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Spigen Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Film Curved Crystal HD Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Provides superb clarity and protection for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This twin pack of Crystal HD Screen Protectors provide a strong defence for your screen against scratches, bumps and knocks and is designed for full edge to edge protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 58704
$30.52 inc VAT
 3.1 stars from 56 customers

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Just Okay
Not easy to install I got bubble on the screen...
Folia calkiem fajna Sprawdza sie tylko trzeba ja dobrze zalozyc polecam
Not worth the money
Not worth the money.marks easily and looks dreadfully then...does protect screen though
Bad Quality
I bought this item for my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, it was good only for the first day but later it separated from the edges all around and the front always filled with rainbow colours , it is wasting of the money, I wish I did not buy it because it is very expensive for very cheap quality.
Not impressed..marked already.not recome
Not impressed..only have it on a day and looks terrible...very easy scratch ...not worth money
Once attached it appears to be okay
Well after I ordered the wrong item initially the correct screen protector arrived fairly quickly. This protector feels quite thin and flimsy, but as it has to fit the curved edges of an S7 Edge perhaps it has to be manufactured like this. Also it has to allow for the fitting of a protective case, as the S7 Edge is very slippery to hold in its naked form and you might not have purchased a Spigen made case. Anyway, fitting is quite straight forward using the instructions, cleaning items and adhesive tabs, but it helps to run through the process a few times as a dry run before committing to fit the screen protector. Once attached it appears to be okay, but when I tried to fit the tight protective case, not a Spigen case, it soon became clear that care was required at the edges to prevent the screen protector lifting. In actual use it all seems to be okay for now, but I do try to be careful with my phones anyway, so we shall have to wait and see how it protects the screen in use. There does not appear to be any loss of touch sensitivity when using the phone. As there were two screen protectors in the box I guess I can always fit a new one at some point if required.
Plastic Screen Protector
The name confuses to be a crystal which means glass cover.
But its the same a other protectors its a plastic Cover.
And its not worth to use once you have a back cover.
Screen protector comes out if you have a back cover.
Not as I expected
This product is far too pricey for its quality and the fact that it doesn't cover the whole screen is a let down.I followed the video tutorial when I applied yet still got so many air bubbles! Then when I took it half off again to get rid of the bubbles it hardly stuck back on properly. My protector got loads of scratches on it within days of applying so not happy with this after paying far too much for something that's not worth its price!
Quality..... on its own
I found this product ideal and bubble free on application. The edges on the curved edge of the phone stuck well. problems started when i added the spigen slim armour case. The edge of the case overlaps the film and lifts when tbe buttons are deppressed. The look of the film now as the edges have lost adhesion is less than appealing. Will try some thing else when the time comes
Overall good on its own, not so when coupled with a case/cover
Nice Quality, Easy instructions
The item itself is great, it covers the curves of the phone as well as the vital areas without hindering any sensors. Instructions on the application of the screen protector was simple and easy to follow. The included guide stickers and dust remover stickers helped to make installation very simple.

After usage, the screen protector seemed to be easily scratched, but non-the-less, doing it's job protecting the phones screen.
Great...... On its own
Have used this product with the spigen slim armour case and have found that when the on/off and volume buttons are depressed it lifts the protective film.
When the protector is used on its own its a great product, I found mine to be bubble free, only had problems when I added the case to my phone
If and when this product "wears" out I will try something else
nice protection........
Good screen protector. Great protection. Even if you do not think you need it, I highly recommend watching the installation video.

The product comes with two actual screen protectors. Which will likely come in handy. The only complaint with the installation is that the moist towelette that comes with the kit was actually dry. Improvise using an alcohol wipe.

The protector was easy to line up (1st try....and I am not referring to rugby). The protector worked/fit will with the Spiger cover I also ordered.

My only real complaint about the product is that it has been on the phone (with the case) and the edge is peeling already. So, this is where the second protector will come in handy.
Waste of time & money
Going on experience with previous Spigen products, I bought the Curved Crystal Screen Protector - Big mistake! Firstly it DOESN'T cover the entire screen like the Spigen website image suggests. It leaves significant areas of the glass unprotected. The first one in the pack went on easily but ended up tearing a hole in it when I accidently scratched it with my thumb nail - this only after 2 days! The second one is constantly lifting on the edges - the very feature this is supposedly to prevent!
Overall, over-priced and below par quality. Avoid!
This screen pritector is far the best if you use a case
This screen pritector is far the best if you use a case, easy to apply and its protect the screen. Im verry happy with tis purchase.
Spigen Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Film Curved Crystal HD Screen Protector Spigen Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Film Curved Crystal HD Screen Protector
Verry good screen protector, actually is the only one i found to cover the edges of my phone. The quality is premium, and it fits perfectly with the case i have also from SPIGEN. Recommend.
Good quality, take time to fit
The quality of this cover seems very good and I was surprised how it's virtually invisible to sight or touch once on. Since having the phone I had a lot of micro scratches but none with this. It's not cheap but given all this and there being 2 in the pack, it's worth it as it shows how poor the screen is in terms of protection.

