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Spigen SGP Ultra Thin Air Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 5S / 5 with this unique Smooth Black Ultra Thin Air case from Spigen SGP.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43069
$19.89 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 37 customers

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Clear cover
The cover fits very well and allows the iphone to show through clearly. I loved it but was very concerned at how smooth and slippy it was . I was frightened I woukd drop it so have purchased a cheap mire rubbery plastic which is not so classy to look at but has a better grip.
A great pity as it looked superb!
Spidgen Crystal Shell case iphone 5s
I wanted to protect my high priced iphone 5s but didn't want to hide the phones good looks, hence the purchase of the crystal shell made by Spidgen, the fit and quality of this product could well have been an "Apple" own brand. The case is very transparent, which shows off the phone perfectly. The case was purchased through "Mobile Fun" and although this was my first purchase, the case arrived quickly and in perfect condition, a big thumbs up from me especially being used to slow delivery being based in Eire. Highly recommend the case and Company.
I've been looking for an all white slim, sleek case for a while and when I got my new phone with a white front, I thought if I'm covering up the back I want it matching the front. This looks cool, and it's not bulky so the iPhone retains it's slim look. Good protection and it looks great!
Clear case lets the 5S shine through
i really like my gold iPhone 5S and the case shows it off well. The one problem is that the thickness of the shell won't allow the phone to charge on docking stations so do I get rid of the docking station or the case - it's obvious which is the cheaper option!
Great product
Brought this case for my 14 year old sons iphone.
It arrived sooner than I expected and is a great product.
Phone case
So proud of my new IPhone 5S and this case completes it, fits perfect, full protection, without taking away the beauty of the phone, thoroughly recommend it. Excellent service delivery the following day.
Great case
This case is beautifully made, light yet sturdy looks like it provides really good protection. It shows off the iphone in full, definitely recommended
Great product
Spigen do it again. Lovely slim case, no weight or bulk added to my phone. Would recommend
Slim case
This case fits really nicely, comes with a screen saver.
Seems to protect the device very well, with out giving it to much bulk.
My clear case allows the original design of the IPhone to be seen.
Clear view case
We wanted a case that wouldn't take the elegance away from the gold iPhone 5s this case fits perfectly and it doesn't feel bulky . And it still has the protection i wanted perfection .
I am sooo pleased I ordered this case for my phone. It is excellent and exactly as described. The delivery service was excellent and the cover actually arrived early. I would certainly use Mobile Fun again as they give an excellent service.
Great Case!
This case was delivered to me a couple days ago and I really like it. It adds no bulk to the phone and is transparent which really shows off the beauty of the phone... Once I got it, I showed it to my dad and he instantly told me that he also wants one for his iPhone 5s too. So today I placed another order for this case for my dad.
Exactly what it says on the tin
I placed an order for this just a few days before I was going away. The case arrived at my work place in plenty of time, and looked just as good as it did online. No mess, no fuss and the right amount of packaging for this size product - happy bunny.
This case is amazing, so thin and sleek.
Gives full protection and still shows off the phone.
Also comes with 2 screen protectors.
well worth the money.
Sleek and classy
This item was delivered to me very quickly after payment. It did not disappoint. The back of the phone is perfect if you do not want the apple logo hidden. It's quite strong and encloses the phone very well therefore giving a better grip while in use.
Great looking case
A fantastic looking case which shows the original color of the iPhone 5S in gold. Love the way it is made which covers most of the phone on the sides as well. Have received many compliments on the case and have already bought a second one as back up in case it doesn't last, which I don't expect to happen.
Perfect cover
Excellent cover easy to fit, perfect for my iPhone and still shows the lovely colour of my phone. Excellent website and service from mobile fun.
Excellent case!
Perfect fit. Doesn't add to much size and I can still see the beautiful gold finish on my iPhone. It's a winner!!
I can see clearly now
I absolutely love my clear case, I get to see my awesome looking iPhone for what it is and have it protected my this sleek candy coated case! Yay!!
Exactly as described
I'm very picky and searched a lot to find a case that keeps the beauty of the phone and protects it. This does exactly that and very pleased with the purchase. Delivery time was great too.
Smart Cover
This protective cover perfectly fits my iphone 5S and looks great. My gold casing is still visible and the case is a really neat fit. It was easy to fit but may be a bit tricky to remove but I am sure I will get the knack if I need to remove it for any reason. I am extremely happy with my purchase and the speedy delivery.
Got a case for the iPhone 5s, product was bang on and very pleased, exactly like it was described

Great service and excellent customer service

I would happily recommend everyone who wants a light /thin case
Does what it says...
An impressively thin case that looks like it'll protect the phone from small to medium bumps/falls but leaves all the controls accessible. It comes with a quality film for the front of the phone too.

I doubt whether it'd protect the phone from a high fall onto a hard surface, but you'd need a very bulky rubber type case to be sure. I'm more than happy with this case to protect against scratches and bumps while keeping it very light and completely pocketable, and all for a very reasonable price.
slim and elegant
Both two of these one for me and one for my wife. They are definitely crystal clear, you do not lose the stunning look of the phone. The screen cover was very easy to put on also.

We were both very please with the result. would definitely recommend
Exceeding expectations
The cover is wonderful, it hascertainly exceeded all expectations and has been much admired. Tgis coupled with the weapons grade level of service eceived from Mobile Fun has made the whole experience one that I can not only highly recommend but also, look forward to repeating!
Just perfect
The case fitted perfectly and comes with a front screensaver. The case is just what I wanted, protects from scratches, allows full functionality and doesn't hide the beauty of my gold iPhone. Wouldn't want to impact test it ie drop it-just in case!
The only clear case that you'll ever want!

What a perfect product created by Spigen! There is absolutely no other product that can compete with this, purely because it's a clear case that covers ALL four sides of the phone with all the appropriate cut-outs. I would imagine that there is no other case that you would need that can show off the beauty of the iPhone like this one, while still offering great protection.

The case is crystal clear and thinner than I had actually imagined it to be. Don't get me wrong though, it is sturdy and hard (it's plastic and not silicone if you were wondering) and will definitely offer proper protection.

I'm also very pleased with the quality of the product. It fits my iPhone like a glove and the cut-outs are perfectly aligned.

The screen protector was a welcome addition to the package and is of great quality, especially considering it's a Steinheil protector.
Btw, if you are wondering how to put on the screen protector with perfect precision, just google the 'hinge' method. It worked perfectly for me :)
Soigné Ultra Thin Air Case
Excellent case. A must have for anybody who wants to just enjoy their 5S the way it was meant to be - with minimum fuss and some protection. This case will not absorb big whacks and shocks, and does not protect the glass much if it falls face down (very slightly raised bezel), but my gold phone looks so good in this case. The protection the case offers is good enough for anybody who employs a certain amount of care in the use and handling of the phone anyway (folk who don't fling their phones in a fit of rage, or have butter fingers....then the lifeproof is the case for you). And it hardly feels like I have a case on the phone.....
Best Crystal Case!
just received my case, excellent finish and fitting, my iPhone looks excellent,slim profile,best protection for iphone5s, also includes free screen film of good quality
and thanks mobile fun for a such wide variety of cases, & fast shipping, mobile fun is simply awesome!

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