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Spigen Slim Armor HTC One M8 Case - Smooth Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Slim Armour case for the HTC One M8 in smooth black has shock absorbing technology specifically incorporated to protect the device from any angle.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44648
$27.48 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 61 customers

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Waste of money
Good design but after a few weeks of use gun metal cover became very worn and easily damaged would not recommend anyone to purchase this case, not worth the money
Great design, sturdy and good for presents
Spigen is an excellent brand and this phone is no different. Well worth money spent, I bought as a present and they love it.
Sturdy and shock absorbent, great feel, slim design.
five stars see full review.
This protective case not only looks great but it is solid, well built and fits perfectly. The on/off button works better.
Five stars for the best case I have used.
Keep up the good work for the HTC 10.
Sleek and stylish
This case is a piece of cake to fit if you have had cases like this in the past but it doesn't come with any instructions (although I am sure a quick Google will help). For those buying, you separate the rubber from the plastic bits of the case, fitting the rubber element first to make sure you phone is protected. The plastic bit then snaps over the top (start with the side buttons!)

It's a stylish, easy to fit and very sturdy case that doesn't add the bulk of some other similar cases.
The business!
The Spigen brand is one that I have used before and this case continues the good quality I expect. Looks clean and matches the phone colours while being a perfect fit to ensure it doesn't fall out and give confidence that my new HTC M8 will survive a drop or ten!
Looks great
Very good looking case. A little bit in the chunky side but it adds to piece of mind that it'll protect your phone. The smooth finish at the back is very nice and it fits very snug so there won't be any dirt getting into the case to scratch the back.
Spigen Case
Better than expected when arrived makes my phone look pukker
Excellent, five stars.
One of the slickest and nicer looking cases I have had. Suits the phone and enhances, rather than detracts from, the HTC's naturally sleek curves. Even with the case, slips in and out of the pocket with ease.
Not perfect
First up,the rubber glove and polycarbonate shell feel pretty solid and decent quality.
However, on putting on the black glove it keeps depressing the power key, majorly annoying. A slight adjustment stopped this but I don't know if it will return.

Also, it covers up the phone's IR blaster. A deal breaker for me.
Good product, even better service from Mobile Fun
I originally ordered this in Slate/Gunmetal (I forget which), but after a while I got a mail saying it was out of stock and they didn't know when it would be back in stock, and offering me the alternative of changing my order. I did this and the product arrived the following day! So far, it's excellent - very well made with good attention to detail, and very hard wearing, as I was hoping.
Very impressed. Good quality product. Recommended
This product looks glorious. It fits well and feels exceptional when holding it. It protects my phone quiet well, even after dropping it a few times here and there. It came in on time and we didnt have a problem. All in all, this is a reliable site with good quality products. I recommend this case and this site.
going from a ballistic case for my HTC One S to this one was like going from a rubber dingy to a cruse ship, looks great, feels good to hold and more confident it wont slip through my hand.

Very impressed
Fits easily (even with a screen protector), and looks quite good. Ports easily accessible.
robocop case
The case was bigger than i thought. When I attached it, my phone looked like it belonged to robocop. That aside, it is very effective. I dropped my phone constantly and this case takes all the damage. It's very good. I recommend it.
Does what it says
My concern was to find a product that would effectively protect my phone and yet look good. The Spigen slim armor case appears to fulfil those requirements. It feels solid but looks classy...suits me well! I haven't tried dropping the phone to test it but have confidence it will live up to its billing!
Best case
I bought the Champagne Gold case for my new HTC One M8. I love this case, its smart, classy and very girly for the Gold HTC, matches perfectly. Love it.
Simply excellent
An excellent case. It does what is said and does it extremely well. It fits like a glove, is not too bulky and will give adequate protection for the everyday rough and tumble.

Just don't expect it to save your phone from a 10 meter drop onto concrete... :)
Does What it Should... and more! Excellent....
I have always looked after my gadgets allays making sure that every part can both protected and enhanced, finding that when you o move on ad sell its make a huge difference to what you'll get.

To that end the back case that came from my M8 was starting to look a little tatty
I wanted something that would look after it but also make it look great.
The Spigen soft Armour does both... brilliantly.

All the cut out could not be more perfect, and changes the look of the phone entirely.. but in a good way.
it has a real premium look about it.

My only gripes, but only slightly are it does make an already solid phone heavier
and some wont like that, it doesn't bother me much.
My main gripe is with the back being so smooth its like the back of the M8 in that it could fall out your hand, however the rugged sides make up for it.

the back design is very impressive it doesn't mark and the top and bottom strips give it a unique look i love.

all in all i would recommend to both complete the look and protect your investment
Good but 1 annoying part
Nice cover with does the job well, I am happy with one nitpicking problem that being the audio jack hole is too small for a lot of the cables I use in it. I don't have Bluetooth in my car and need the aux in and needed to buy a slim cable for it. Other people in the same situation may experience the same problem. For that reason I give it 3 star instead of 4.
Good quality and design, it seems to offer excellent protection.

