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Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Preserve the slim profile of your Samsung Galaxy S4 while giving it optimal protection with this silver Neo Hybrid Spigen case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39275
$33.18 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 201 customers

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Got here in time for Christmas and exactly as described. Love this phone case!
The Best
The best bumper case for the S4 in my opinion. Looks and feels fantastic. Had lots of good compliments on the look of the phone. A lot of people don't realise it's a S4! Only one little gripe and that's the little bit of the frame material behind the charging port can crack/split over time? I'm only on my second in nearly two years. Have bought a couple as spares just in case of any unforseen eventualities??!!! Fantastic product and the usual great service from Mobilefun!!!
very smart
Excellent product,very high quality.
Fits phone perfectly,looks very smart.
Its a nice looking phone case
Its a nice looking phone case which has nice buttons which cover the volume up and down butyon and the power button. Its stylish and tough. My only problem with the case was the width of the USB port, if you have an original s4 cable you'll be fine, or you'll need a narrow USB cable because other cables I've tried fall out because they are too wide to fit the port opening on the case.
Love the case
Ordered the case and wasnt sure what to expect, as is usually the case when ordering simply off watching a video ... but its exactly what I wanted. Thin case that still makes the phone feel durable and sturdy.

The slate band looks darker than on pictures to give a sleek stylish look.

Love it!
Product just as described - possibly better..
This is the first time I've tried an S4 case, but this one is brilliant. Still slim, offers protection, and doesn't turn the phone into some milspec brick that doesn't fit in your pocket. I would definitely buy this case again.
I purchased a Spigen cover for my S4 and it is fantastic! The quality is brilliant, it looks stylish and is also a good protector for the phone. Very highly recommended.
Good quality and stylish look, but with a major design flaw
This case / sleeve is very stylish, looks elegant and does not communicate the usual sense of Chinese cheapness that you get from similar cases out there. It is a high quality case. But, unfortunately, it comes with a major, and quite ridiculous really, design flaw. I have tried 7 (!) different micro USB cables, from different manufacturers, and none can fit through the aperture in order to clip on properly and charge the phone. You need to take the phone out of the sleeve in order to charge it. I do understand that I might have been freakishly unlucky with the seven different cables that I've tried, and that others might have not experienced this, but this is not really acceptable. It is a great shame, because, as I said, this is a great quality case.
Metal band broke
That the metal(aluminium) band around the case would break after a few weeks. The neoprene case is good and still have it on my phone.
Excellent case
Best looking case from Spigen. A very protective case while being very slim on the phone. The gold colour is currently sold out on the Spigen website and Amazon but it was great to see MobileFun to still have them in stock. Shipping was very fast. First time ordering from MobileFun and I would look forward to buying more products from this website.
Love the Spigen cover and spigen products from mobile zap. great value for money. specially the red and black cover for galaxy s4. wish they have black with red ring spigen cover for nexus 5. anyway love spigen products.
Classy and good quality case, which gives all round protection. Price might seem expensive to some people but as the saying goes you get what you pay for, this is certainly worth every penny.
First impressions are excellent!
So far I have had nothing but great first impressions with this case. The fit is perfect around the phone. The case comes off nicely without damaging the phone, or itself. It looks fantastic too, I went for the slate version. The buttons are really nice and have a good click to them. The case comes with Jelly Bean buttons which is nice. Only downside is that large micro USB cables will not fit in the port hole. I never use cables anyway...
everything was great. thank you
I was very happy when this case arrived, I put it on my phone and it fitted great! But after just two months of not heavy use the plastic around the charger hole has broken one side and the other is now cracking too making the case useless!

I never dropped my phone or bashed it in any way, it just seems to be cracking at the weakest point. I did note that when I got it the white plastic rim was a little flimsy but thought that the rubber inner lining did most of the work. I was really dismayed as I thought Spigen were meant to be one of the best manufacturers of cases for phones, I will not be trusting their brand name in future.

