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Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid for Google Nexus 5 - Fluorescent Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Optimal protection while preserving the slim profile of your Google Nexus 5 with this fluorescent red Neo Hybrid Spigen case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44296
$27.48 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 154 customers

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Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid for Google Nexus 5
A brilliant extremely well fitting case, constructed to a high spec and very reasonable priced
Looks great. Bit bulky.
It's nice to look and and nice to hold. No rough edges anywhere. A bit bulkier than I was expecting but not enough to worry about once you get used to it. Only main gripe is that the volume and power buttons are quite loose and rattle when moving. Would still recommend it though as aside from that the design and production quality is great.
spigen SGP Neo Hybrid for Nexus5 Satin Finnish
This case is so smart that you are proud to show it off.
Its stylish and the satin finnish round the ende is just the creme de la creme.!
Its somehow made me use the phone more often.
Also but noet least its so protective for the mobile round all edges.
looks good, protects well
The case is light weight and has a polished silver look with black bezel to the front, protecting the screen when face down and matte black rear.
Phone fits in snug and the on/off and volume buttons are easy to operate. The cut outs for the usb and headphones are well thought out and generous sizing to ensure that you can plug in to the port.
All in all one of the best covers I have had and looks really good.
Simple and solid
The design is simple yet effective: a 1mm thick smooth rubber case wraps "glove-like" around the phone, while the metal band fits snugly around the moulded recess - while I haven't dropped it yet, I doubt the case will seperate from the phone. The silver buttons work as intended and don't rattle, while the cutouts for the ports are amply sized. The raised rubber lip around the edge protecting the screen adds grip, and doesn't peal away from the sides of the phone. But the entire case can still be prised off to clean away lint/dust build-up under the lip (don't clean your screen with tissue). Two issues - the cases material prevents adherence with the magnetic face of the Nexus Wireless Charger, while it may be difficult to add a screen protector. All said , I'm sure if the phone is generally taken care of the case will be more than adequate. If you drop it alot .. pick your case accordingly. Thanks. 4.5 stars
Bad Fit
The black case fits OK but the Slate Grey Bumper is made of cheap flexible plastic and is a very loose fit
Not worth the money
Good Product
This case is very good. Recommended
Good service
Initially I didnt receive my order which was sent via regular mail service. Later on they resend my order through priority courier service with no additional charge and the product also received after 5 days. Thanks for proving good service Mobilefun.
It's nice
I ordered this case (Gold) and the slim Armor (Black) and I'm sticking to the slim Armor, the Neo is nice but adds more width to the phone as it is not as rounded as the Slim Armor, also doesn't fit in my desk stand.
Соответствие цены и качества
Заказал на сайте чехол. Очень доволен. Быстрая доставка, небольшая цена за доставку по сравнению с другими сайтами и интернет-магазинами.
The service is excellent by Mobile Fun. I ordered neo hybrid case for my Nexus 5.That was missed some where in the courier.After my complaint Mobile Fun sincerely reponded and send a new one on a priority courier. Thanks to Mobile Fun
The Spigen cases are high quality bits of kit and this one is exceptional. It compliments the phone and fits like a second skin. Makes it slightly bulkier, but in my opinion that's no bad thing. The buttons become more useable that without the case with a very positive action. Really cannot fault this case on anything. Well worth it's cost.
Great Case!
The case is amazing, fits really well.
The cutouts for camera, flash, 3.5mm, speaker and mic are a perfect cut.
The power and volume buttons on the case are very responsive. In fact, the power button is a little too sensitive and can be pressed by mistake even while just holding the phone is hand, and you will end up wondering how it turned on.
Case protects the screen when the phone is lying upside down on a flat surface. Also protects the camera at the back.
The phone gets slightly bulky with the case on, but it keeps its non slippery touch with this case.
Basic 3.5mm jacks can fit well, but big headphones 3.5mm jack wont fit with this case on.
It doesn't affect the screen guard in any way and doesn't force the guard to come up from the edges of the phone.
Was dispatched almost immediately by mobilefun and delivered in 7 days to India.
Overall, great case. I recommend it unless you really don't want a little increase in size of the Nexus 5.
OEM Finish n Design
Product stands out due to its design and finish. Also not common around here so kind of makes a statement. Though it does make the phone appear quite bigger than it is due to the extra rubber edges on the front but they do serve a good purpose to protect the screen. Champagne Colour looks very rich. Just hope that it does not flake out over time!
This is a really top quality product.

It has a superb fit and great looks.

It is a really tight fit and makes the phone look good.

The buttons are very good too as they are not molded as part of the case itself, they are an integrated separate part.

