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Spigen SGP Slim Armour Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Champagne Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The champagne gold Slim Armour case for the Galaxy S4 has shock absorbing technology specifically incorporated to protect the device from any angle.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43002
$27.80 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 152 customers

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Perfect case for mobile phones around small kids
It took me a lot of time to search for a case that would protect my phone from abuse by my small kids (age 5 and 3). After I received the case I did not have to hide the phone anymore. It has been dropped, chewed upon and spilled with diferrent types of fluids numerous times in the past 2 years. The phone looks like new, and the case has small scratches on the back. Supreme product, great dealer, I will definetly buy the same case for my new phone.
Great Protection
nice sturdy case, protects well against drops and looks amazing.
Slim Armour Case
Good quality, looks a bit big at first but fits really well and looks good when put on the phone.
It is the best cover I have had for my phone yet.
Its so good, the colour and the hardiness of it.
Its great.
Super fast delivery. Super cool look.
Here in only 2days. Fitted easily. Really looks the "bees knees".
Slim armor phone cover
The way mobile fun displays this cover and picture quality was the thing that impressed me most. Product arrived before time and was well packaged. Cover was simple to fit and gave my S4 a really nice look about it. I can safely say that this is the first time I have ever had wysiwyg while shopping on net. Thank you
A case worth it' money
Read some of the other reviews before buying & decided it was the one to go for. Pleased with the fit and feel. Would recommend this product to others, however just note that when the case is fitted it does I case the overhaul depth of the phone but I more than happy with it. I got the 'Slate' colour and think it looks very good.
Good looking case!
Case arrived within a few days of order and is a good quality combined plastic and rubber case. Buttons work well, no loss of signal, looks like it would offer good protection. One complaint is that it is slightly loose on the edges but only if I pick at it. Would recommend this case.
Perfect for the job
I did a lot of research to find a case that was a great fit, suited the style of my Samsung S4, gave it good protection and didn't add too much bulk. The Spigen Slim Armour ticked all the right boxes.
Good but not for long enough
Bought this case after getting a copy one off another site and after a refund thought I would get the real thing, on the plus side it is a great looking case that feels like it will protect your phone through whatever, it fits very well and does what it supposed to, not over bulky and the buttons all worked. also the preview window was great unil the last software update and then it stopped working from the bottom button.

After about 4 months the plastic case showed cracks on the clip and one side departed and then the other....next was the hinge .... first one side and now the other. So to sum up given the choice again I would pick something else which could be better or maybe worse ...only time will tell.
Badly worn
I bought the matt black version of this case in may 2014.
It has never fallen or been dropped but, the black is wearing badly from the edges and already the case looks very shabby.
Strong, lightweight case
I wanted a case that would not add bulk or weight to my phone as I often carry it in my pocket.

I had previously used silicon rubber cases and liked the 'bouncability' factor that these provided for the corners of the phone.

The rubber inner of this case fulfils this need. It is well covered and slimmer than my previous cases.

A little tight to fit but easy enough and this is what you want for maximum impact protection.