Delivery from mobilefun however was exemplary, it's just a shame that the product was not up to its job.
looks good...
Bought this cover for my brand new S4. I found it really easy to fit the phone into it and was immediately impressed by how secure my phone felt in it. Because of the red colour it's easy to find in my bag. I'm delighted with my purchase and will be ordering another for my husband's phone.
phone case just what i wanted
Top case real smart looking and doesn't effect the size at all, it makes the phone look very sleek.
frame was easily broken
frame broke very easily, shame, because it looks really good
spigen neo hybrid case samsung s4
A nice quality product with a non slip back and a raised edge on the front to stop the screen from getting scratched. worthwhile product.
Exactly what I wanted
Ordered and delivered within a couple of days, just as you would hope. When it arrived I was thrilled with the quality and fit of the spigen cover. I like the style of the IPhone but the screen size is just not big enough so now I have a large screen Samsung but a phone that looks as good as the iPhone. Also ordered a cover for my old S2 as a spare phone and this now looks terrific as well. Will definitely use MobileFun again for all my mobile needs. Good to find a company that does "exactly what it says on the tin".
Prompt response
I am very happy about the service. First shipment was lost in transit and the customer care took very prompt action and sent another shipment.
Thanks for a good service
Best Case for S4
I think its the best looking case for the S4. I've dropped my phone on a hard surface and no damage to the phone was sustained. I've had mine now for almost a year. As others have mentioned the weakest link is the bottom, mine broke last month but I still highly recommend it. I super glued the bottom part of the rim to the rubber so now its as good as new. Just some advice to potential buyers and existing owners, to avoid putting strain on the bottom of the case simply always remove the phone from the top first. When inserting it into the case do the opposite and put it in bottom first and simply snap it in from the top. I often remove it from the case to insert into an armband for jogging so mine has been removed and re-inserted a lot! My only disappointment is that Spigen don't offer the option to purchase the colour bands separately to allow custom colours depending on the occasion. This makes no sense since no one is going to buy an additional unit for a custom colour but allowing the cheaper purchase of the band would be great.
Great case
Bought this case for my partner. It fits her S4 perfectly and looks great,she is complimented on it all the time. It offers decent protection and I think actually enhances the look of the phone too. You won't go wring with this case.
S4 Cover
The phone cover was exactly as described. It is a snug fit but the non-Samsung charger is difficult to fit. Removing the cover is also tricky but as long as you’re careful it will come off.
Spigen neo hybrid mobile case
Excellent service and reliability.
Suggesting in my friends!
Phone cover
I recently purchased the Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 because of it's iPhone looks, and I am very pleased with this product. It fits like a glove and so comfortable to work with. The only downside is when connecting other cables to it, it is a tight squeeze. Providing you are gentle there is no problem, makes your phone look and feel so classy. I would highly recommend this cover. I would love to rate it 5/5 but because of the connection issue, I give it 4/5
Excellent quality
I wanted a case that would give good protection whilst not detracting from the look and feel of the S4. This case is a perfect fit with everything lining up perfectly. I particularly like the metal button presses which work just like the originals - so much better than the typical gel cover. The fit is snug enough to be secure but still easy to put on. The materials used give it a very classy look and feel. Overall I feel it is great value for money.
Great case for the Samsung Galaxy S4
Really nice case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. It does add to the overall size of the phone but its not to large to make things difficult....the build quaility is great as expected from any Spigen case and almost gives it that iphone look.

Only thing to watch is if your using a third party usb cable to connect the phone you may find it a tight fit connecting it through the slot in the bottom of the case. The Samsung cable fits perfectly though without any problems.

Overall great case, looks smart and nice build quaility A++
Great feeling case, not too thick and looks very stylish.
Searching for the right case
All I can say is friends and family have complemented on the case. Comments received are it looks cool and gives the phone a more up-market feel.
The case has very elegant. It's light and offers sufficient protection for the device. I especially like the hard metallic side casing. Square, sharp contours and soft classic back make for a very cool case. Highly recommended.
Satisfied customer
Product: Very good. Flexible yet strong where it is needed. Very satisfied with the product.
Looks and feels good, but doesn't quite fit
It looks good and feels like good quality.

Unfortunately, it doesn't quite fit. The left side is slightly loose, you can press it with your finger and see it move much more than the right side. This causes problems. If I press half a centimetre below the audio button, the volume is lowered, if I press just above the button it is raised. And even worse, if I press the lower part of the audio button, the phone registers a click on both ends, causing the volume to go both up and down.