Putting it on was no problem, the instructions are very clear, I had no issues with the sides like others say they have. It was a little fiddly to remove the back cover to reveal the sticky material, but once I did it was no problem to line it up and secure it down. I had quite a few air bubbles but that was just due to me moving it a lot when securing down, but they came out really easily with the hard pad provided.

In the future I'll definitely be buying more of these as they really seem to serve a good purpose compared to other ones I've seen previously which were no more than a thin cover that visually got in the way.
Not 100% Happy
I love Spigen products, had cases screen protectors and bags and always rated them highly. This products states it is suitable for use with Spigen cases but I dont think it is. After carefully aligning it on the phone as per the video and the helpful stickers to keep it in place, I attempted to attach to the screen and got it pretty much bang on central.The problem I had was the edges didnt stick even after holding for longer than 30 secs as per instructions. And when i gave up amd tried to attach my slim armour case it curled one edge up. I ended up trimming the edges by approx 1mm on each side which made the case fit without hitting the protector. I have 1 left but disappointed there is only 1 wipe for the 2 protectors!
I will buy another set as I rate the quality of the material and trim the next one before applying.
Good but still difficult to install
I would class myself as an expert at installing screen protectors but this was tricky. 3 goes and it still failed to seal at the edges. Where it does stick it is perfect, offering ultimate clarity and protection. I am going to try again with a spigen case to see if this solves the issue of the edges raising. Watch this space...
Does The Job Perfectly
All the people complaining about these screen protectors are not putting them on properly, and then blaming the product. A bad craftsman always blames his tools. These line up perfectly, and fit as described. They couldn't be easier to fit in fact, as long as you actually read the instructions provided duh! Yes the edges can be a bit tricky, but that is the nature of the curved screen. I have had mine on for months now without any issues at all. I have a Poetic case the fits perfectly over the screen protector. The protector cleans very easily and is crystal clear. If you are comfortable fitting screen protectors, take no notice of the bad reviews. These are the best I have come across to protect the S7 Edge.
Complete garbage
Very poor quality, after having wasted good money on a bit of sticky plastic that does not even line up properly, stick properly, nor even peel properly (the stickers left a lot of smudge marks and a bit of damage to the film).

Bubbles galore - if you like bubbles, this product is for you.

Perfect fit? It approximates the S7 Edge, say up to 90%. Quite imperfect.

Scratches? Using the card that comes with it to get the air bubbles out (some got out, some stayed in), it scratched up the protector big time.

Edges don't stick properly and the front/back sticker - when removed, it will contort the area making the protector weaker. Over-complicated installation etc.

Do yourself a favour - buy a small protector case for it instead (the cost is a lot higher but you get what you pay for)...

And leave the sticky "plastic" like this for the landfills. I would recommend people to stay away from this like a vampire stays away from holy water!

