (or should that be when dropped)

AS I have never had a phone with no 'face' cover, concern is of course if dropped that screen would scratch - maybe a clear stick-on protector could (should?) have been included with this case .... thought for the team.
Great products, good prices - keep it up.
Super Comfy Touch, Also Secure
The phone case is super comfy to hold, It definitely accompanies the slick touch the phone has without a case. When dropping the phone, the case made the phone lightly bounce off the ground. A small suggestion for the design would be to make the kick stand, on the back to have a hinge that is made of either metal instead of the plastic it is currently made with. When putting the phone on the stand, it feels slightly wobbly and un-secure. This is the only downside to the phone case. The depth between the front of the case and the screen could be a little deeper. I know if the phone were to fall in a rocky area, it will not be as protected if it is unfortunate enough to fall on the face. Due to the material that the phone is made out of and the material of the kick stand, the price should be slightly reduced for the Slim Armor. No more than 3 dollars less then its current price. Overall, great design! Love the case thus far! Thank you!!
Super Comfy
The phone case is super comfy and there is a convenient stand for other use. I've yet to drop it in the case but im sure it will keep my screen from cracking!

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