If frantically trying to lower the volume in a quiet zone, you can be sure the end result will be the volume at max!

As this leaves 40% of the left side untouchable, I cannot rate this at more than "Okay".

Buy this case
Best case I've seen in Ireland on any phone. The design of this case compliments the expensive hardware it holds. Offers complete protection sides back and limited protection on the front. If you drop your device this case offers complete protection from any flat surface. Drop the phone the right way on a Jagged surface and you have not so good protection or luck. Feels solid, firm and premium in the hand.
great case
Love this case well made fits perfect make the s4 easier to hold. I found my s4 to slip out of my hand whilst texting. Have yet to drop my phone so couldn't comment on the plastic outer edge trim will let everyone know if it breaks when i do drop it.
absolutely brilliant case
Hi all.

This is my first ever review of any case. Ordered this and it came within two days so brilliant delivery mobile fun well done

Now the case I have the say is the best case iv ever bought. In the past I the s view, otterbox defender and just a cheap flip one. And none of them have been this good

This case allows you to keep the slimness of the s4 plus offers you amazing protection and doesnt add any weight to your phone.
Id recommend this to anybody
Nice one!!!
Been using the Neo Hybrids for my Galaxys SII-III and now 4 and it always feels right.
Minimum bulk, good protection (for everyday use, no hardcore staff), high quality materials.
Just a bit disappointing on the camera protecting lip (the absence of it) but all in all a good value for money.
Along with a Otterbox or a UAG for my active weekends they cover all of my phone's protection needs.
Wonderful case !
This is the best case for Samsung S4...guaranteed. Very good quality. Delivery was excellent taking into consideration that I live 2.000 miles away from Birmingham (2 days) DHL rulez !!!!
Except a little mistake with the delivery which I received a few days later after some calls, MobileFun was ok, I do recommend to buy online from them.
Makes my phone look great
This is a very good looking case. Really liking it so far tho i had it for couple weeks only. When i first used it my volume buttons felt a bit sensitive but it's ok now. The only negative thing about it is that the back of the case ia quite slippery and you can't get a good grip of your phone. But other than that 5 stars
Looks good but not durable.
I regularly remove it due to having two batteries, however as another said the case broke at the bottom around charging port.

If you plan to keep the case on then it is great looing, feels good, and is recommended.
neo hybrid
The Neo Hybrid from spigen it is clearly a premium case,premium materials,perfect fit and cutouts but the power button is very easy to click because it is big.
Another quality product from Spigen.
Purchased this case as I wanted something a bit more minimalist. It didn't disappoint. Has a snug fit and the bumper around the outside holds everything in place. Also, I find Spigen to be great quality. The case also came with a screen protector and 3 home button overlays.
neo hybrid frame
Great case for GS4, I think phone looks better with this case then without it :-)
I was wondering will you have for sale just frame for this neo hybrid case? Yellow and red ones looks great


Doesn't last long. Poor quality
Bought one of these a few months ago when I first got my new Galaxy S4 as I wanted something that didn't make the phone much bigger but protected it and gave it added grip.
The Spigen Neo-hybrid case looked the part and suited my needs. I liked the idea of the interchangeable band around the sides too.

3 months in though and it's already broken! The interchangeable band has stapped where it is weakest around the charger. I only removed it once a couple of months ago. So not like it's been on and off all the time.

Save your money and buy something that lasts
Slim, attractive case
Having purchased an S4 i was looking for a case that didnt add bulk to my lovely new shiny phone!

This case fits the bill, its slim,has a quality build and looks very nice.

The only thing i would of changed and maybe ill purchase at a later date would be the colour of the strip that goes round the outside (i had slate) but that is just personal preference. All in all i would recommend this case if you want a slim, quality case for your S4
Very Nice Protetive Case
It is exactly what I expected. Provides security to the mobile phone and looks very good. The detail and finish are also very good. Perfectly adapted to the mobile phone. I recommend this product.
great service I naver see
Great service I naver see like that.
I recommend To Other
Sexy but square!
This is a stunning case with all edge protection. It's detail is lovely, just like the S4 but it feels a bit strange in hand. It's squareness makes my fingers slightly sore as I grip my precious phone so tightly and I'm nervous of dropping it with it's flatness but that could just be something you get used to like all those square edged apples users must have. If that's something you'd be comfortable with or even like then it's a brilliant, functional and sexy case.
Geniune product/Poor Delivery
1) Absolutely loved the product.
2) Fits perfectly.
3) 100% genuine.
4) Good packaging!

