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Spigen Rugged Armor LG G4 Tough Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Meet the newly designed rugged armor case for the LG G4. Made from flexible, rugged TPU and featuring a mechanical design, including a carbon fibre texture, the rugged armor tough case in black keeps your phone safe and slim.
  • Mobile Fun ID 53630
$22.55 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 6 customers

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Great item
Spigen Rugged Armor LG G4 Tough Case - black I have found this case to be one of the best. It was a dream to fit to my mobile phone and it puts my mind to rest knowing that my phone is safe from being damaged if I drop it. the case is made so that it does not make the phone look bulky and awkward.
Worth the money
This is my second attempt to find a case for my LG G4. The first case I bought fell apart after about 6 months so I managed without one for about 6 -8 months, but after a number of near misses I thought I ought invest in some protection. I wanted something that was effective but did not make the phone too big to fit into by pocket. It needed to look good too and i think I've found what I was looking for. Being black it blends in with the screen (when not illuminated) and slips easily into my pocket. It seems rugged enough without being cumbersome. The only potential weakness I can see is the stand. It's not something I use but can imagine others might. It doesn't appear to be very securely attached to the case, and if used frequently or if accidendtly extended when slipping into a pocket I could see it becoming detached. Having said that I don't think it's absence would detract from the case's ability to continue to protect my phone or cause damaged to the case if broken off. All round I think it was worth the investment, which after all was not very much.
Snug fit
Snug fit and nice feel. Seems to be good quality.
great cover
This phone cover doesnt bulk out the phone yet provides good protection and grip. Fits extremely well to phone and is good quality.
Great value
Provides great all round protection for your phone, especially the camera lens. Worth the money

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