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Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid EX for iPhone 5S / 5 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 5S / 5 with this unique white bumper from Spigen SGP.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36699
$34.49 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 34 customers

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Really didn't expect such poor quality from a cover. After a month it kept coming loose and the iPhone now falls out.
Wouldn't recommend it to anyone!!
Looks fantastic, just my earphone was not compatible with it.
Just what i needed
At last after so many cases i've bought and all of them mostly are rubbish this is the ONE that im waiting for. It well fits on my phone very good looking and affordable.
Quality item
This is a lovely addition to my iphone 5s the phone looks great without the cover but even better with it, the phone really stands out the cover does a good job of protecting the phone from knocks and drops.
Great product let down by poor instructions and excessive packaging
The design of this cover cleverly adds protection with minimal dimensional increase. The inner silicone bumper not only protects the edges well but provides grip on face and back stopping the phone slip on surfaces. The rigid bumper allows the use of low-profile mini-jack (up to 8mm diameter) but it's yellow colour is noticeably conspicuous.

The packaging is excessive and plastered with marketing messages which contrasts with the non-existent fitting instructions which seems cynical: i.e. Buy me! Buy me! but then you're on your own and will probably muck-up applying the screen protection film so you'll need to buy another!

Take care applying the screen-protecting film – take care to place it correctly first time and beware dust - once it sticks to the inner surface you'll get a bubble that is virtually impossible to eliminate.
Decent case
Good case, great price and prompt delivery.
The cover is great looking and the gold colour and finish matches the phone.
The only drawback is that the cover does not hold firmly on the phone so when you remove it from your pocket it slightly comes off.
I had mine with a few starches on the inside of the cover but it didn't matter as it would have never been seen.
expensive but worth it
Rather an expensive case at first sight but silicone shock absorber all around with the gold retaining frame both protects the iPhone really well and looks elegant! The front and rear foil protectors are a bonus.
Great case!
I Love that this case shows off the new gold iPhone 5s in a way that protects it, but compliments its design. The only negative I have is likely my own fault. I assumed that the back portion of the phone would be covered in thin glass or acrylic. The only protection for the rear side is a stick-on screen protector. This is fine, and works nicely, but I expected it to be different. Again, that may be because I didn't look closely enough at the pictures and is not the fault of the case. I just want to ensure others don't repeat my mistake. Bonus, the case fits beautifully with the Spigen Glas products as additional protection.
Spot on!
Love the way this simple bumper case changes my phone completely. Looks very slik when fitted and as it's thicker than the phone, the screen is very well protected. Worth every penny.
Excellent Product
This case fits really well and has drawn many compliments. Easy to fit and came packaged in a hard shell display case. Only slight downside is that the thickness of the protection prevents docking.
Top product
Very fast service ordered Saturday here Monday
Quality case - Bold design
Great phone case for the iphone in black. Bold looks and id had problems with other cases "chipping the paint" off my phones edge. This bumper case hides this damage and will definite prevent any occurring in future. Friends remarked on the good looks, but to be fair I think paying over 20 quid was a bit on the pricey side but you get protective film etc so I suppose I can't complain. Overall a great purchase. would easily recommend.

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