1)Poor delivery mechanism. They simply just left Rs 3,500/- worth of package on top of my gate! I was lucky I saw it in time. Nobody called or nothing! They should use "FedEx" or "Bluedart" or even local courier are fine.
2) 4 stars coz of the delivery method.
Spigen Neo Hybrid
The case was excellent, and Mobilezap had relatively good service. Responded to any questions i had the next day and i got my product all perfect and safe even though it was sent overseas.
Very pleased
Very pleased with this purchase,arrived within a couple of days of ordering it and very happy with it.Looks very stylish and is easy to put on and take off and I also purchased the Spigen SGP Galaxy S4 GLAS.tR SLIM Tempered Glass Screen Protector which fits great with this cover.
perfect case
I have problems with my euro bank trsnfer, but after that, everything is ok, fast delivery, and the product is excellent.
very good
good and sound condition
good product minor niggles
This case fits on the phone well and is slim and sleek and does not ruin the lines of the S4. It goes on and comes off without any hassle and the buttons line up and work just like the ones on the phone. The feel of this case is slightly more 'grippy ' than the phone itself but it is still quite smooth and can easily slip out your hands.
Although the ports for headphones and charger are adequate for the standard Samsung equipment, both jacks in my Boss headphones and car charger are too big for the case openings.
Good stuff
It has been a good experience buying cases from mobile fun, its my fourth purchase and so far the experience is very fulfilling n promising, prompt delivery and good stuff!
shapely and carefully made
I loved it
A must have.
I will start this off by saying BEST.CASE.EVER. If you want a case that is going to give you a bit of shock protection but not turn your device into a throwback from the late 90's then this is the case for you. I love the slim design of modern mobiles and really wanted to enjoy this feature of the s4. This case is genius. I feel really assured that a normal drop will not destroy my phone as the tpu type back will absorb drops and the plastic bumper will shield your beloved devices corners. It keeps the device fantastically slim. This is the case I have been waiting for for all my mobiles. I really hope its a sign of things to come
Great case
Wanted a case to protect the phone without being too bulky, too flash, protect the phone from being dropped and still allowed access to all the ports. This does it all and was very easy to fit. Had it a couple of weeks and not found any faults or issues. Quality piece of gear, comfortable to hold and looks good. The access to the ports is very good and allows larger older chargers and head phones to fit with the case in place which other cases struggled with. Also all the buttons work very well without being too sensitive. All in highly recommended.
1.This is a must buy cover if you s4 and want have premium look + protection for your phone.
2.The service was okay... wasn't that good , even my order was lying outside the gate of my house no one took confirmation signature from me.
3. received my order a little late
4.The customer support service is satisfying .
excellent case woth it
excellent case worth it
Awesome product in an amazing store
Bought this case for my new S4. i from Brazil. High ending TPU and aluminum case. Very beatifull, fits exactly the phone. you never will need another case with this. looks smarter, beatifull and ergonomical. received here in brazil throught DHL in 3 days. UK to brazil in 3 DAYS!!

thanks a lot!
Nice look! ...to the black version
I have tried all the colours for the White version of Galaxy S4 and I tell you, no one looks good on it.
The case itself is really good. It's really fit and doesn't get your phone a lot heavier. It protects from scratches at the back and in the front it protects a lot.
Again, if you are looking for a good looking case, just buy it for the Black Version!
spg neo hybrid case for s4
Delivery was faster than what I was expecting...safely packed....good condition. ...thumbs up. ..thanx
Nice product.
The cover looks like it is an original part of the phone. It fits perfectly and looks great. All the buttons and ports can be accessed easily.
Ultimate Case for S4
Undoubtedly the best protective shell out there for s4....no doubt abt it.... and mobilefun is quick and reliable. ...
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