Works great with the Spigen glass screen protector.
Very good product
It looks really good and fits perfectly.
Best buy I made
Very pleased. Easy to fit on my phone. Love the champagne gold colour enhances the look of my phone which is black. Looks very stylish. I would definitely recommend this product.
Phone Protector
ordered what was suggested when I reviewed items received the next day and was exactly what it said perfect!
Great Case
Excellent case for the Galaxy S4. Order was as expected and arrived well ahead of schedule. Great case and great service.
Does what it says!
I'm a clumsy sorta person & knew I would need a cover for my new precious phone. I decided to buy the slim armour case thinking it could hold up to the demands I would put it through, it has not disappointed. I've dropped my new phone 3 times already & I'm just thankful I had this cover on already. My phone feels sturdy & robust. It does make the phone slightly heavier & thicker of course but if you want to protect your phone it's bound too. The buttons are easily accessible & usable. A 10 out of 10 product.
Smart Case poor ventilation
Love the case makes the phone look chic and it appears to provide adequate protection. However, as this phone is known to genarate a lot of heat during its functioning in the case it gets really warm. I have to charge the phone without the case as I fear that it will over heat. Maybe consideration can be given to some vent holes
Quality piece of kit
As soon as ai saw the box this came in, I knew this was quality. The black rubber inner casing fits well and the hard shell outer case is as snug as a bug.
This case offers protection without compromising the slimness of the phone. In fact ai find the phone feels more securecin my hand with rather than without. And itvlooks better too.
Is this the best case ever......?
Having read all the other reviews on many other phone cases, I decided to buy this one. I am so glad I did! It is absolutely perfect for my Samsung Galaxy S4. As sad as this may sound I watched the "how to fit" video because I didn't want to put it on wrong or break it somehow. Once you put the rubber part on, you then need to click the white part which takes a little effort; I was concerned about pressing too hard doing this but I needn't have worried it is very sturdy. The rubber buttons on the side are for me perfect, I can increase the volume/switch on or off with ease using these. The cut outs for the camera/flash/speaker are perfectly placed where they need to be - strange to say you might think, but I've had many cases where they don't match up! The phone still feels really slim with this case on, but I feel more confident that I won't get it scratched now. It doesn't cover the front screen but to me it doesn't matter - as there is a slight "lip" on the case if you were to put the phone screen side down this would protect it a little. All in all, as another reviewer said, a "stormtrooper of a case!"
Brilliant Kit
Anxious to receive this item as all me covers made my phone look rubbish. Took the red, as I thought it is the best colour to stand out if my 3 year old hides it from after watching a certain pink pig children's program.The cover was already shock tested 2 days after receipt of the item, when the same 3 year old threw my phone down out of disgust that his favourite program was finished. I need to upload more episodes. In the meantime, the phone looks and feels great with this cover, and it withstood some throw arounds.
Slim, high quality material, durabule
it's very slim and well made.
has a matte finish and the reason i chose it.
i had a counterfeit spigen case before throw it out the second this arrived because there is not comparison this is a great case
Great looking item and service
While looking for a cover for my Samsung Galaxy S4. I came across the mobile fun website and ordered the Spigen SGP slim Armour case. The order arrived within a few days and was easy to fit and looks great. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a quality made phone cover.
Fits perfectly and keeps the phone safe
Awesome case, does exactly what it needs to do!
Stormtrooper of a case
This is a good looking, Solid yet practical case.
The Rubber that encapsulates the case of the phone is solid yet pliable for fitting. It covers the side buttons but leaves cut outs for all the obvious, like camera, flash, mic etc. Once this is fitted the Outer plastic layer that covers a large proportion of the sides and rear adds rigidity to the rubber covering. Due to the moulding the plastic case adds no extra size to the cover the creates a smooth finish around the handset. All cut outs are present and professionally finished. Headphones jack cut out leaves around 6mm so no issue plugging in headphone plugs. When laid on its back the plastic is very smooth so does not have any grip. When laid on its face the rubber makes contact with the surface. It is not tacky so does not offer much more grip but it is better than the smooth plastic.
I personally am impressed by it and will purchase another if something were to happen to this (very unlikely as it seems very durable)
Just what I needed
Excellent case!!!
Quality item.
This is a top quality cover protects my phone and looks good. Really pleased.
Great case!
been looking for a slimmer case that will have some half decent protection to replace the otter Box I had been using (i decided it was just too chunky!)
Looked at many cases and decided on this one.
Very easy to fit and looks like it should give some reasonable protection, especially with Spider tempered glass cover . It looks good and is easier to get in a pocket!
The only downside is that it can be a bit slippery to hold! So I hope it won't be the cause of testing how good the protection actually is!
slim and protective
i was suprised how slim it was. very good quality! its perfect for daily protection for my s4. recommended
Great Case for S4
-Sleek design
-Protects phone
-Decent price
-Easy to slip on and remove
-Case doesn't muffle the phone's speakers if placed on a flat surface

-The buttons don't feel very responsive with the case on
-Case doesn't have rubberized material, so if you try to prop it up against something it's going to slip and fall down

