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Spigen Samsung Galaxy S8 Neo Flex Screen Protector Reviews

Offering superb clarity and protection for the Galaxy S8, the NeoFlex Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S8 provides a defence for your screen against scratches, bumps and knocks.
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 2.8 stars from 5 customers

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Great Screen Protector not Phone Case Friendly
This screen protector was harder to put on than all the others that I have applied previously to the following handsets: S3, S4, S5, S6 Edge and the S7. So I regard myself as a bit of an expert in getting them on flawlessly.

What was difficult with this protector was that the surface that sticks onto the phone screen is super sticky and if you get a dry finger, even slightly attached to any part of the protector that isn't wet with applicator fluid then you are going to get a slight or huge finger mark on the protector that you cant remove at all, which is what happened to me. so the screen has a hazy triangle mark about 4mm x 4mm x 4mm. Once the screen is on you can't see it at all and the images are still clear.

The screen protector was left on to cure for 4 days (Truly stuck on.) as the phone was an upgrade and needed a nano sim, which I didn't have at the time.

If you intend to use this screen protector without a phone case then I believe that it will protect it from light scratches no problem. The feel of the protector on the screen is good, your fingers glide and there's hardly any drag, the responsiveness of the screen is not altered either.
There's a very slight haze that is visible when the screen is off.
The protector fits edge to edge with about 0.75mm gap all the way around the edges apart from the camera cut outs.

So I purchased a Galaxy S8 Case Crystal Hybrid Glitter-Rose Quartz case to pair with this lovely phone. To my surprise, unfortunately they are not compatible even from the same manufacturer, who'd have thought it.
So now all for corners are catching with where the case sits on the screen and the protector has come away from the screen on each of the long edges about 1.5cm long.

So if you intend to use a case with this screen protector it needs to be a case that overlaps the screen by at 2.0mm all the way around the edges in my opinion.

As always MobileFuns' service was impeccable and purchase went fine as did the delivery of the item, plus I had a £5 off voucher for my birthday sent via email.

I hope you found the information contained in my review helpful.
It's fantastic
Hi all I recently got the new galaxy s8 and needed good protection front and back so I looked no furder than mobilefun. I got the spigen neo flex screen protector and have to say it's fantastic. You wouldn't even know it was on the screen a bit dearer than a lot of s8 protectors out there but if your going to fork out on a good phone you need good protection for it and i'm very happy with the neo flex. It's also a doddle to apply.
Very good!
Very good screen protector for Samsung S8!
Bought this along with an Olixar X-Duo case ( waste of money too)for my new S8.
Followed installation instructions and no matter what I tried, this screen protector would not stay stuck around the edges. Threw it in the bin.
Between this and the aforementioned case that the silver finish wore off within 2 weeks
This screen protector is terrible, it leaves bubbles and feels cheap. The screen protector does not work with the spigen case I got as it starts to peel on the edge. Total waste of money, I brought a £3 protector and it's done a better job.

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