Makes the phone slightly larger, but also makes it look real good.
Finally arrived
It fits well and seems of good quality.
Really good
Fits like a glove, quality seems to be very good, materials are nice. Recommended.
Perfect slim case
Looks and feels even better when it arrives. Very nice slim case with soft and conformatbe rubber back.

The bumper is plastic one (I expected it to be metallic for some reason) however its quality is good and it fits well. Due to it's plastic nature, now I think that darker one will look better than a silver one I initially ordered.

However, this case is very well made, feels very comfortable and does not break the feel of nexus phone thin body. Wold recommend for anyone looking for a protection for their nexus but also want to keep the initial device feel and spirit.
neo hybrid
i just got neo hybrid case for nexus 5, so elegant nd classy nd protects phone all corners
Nexus 5 Cover
Great Service, the product was well packaged for shipment. Delivery could possibly have been better than the 7 working days it took but the fact it was ordered over Christmas may be an explanation......happy overall.
Good but not great
The case fits very well and should provide excellent protection (I haven't dropped it to test it--yet).

Fits very well
Easy to install (slip the TPU case on first, then the plastic bumper)
TPU case is doesn't gather fingerprints

Some USB and audio plugs will be too wide to fit through the bumper's openings
TPU case doesn't adhere slicone sticky mats
plastic case for nexus 5
Thought it was metal or something like an aluminium case. Looked it on the image. Was plastic. So a bit disappointed. However a little difficult to put on but that's because its quite tight when its on and does feel solid. Looks great! Stands out from a lot of phones because of the gold bar around. Looks great! I must admit and love the strong feel to it.
good but for price expected a little more
The case fits really well but to me feels very plastic in the hands. If it had the same metal feel of the buttons on the sides then it would feel like a phone again. At present the feel makes phone feel cheap . however all that said the quality of the case itself is very good and no way it comes off easy. Also does work with wireless charger .overall happy with case but disappointed with feel . also still feels like it may slip out of your hands fairly easily.
nexus 5 case
thanks for case :)
the product was really awesome,am really satisfied with it
Spigen Neo hybrid case for NExus 5
This is a great protective case for the nexus 5 and gives it a good look aswell.. i personally dnt like the silver buttons on this case and the fact that it adds a bit of bulk to the sleek nexus 5. otherwise this case does its job and is great to have if u are an outdoors person.
Fits Like a Glove
Perfect fit and looks stylish, the only downside is you lose the nice Nexus logo on the back of your phone.
Great case. Slim and strong and great look. Stock info was very accurate. Wish there was tracking available for shipped products.
Fast, great product, happy.
Great case (Spigen Neo-Hybrid) fits well and is defiantly one of those cases you just leave on, its worth the extra money. As for the mobile fun expierence, very quick and cheap shipping. Highly recommend this service.

Keep it up, I'll be ordering from you guys again.
Tactile- protective cover
This item is very well designed and fits perfectly
Actually improves the look of the phone.
Handling feels safe and secure,really pleased with this purchase.
Good with one flaw
Very good case, good fit and finish except for the button housings, which are too large. The buttons therefore rattle a little bit. This is annoying but you stop noticing it after a while. Otherwise a very good case. Haven't dropped it yet but pretty confident it will handle drops well. The texture is smooth on the back but grippy on the sides. 4/5. (fix those housings Spigen)
The spigen neo hybrid case for nexus 5 simply elevates the look of the phone. It makes the phone looks expensive. Protection is excellent. Because the screen will not touch any flat surface when the phone lays flat. The phone feels and looks slightly bigger. But overall, I am very satisfied with it. I would recommend to anyone.
A little pricey but well worth the money.
This is the first time I've brought a case of this price before. It's just blown me out of the water by just how good it actually was.

It offers great protection all around and the case looks great doing it. All the ports are easily accessible and nothing is obstructed. It has a slight soft grip feel to the back of the case, not quite as good as the naked phone offers but it still feels great in the hand. Best of all, this case still allows me to wireless charge my phone.

It does offer a bit of bulk to the phone, not quite as slim as others out on the market. Sometimes the up volume button is a little sensitive, but overall the buttons feel quite good. The case is very snug, sometimes it feels you might pull the phone in half trying to get it apart. But that is a good and bad thing at the same time, at least you know the phone is securely fitted.

I would definitely recommend this case to anyone looking for protection for your nexus 5.
Excellent case - "hand in a glove"-fitting for Nexus 5
Fits tight and perfect to phone. Delcate and expensive look. Recommended
best case I ever bought!
I bought this case based on its looks and surprised me even more of how good the case works! Dropped my phone and nothing happened! I highly recommend this case!
Excellent product
Got this product the other day for my nexus 5 and I'm quite happy with it. Build quality is great and it looks great too. Fitting was also pretty straight forward. Only very minor complaint would be that it makes the phone look a bit bigger. But most cases do...
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