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Spigen SGP HTC One M7 GLAS.t SLIM Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Introducing the ultimate in screen protection for the HTC One M7, the SGP GLAS.t Series made from premium real glass with an oleophobic coating and anti-shatter film.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39462
$33.18 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 24 customers

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Why wouldn't you have one?
Had a Spigen on my Galaxy S4, got myself an HTC 1 M7 and had to have one, no stock available at the time I wanted one,so I ordered a ZNitro, no good, unfortunately 60% of the screen would not adhere to the phones screen so I returned it and ordered this one. Arrived in reasonable time, best protection for your phone, so, why wouldn't you have one?
Breaking Bad
The Spigen SGP HTC One 2013 GLAS.tR SLIM Tempered Glass Screen Protector is the ultimate protection you can buy for your smart phone. This is the 2nd one I have purchased as I dropped my phone whilst boarding a train. The phone fell face down onto the rail and bounced off. Suffice to say I managed to collect it and was astounded to see no damage except for some cracks on the protector where the impact occurred. I continued to use the phone and didn't need to use the cracked screen app as I had the real thing! Now I have applied my second screen I make sure my phone is safely stowed in my pocket when boarding or alighting a train!
Good Product From SPIGEN
This Screen Protector is the best product for protect my HTC ONE.
Best screen protector I've got
Fit & Forget!
Well worth the extra cost as compared to other screen protectors - you get what you pay for.
Absolutely unnoticeable - both visually and to the touch.
As to be expected, needs care when fitting to avoid trapped dust etc!
Tempered glass screen
Got this for my new phone to protect the screen on the best phone of 2013 and most say it was easy to put on no air bubbles and gives full protection to screen will worth the high price tag.
Best screen protector ever
Was a little unsure as much more expensive than the others. However well worth the extra. The oleo phobic thing does exactly what it says it will do - stick to your screen without lots of little annoying bubbles. Marvellous.
Excellent screen protector !
Super smooth and crystal clear 😎
This is easily the best screen protector I have ever used! Perfect fit with my HTC One, easy to put on, didn't have one bubble left under the protector one it was on and settled! The protector has made no difference to the look of the screen actually made it better in my opinion. Looks to be very hard wearing, would recommend anyone to spend that little extra to get one of these for their phone, you won't be disappointed!! Am also thinking of looking for one of these protectors for my iPhone 4S 😉
Btw this was a replacement, the first one had a chipped corner, mobile fun exchanged it with no hassle 😎 and I couldn't be happier with the service and speedy delivery!!
Okay, so after much deliberating, comparing prices and specs, finally I chose the GLAS.tR to protect my new HTC screen. I had just been paid and felt a little frivolous but going to sleep that evening, there was a persistent thought that only a fool would pay £30 for a screen protector. Anyway i tried to forget about it..... So it arrives, sleek matt box with info embossed, but im still feeling like a bit of an idiot.... So I open the box and the quality just astounds you, i know its only plastic and shiny lettering but it was really well crafted with a lot of thought put in. So along with instructions, squeedgy, dry wipe, wet wipes and dust cloth, comes the screen protector itself. I held it in my hand, this thing is 2mm thick and unprecedentedly strong, i couldnt even bend it more than 7 degrees. Clean off my screen, and position it inplace. The protector slides on the screen if you hold at each side. but the moment you touch down the adhesive, it just engulfs the screen, you only need to apply a light touch to a corner and it will do the rest. Then use your squeedgy to oush out any air bubbles (but there wont be any). and the screen looks 10x better than it did origionally with all the responsiveness you come to expect. Highly recommend with a hard case.

Well worth £30.
I received my screen protector -I put it on -there are no scratches - I Squirmed in pleasure -now I rest.
< and Home button don't work
while the main screen works great, but the < and Home buttons don't work.
Excellent !!
What can I say.... the headline says it all.

I fitted this and any bubbles were 'squeezed out' leaving a couple of tiny areas at the edges which weren't stuck and these disappeared after a few hours. You really can't tell it's there (the extra thickness it adds is not noticeable) except perhaps the screen now feels smoother if that's possible.

It's certainly not the cheapest of screen protectors but it's worth every penny in my opinion.... highly recommended!
spigen htc one glass screen guard
i just love the way the glass sets on the screen, its a must have for every smart phone.
Highly Recommended product
Ultimate Protection (at a price)
What you don't need a review to realise is that at £30 plus postage this is a very expensive screen protector. However this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. Now, I must stress that for obvious reasons I have not rigorously tested this after fitting it however from the fancy packaging and QC stickers to the perfect fit, this is definitely a quality item and when combined with the official HTC double dip case I have no concerns at all about keeping my One in the same pocket as my keys.
The protector is really solid and once fitted just looks like it was always there, always assuming you can fit it without getting any dust or fluff under it. Sadly I didn't manage this but even so the two tiny threads are unlikely to be noticed by anyone except me. The protector is much easier to fit than any film protector I've used before and I think it would actually be difficult to get the usual bubbles under it.
All in all, I'd strongly recommend it. Always assuming you can get one - I used Mobilefun's excellent stock notification facility. I have knocked of one star for the price though.

One last note; If you have or are thinking of getting the HTC double dip case then be warned that the case comes right up to the protector. I actually had to shave a little plastic off the top (red) piece of the case near the front camera, but it fits perfectly now.

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