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Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Infinity White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Preserve the slim profile of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 while giving it optimal protection with this infinity white Neo Hybrid Spigen case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40771
$39.82 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 119 customers

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Exactly what I wanted
Spigen Neo Hybrid Case
This is a beautiful case. I love it.
Love it
Just purchased this case for the second time.
Previous case saved my phone after dropping and landing right on its corner. No damage to phone, but didn't realise the volume button had popped out. Unfortunately couldn't find so had to purchase another.
The Note 3 is a big phone, so the slim design really helps to keep the overall size to a minimum.
Very smart, and well constructed design (doesn't look cheap).
beautiful case
Fits perfectly on my note 3. S pen very easy to get to.
Great case
Very classy looking case, slimline and still easy to hold the phone without it slipping. The rubber on the front side helps to protect the screen. I would definitely recommend this case.
best case for Note 3
very elegant design, very strong protection
Looks Great
This case looks great. i am very happy that i bought it.
It fits perfect, snaps right into place. the volume button is a bit loose but not much and its not bothering me.
The pen is easy to get to.
If you have the Black Note 3 the Red case looks just perfect with it.

In short: My phone looks badass now ;)
Great looking solid case with only one minor gripe
The case is good looking and protects my phone well from the world of dust, bumps and occasional accidental 'keys in the same pocket as phone attack'. Only issue is that I also bought a spigen glass screen protector and where the soft rubber lips onto the phone at the bottom it appears to be a wider lip (only slightly) than the other sides and it has caused the glass to de bond from the screen around the menu button. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it causes any further issues but seems to be an isolated problem
A very good looking case
This is an amazing case, exactly what I needed. Offers a great protection and it has an awesome built quality. I recommend this case.
Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Glad that I could find out mobile fun in the net. Was skeptical initially about the genuinity of the product but after receiving it I can assure you that mobile fun is one site you can trust with imported mobile accessories. And the price too is really competitive. I must say cheaper than eBay and all.
The neo hybrid case that I purchased was delivered within a week and the shipping cost was also minimal. Just hope they start selling gaming consoles like Nvidia Shield which are not available in India.
Wonderful Case for note 3
Thats the best case you can get for note 3.
Great Product
Great product to protect the phone.
Light weight and sleek looks give better appearance for the phone. It is not cheap but worth for money. It is not bulky at all.
Perfect fit
Bought this cover with the gold edging for my new Note 3 phone.

The cover fits the phone perfectly with all buttons working better than the naked phone. Raised rubber edge protects screen. Not suited to regular removal of phone from case so do not buy to use in conjunction with a phone specific car holder. I bought with the Brodit Molex holder but they are not compatible.
Can highly recommend this case.
Spoken Neo Hybrid- GALAXY Note 3
Great case, looks great, slim, full functionality with easy use of buttons etc, the only fault is the hole for the 3mm headphone cable is a little small, and some chunky cables don't fit. The S-Pen may be difficult to get for finger nail biters or chunky fingers, but I don't have any trouble. I haven't dropped it yet, but it looks well protected. I have confidence it won't smash on the first drop. A good case, I would get again.
Best product to protect your phone
if you want your phone to be 100% safe, this is the cover you want to have on your phone.
I had looked at reviews of this case on YouTube and thought I just had to try it I wasn't disappointed it's great it adds very little bulk to the phone and looks absolutely stunning it's a very well made quality item I had never used spigen before but this case is top quality and a real premium product I won't hesitate to look at them again in the future
This case is exactly what I was looking for fits the note 3 perfectly it's very smart looking there are various colours to choose from I have the black note so went for the red case and it sets the look of the phone perfectly very secure in the hand and feels very tough and comfortable just 1 little thing with the case it does make the phone slightly heavy but nothing too mutch more of a personal thing others may not notice all in all great case great price
Exactly what I wanted
Great case! However, the volume button fell and lost.
And what to do now?
Just 2 word
"BUY IT". If you don't then you gonna regret it and I can bet that.
Solid and well made but...
Really beautiful and well made case, the kind that make you feel safe keeping a piece like GN3 in.
A couple of things bother me though, one being the fact that I can't use my own earphones, since the hole on the top is really small and also the fact that the case makes the phone look REALLY bigger that already is, and looses the neat, slim feeling that the GN3 has and the ability to single hand operation with it.
It's also a fact that the plastic rim around the soft and perfectly feeling polyurethane is pretty vulnerable making the case a single droping insident choice, for a high price tag.
Love it!
Had this case for about a week now and I couldn't be happier. It fits really well. Nice and snug! Feels good, looks good the only trouble I had was deciding what colour to go for.
Got exactly what I wanted
ightweight, slim, beautiful!
Superbly crafted and protective case
After buying the Note 3 and appreciating its sleek lines it needed a case that was not only practical but effective whilst not disturbing the slender style or weight of Samsung's latest flagship.

Step forward the Neo Hybrid case from Spigen. It's a two piece design; a figure-hugging non-bulky rubber skin with a coloured add-on surround to add a dash of personalisation. Quality is obvious as soon as the case is removed from its packaging; affirmed more so when fitted to the device. The Note 3's lines are maintained whilst adding that important safety she'll. Cuts for the various elements like power, headphones and others are precise. And feather touch buttons make you forget the real buttons are underneath. Did Samsung help design this too?!

An utterly superb case which is not reflected by its price tag. All the positives for no negatives. Wow!
My phone would be in repair If I didn't have this case.
The red goes really well with the Black note 3. It's easy to take off and put on but doesn't come off on its own. This case stands in great equilibrium between protectiveness and usability - I don't feel the need to take it off at homeb like I have with some of the bulkier cases. Always get the original one since the rip offs don't for as well and the button tactility isn't as great. Speaking of the buttons I feel that the case improves on the note3 buttons and makes it easier to pass and find the buttons. A++, will buy again when this one has taken its toll.
Very good case
Just bought it recently.
Build quality is very good. The case could be a bit slimmer but apart of that everything is fine: looks great, feels great. I would recommend it to any Note 3 user without hesitation.
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