0 stars if I could.
Not entirely satisfied
The product itself is a little disappointing. Followed all instructions, however like other reviews I have seen about this screen protector, hold true. The first one I tried did not adhere at all to the screen. The second one has been fitted but does not entirely stay adhered to all the areas of fhe screen, unstuck at top right hand side. A little disappointed as I have had other Spigen products and they've been excellent, not entirely satisfied considering the price of the product.
Very good fit, take your time with installation
My first protector didn't stick on one edge for some reason. No air bubbles, no rubbery feeling, nice and crisp colours.
Really good product
OK, Yesterday I slated the screen protector in my review after having great difficulty trying to apply the first one and eventually having to bin it. I was going to throw away the unused one in my two pack but decided to try again This time all went well, it was easy to apply and produced a blemish free phone. What I did wrong on the first attempt I do not know but I can certainly recommend the protector now I have succeeded!
not good
the screen protector is difficult to instal and removing the backing brings all the bubbles back under the protector, I'm afraid my attempt finished in the bin. Maybe worth 2 marks out of ten on a good day I would certainly not recommend it to anyone.
Don't waste your money
I bought these as they were described as conforming to the curved screen and so wouldn't constantly lift off at the edge unlike cheaper options. Don't believe it, they don't fit properly and wouldn't even stick on at the edge let alone stay put when using the phone. Save your money, buy cheap ones and trim the edges off.
Awful- doesn't stick
This screen protector does NOT seal along the curved edges, leaving bubbles all along the sides. Installation directions were followed perfectly, tips & tricks from other buyers were reviewed, but NOTHING creates a good seal along the curved edges of the S7 Edge. Install a case, and the edges of the case push up against this screen protector lifting it right off. This screen protector was a complete waste of time & money.
Hopeless! Doesn't stick down on the edges
Maybe a better glass that will hold down
Rip off
For a phone cover that's quite a lot more expensive than most, I expected it be of a very good quality. The screen definition with the cover is good but the sides do not stick down. I used both given and each time one side would not stick. If using a case, both sides become undone and just create bubbles across the screen. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.
2 in a pack which was a result
First 1 came unstuck within a day
2nd has started curling up after 3 days
Curved screen protector
Read loads of reviews about screen protectors not sticking on the edges especially Spigens which i was shocked about but i thought id give it a try ... good quality , no bubbles quite tricky to fit exact but they have stuck in all the right places ... messed up my first attempt lucky there was a 2nd in the pack ... only down side i can see is the price ... way to expensive , they do raise on the edges when fitting your case but push back into place easy. Overall please with the purchase
Do not buy this product!
Do not waste your money on this screen protector. The product does not stick to the screen due to the adhesive not being strong enough. It does not stick round the curved edge of the screen. It is not compatible with the Otterbox case. May as well have thrown the money down the drain.
Problem with the edges & terrible support from Spigen
Great quality protector. Virtually invisible once it on the phone.
However, getting the edges to stick down is difficult. I followed the instructions that came with the product and one edge did stick down perfectly. But the other edge did not. With the one edge lifting the protector is virtually useless. I tried contacting the Spigen Support desk in the UK for assistance on how to try and resolve the issue and they refused to offer any assistance and just pointed me back at the Seller. Very disappointed as these are not cheap protectors.
Bad enough that I bothered to write a review
I waited weeks for this to come into stock as I've used Spigen films before and they were ok. The film itself isn't too bad, but any claim that it is shaved for the curved screen is a lie - the second edge won't stick as the film isn't curved enough so even after pressing it down for an hour it still lifts and sucks dirt under it. I'm not sure if there is a good option for a curved screen - might have to try one of the liquids instead.
Dont Bother
same as all the other choices out there unable to find suitable screen protector which can handle the edge, also instructions differ from actual product.
If you're planning on using a case with this protector then it's the wrong one
If you're planning on using a case with this protector then it's the wrong one for you, I repeat DO NOT buy this screen protector of you want to use a case, also the sides do not like to stay stuck down where the screen curves no matter how much I try!
Great product recomend
Great product recomend and great service ftom you guys has always
Sides never stuck ended up in the bin.
Sides never stuck even though I followed instructions gutted.
Spigen stuff normally great.
Excellent screen protector
Excellent screen protector, have fitted to two S7 Edge phones. No air bubbles. Must follow the enclosed instructions to obtain a good fitting.
Fantastic when it sticks
First off, this is a great screen protector!!! Smooth with no orange peel effect like some of the cheaper screen protectors.

You get two in a pack, the first one went perfectly, easy to align and install, however the second one did not go so well. The issue was with the edges not sticking down, no matter how many times I followed the instructions and pressed the edges down, they popped back up.

Luckily Spigens customer support is fantastic, were very understanding and have sent me a replacment.

Would highly recommend this!!!!!
an update to original review
Just to say that the new spigen screen protector is still working well, no lifting from the sides and front of screen fully protected with no lift on edges at the top or bottom either. Am very happy with this product, as we all know the edge makes fitting screen protectors more difficult and I am pleased to say that this one is coping well with everyday use.
This is a great product
Hi this is a great product and great sevice as always keep up the good work supplying top products recomend you al the time
Best screen protector for S7 Edge, so far.
I have tried a few screen protectors for the S7 edge, all have failed to meet minimum expectations. As great as a tempered glass protector would be, the curved screen makes a good fit very hard. This protector is of the film type, flexible, yet perfectly shaped to fit the curve of the phones screen. Fit is perfect, Just take the time to install as per the instructions. (Top tip - Do in a steamy bathroom, the moist air keeps floating dust particles down to a minimum) The protector is glass like in appearance, you would not know by looking it was even fitted. Only give away is the cut outs at the top and bottom to accommodate the home button, front facing camera, sensors and speaker. The feel to touch is great, smooth and just as with glass. Wraps round the screen completely so no nasty exposed edges. Easy to clean of greasy finger prints and smudges. You get two in the pack so, if one gets damaged you can enjoy the new screen feel all over again. The S7 edge has an amazing screen so it deserves to be protected, do it right and give this great product a go. You won't be disappointed if you take the time to install properly.
These things just won't work
Tried numerous, but waited for Spigen. Got this, applied to screen & you think OK job done. That is until you come to lift up the S7 Edge off the table only for the protector to lift.
Peeling up at edges followed to letter to install bubbles that won't shift is very thin and holds no confidence compared to zagg products
New spigen screen protector
I got the screen protector finally. As we all know the edge is a pain for fitting screen protector and this new one from spigen seems better than others I've tried. Although first cover was ruined following instructions to attach one sticker over the home key and the other at top of phone then pull back off without raising bottom of screen that is taped by sticker. Maybe it was just me? But I found it near impossible to lift back off without bottom part getting messed up. And leaving air marks that would not go away. So i used 2nd one and that worked by not covering home key with sticker. Will see how it goes. So far ok, got the phone back in spigen tough case and it fits, no lifting at sides, so far.

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