Because of the good protection, the case makes the mobile bulky. Too expensive for a mobile case.
fantastic case
It's an elegant, dark green case. I really like the color. It feels very protective. Great buy
I am very pleased with it
After reading lots of good reviews on this phone case I decided to buy it. It looks really good on my phone and fits perfectly. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone with the same phone. The order was processed very quickly and arrived within a couple of days. Fantastic service. Thank you.
Good product
Good looking, fits really well but possibly could have a bit more grip on the sides.
If you want a case that fits like a glove.... and protects the phone and looks amazing...then buy this one have tried many cases over the years only to be disappointed.The Spigen slim armour well deserves 5 stars.
Excellent case for M8, good quality
Great Product
I was absolutely delighted with this case. Fits perfectly, has cut outs in all the right places and their buttons that fit over the phones own and actually improve the phones use. It looks great, feels tough and strong and can't recommend it highly enough.
Super Case
This case is the only one I found that does not detract from the original design of the M8. It is a perfect fit and doesn't increase the overall unit size by much.
Perfect Case for a Five-star Smartphone
The Spigen Slim ARmor fits perfectly on my HTC One and protects all the body from shocks.
The design it´s gorgeous. You feel like you´re grabbing a premium product.
I´m very happy with it and the service from Mobile FUn
Satisfied of the product
"The Item that I purchased was very nice and cool. Its stronger enough from other cover. the design was attractive. The Price also reasonable. Item delivered quickly and on time. An excellent service all round."
2 part case for HTC One(m8)
This case looks beautiful and does not degrade the already good looks of the phone. It gives good protection to the back, sides and corners and holds the screen off the surface if placed face down. All controls and apertures fit very well. The only small niggle is a small edge which is uncomfortable on my thumb but will hopefully smooth off with use.
Whilst not the cheapest case on the market, this is brilliant as long as you dont mind a heavier case. If it was light it wouldnt do the job.

You cant really tell that you have a case on it fits so well and has a "look" of the phone it is encasing.

...and great service as always from MF
Must buy
Seriously cool piece of kit. My M8 feels protected. It looks great and feels great in your hand. This case adds even more to quality to an already quality phone. I highly recommend Spigen products to anyone.
great product
Bought the "Spigen Slim Armor HTC One M8 Case - Gun Metal" recently. Love it, great product. Mobile Fun's price was better than what I could find anywhere else, and it came quite quickly to Australia from overseas. Will definitely buy from this site again.
great product
Bought the "Spigen Slim Armor HTC One M8 Case - Gun Metal" recently. Love it, great product. MobileZap's price was better than what I could find anywhere else, and it came quite quickly to Australia from overseas. Will definitely buy from this site again.
great case
Happy with this case!!! Recommend...
E xcellent case
This is a terrific case. Fits like a glove. It's strong and covers all the areas which need protection if you drop your phone. It also looks good. HTC has let the side down with its official cases for the M8. It's a wonderful phone but the HTC cases are cheap looking and ugly for the most part. This case was less expensive than the official cases, better looking and more fit for purpose. A good purchase which was delivered within 3 days of ordering and I chose the cheapest delivery option. Happy with my case and happy with the overall service.
At last......
After years putting up with substandard cases I did some research. And came up with this little beauty. Looked good, great reviews and so I got it. It looks superb and day two it was put to the test when I dropped my new phone from shoulder height. HORROR! But IT WORKED PERFECTLY ! HOORAY !
For someone who hates phone cases to say I really like one is quite amazing - however I love this one. It doesn't add too much bulk, not too slippy in the hand and in terms of colour it goes really well with my amber gold HTC .
Without doubt it is the best case I have ever had
Solid protection case
Having just got a new HTC M8 I wanted to ensure it was protected against the usual clumsy drops. This case is fantastic, it feels so solid plus there is a great lip in the front which means the phone screen is protected.

Honestly this is the best case I've owned.
must have case
Very smart looking case which looks and feels like a quality product. Great fit, it does add bulk to the phone but doesn't take long to get used to it.
Very fast delivery, many thanks.
At Last......
For many years I hated changing phones. Why? Frankly finding a decent cover was becoming so difficult I usually ordered three or four and threw away the worst ones. At last ! A cover that is stylish, elegant, well made AND WORTH EVERY PENNY. I hope that in two years time, when this phone goes , a Spigen is available for whatever phone I get then.
Spigen HTC M8 case
this case is just awesome... after i snapped my mobile into it.. it just gave me an awesome feel in holding my mobile... the solid look and the grip.. WoW ... Best case for my mobile !
I love this case! <3
I bought this protection case for my HTC One M8. When i got it & tryed it out. I absolutely loved it. Very nice colours & well done build quality. This protection is the best i've ever used in a smartphone. I know where am going to buy a new protection case, when am going to buy a new phone. This website! =)
Spigen Slim Armor HTC One M8 Case
Spigen Slim Armor HTC One M8 Case ican excellent example of what needs to be protection for your mobile phone.
Good fit to all corners of the phone and protects against all unwanted damage.
Before this, I tried the original cases (double dip and dot view case) but unfortunately not as well made as
Spigen Slim Armor HTC One M8 Case
Therefore, you can only give the highest rating
Only drawback is the fact that, unfortunately, lose the possibility of remote control, because the upper part is covered.
supet fast
Super fast delivery . 5 star services

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