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Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone 6S / 6 Case - Gunmetal Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Spigen iPhone 6S / 6 Case Slim Armor CS Case features a back compartment that can hold up to 2 credit cards or IDs. It is constructed with Air Cushion Technology that gives extreme shock absorption and device protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48805

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 4.7 stars from 14 customers

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Just bought my second.
I have had one in gunmetal for about a year ago. It's getting a bit scratched so have just bought a black one because I can't find another that will hold a card and £20 note. Whenever I use it at least once a day people comment about it and some even want a look at it. Smart. Masculine. Practical. Says it all.
Sturdy but marks easily...
Looked lovely to start with and very sturdy with good protection. After only a couple of weeks it is quite badly marked. The durability of the casing lets it down.
Great case, highly recommended
I now have two of the Slim Armour cases, in white and mint. The iPhone 6 is VERY slim, which means it can be difficult to use and if you drop it, it will break. I like the Slim Armour case because it's light, and it gives very good protection. OK, it's a bit bulky, but it makes the phone easier to handle. The card slot is great, I can go out with a travel pass and a bank card and be set for the day, including entertainment. It's possible to get three cards in there, personally I don't like to because it does force the cover a bit, but you can easily get two cards and a couple of currency notes in. I've tried lots of different types of cases, and this is the best and the smartest. Highly recommended.
Love the cover and great idea for card slot in the back
Quality product
Took a little longer than I expected, but well worth the wait, quality product that exceeded my expectations
Great Product from Spigen
Great fit and works like a charm. Solid build quality that you would expect from Spigen. Card holder slot can hold 3-4 cards easily. On the bulky side but I like it that ways.
The case arrived on time. Well wrapped. Fits the phone really well. Looks great and only adds a little weight to the phone. The details state that you can keep 2 cards but I can fit 3 without any issues. If you want a great case you can't go wrong with this one. When the wife upgrades later this year she is ordering one as well. Brilliant thank you.
Well made functional cover
In the words of my friend "that cover was only £14, it look great".

Looked good on screen. Looks good on the phone. Offers good protection and is very light. Well made and stylish. Delivery was fast and hassle free.

Would recommend this case to friends and family alike.

10 out of 10 or for the sake of the review score 5 out of 5.

A very happy customer.

Just recieved this case and it really is fantastic, the fact you can store cards in the back is great. Brilliant for putting buisness cards in.
Lose the wallet
If you service and tired of having your wallet take up more room in your jacket or jeans then this is for you. Or if you lose your wallet all the time (misplace it as a man!) then this product is for you.
Comfortable holding of two credit cards in the sliding back panel hidden away from prying eyes in a very slim form factor. You can squeeze three in actually.
The sliding back panel is secured with a solid click and doesn't come open on its own either.
Also when you drop your beloved phone in this case it just bounces and doesn't mark. Fantastic!
Great idea!
The case is designed to truley protect the device, so a little bulky. The feel is a little slippy.

The rear sliding panel is a great idea for storing cards, however if your card gets stollen, so does your card!

I bought this to use when mountain biking/road biking. The concealed card slot is ideal for storing an emergency card.

Nicely built, good look, would recommend.

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