Overall it's a good case and I'd recommend it
slim armor case
im a plumber and dropping of my phone is one bad habit !!this rubberized case and hard back suit my needs completely .the buttons are still completely usable and the case is still slim enough to fit in my pocket
great buy for twenty quid
(cheaper than a phone repair :))
Pricey but nice quality
I purchased the Spigen SGP Slim Armour Case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 - Black. I didn't want the hassle of a fully enclosed case type cover and this fits the bill perfectly. Fits spot on and not bulky. It's pricey but the quality does the phone justice. Glossy sides still make the phone feel a little slippery to hold so be careful nonetheless. Hardcase plastic packaging is a little over the top, wonder how much that adds to the cost? Recycleable cardboard would have been nicer. Would have given it 5 stars if it felt a little more grippy to hold. Nice product though and I'm glad I bought it.
You get what you pay for
This case fits perfectly and protects the phone from daily hazards. It is expensive but you do get what you pay for and it is a fraction of what a new phone costs. You wont be disappointed.
Mobile phone case
The item was exactly what I wanted because it covered all the phone buttons with the soft silicon(which will keep dirt etc out) and then has a hard shell over the top which..fitted well ...good quality nice looking so very pleased.
What happened to my S4?
First of all I didn't anticipate the order to be worked on so Johnny on the spottish. I thought that 6pm thingy was just another BS. But hey, I got my SlimArmour case within the expected time. I like the product but not the way I like People's first impression when they I show them the end result. They all like, "Is this an S4?"
just needed
perfect seller
best mobile phone case ever
Exactly what I was looking for, looked very different from what you see in other stores/ websites. Placed my order on a thursday night 23:55 and recieved 8am saturday.Excellent. Will definitely recommend.
Just Perfect
Great looking, great feeling and strong. Well worth the cost and is just perfect for me.
Brilliant case and design easy to remove and excellent hold in cover overall brilliant case
Best accessory I have ever purchased.
I needed a protective case for my new phone, but didnt want to bury it inside a thick rubber or leather case.This case really is the best of both worlds. It is fully protective, brilliantly designed, leaving all of the buttons fully operational, even the charging port is fully accessable. In my opinion, the phone looks even more stylish with the case fitted than it did before. It still looks sleek and slim, rather than buried inside an old wallet as some cases can look.I have also fitted the glass screen protector from the same manafacturer and now feel that the phone is perfectly safe from the abuse it receives in my pocket and bag, and will still be in perfect condition at the end of my two year contract.I have already dropped the phone twice, with no damage whatsoever. Thanks.
Nice case
Nice case with perfect fit n finish.
brilliant case
Gives excellent protection, looks great, easy to install and remove.
Interchangeable colour backs a bonus.
Great Product
Great looking case, with good all round protection. The case only adds a couple of mm to the phone but it feels great, not too dissimilar to the actual phone, not including the silicone edging.
I can definitely recommend this!
Good case
Like it. The slate grey is an attractive colour and the product is well made. Only downside is that the slim lines of the S4 become slightly bulkier. Better than having a broken screen or case though!
Feels safer
I like it. The case looks good, fits well, allows access to all buttons and my phone feels a lot better protected! All in all, I'm pleased with the purchase.
good case
I was looking for a case for galaxy s4 that wasn't to big or bulky.
Read the review and watched the video witch helped me make my decision.
I am happy to state that this is exactly as listed (slim) , just what I was looking for.
good case
I was looking for a case for galaxy s4 that wasn't to big or bulky.
Read the review and watched the video witch helped me make my decision.
I am happy to state that this is exactly as listed (slim) , just what I was looking for.
Close but no cigar
The case is well finished, sturdy and fits the S4 snuggly. I would have given it a 5 star rating however I find the buttons rather hard to press.
I love this case - it's so splendid on my S4
This case is just fab, it helps to protect my super duper S4 from any bad things that could happen.
nice case a must buy
it is nicely made and sure worth of money
Great service
Top quality and superb fitting. Great service from mobilerna.co.uk with fast shipping and low price for this original slim armour. A lot of companies sell fake products with higher price.
Samsung Slim Armor
The case fits the phone perfectly but is a bit chunkier than I would have hoped for. I thought it would be a tiny bit slimer and also the case buttons are thicker than I think they need to be. I think I will purchase an official case as it is probably a bit slicker.
Great Case
The case is a perfect fit on the s4 and seems like it will protect the phone quite well, also I think it makes the phone look even better.
Great Case
I love this case, not too bulky and a great colour... it really sets off the S4
spigen cases are very good
have received some spigen flip cases and some neo hybrid cases and they all have a great look and feel about them .this case the slim armor is no exception but where the hard outer case meets the TPU softer case on the high and the lower ends the cut of the hard outer case is not clean and spoils the otherwise clean look .this is not so with other cases i have received and so i would still rate it a 4
Nice but fragile
It's an awesome case but I had to take it off to put the microSD card in it that I bought. When I tried putting it back on the plastic near the volume keys snapped with so little pressure applied that the case was ruined. I had the package for the case open and the case installed for approximately 90 minutes. I enjoyed it while I had it.

My opinion is if someone buys this case then be very, very careful taking it off and putting it back on. :(

This isn't a reflection of MobileFun .. they have stellar service and the case did arrive very quickly even though it was an international order.

MobileFun Reply
Hi Ben, that does sound unfortunate and we're sorry that the product fell short of its expected quality. A member of our customer services team will be in contact shortly to resolve this matter for you.
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