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Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Series 2 / 1 Watch Case (38mm) - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Rugged Armor case for the Apple Watch Series 2 / 1 (38mm) in black has shock absorbing technology specifically incorporated to protect from any angle while maintaining form and function.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52933
$21.22 inc VAT
 4 stars from 6 customers

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Efficient communication
True to their word
Not what I expected.
It's not what I expected. Look very chunky and ugly on my watch. I thought it would also be a proper armour protector not a silicon/TPU material.
Protects as it should
The protector allows access to all functions and buttons. It protects from all sides which ever way you lay the watch down or for which ever way it fell. The straps are able to be removed and replaced without removing the protector. It does come with 2 x screen protectors which fit purpose but do not cover from corner to corner. If they were a little bigger to cover the full face I would have 100 % confidence. Saying that I feel the protective level as it is is good enough for my level of activity which is very high. Good product. Looks good and isn't annoying or doesn't get in the way of its usability. Very pleased!
Upside Down!!!!!!!!!
I bought this to protect my watch from bangs and scrapes and it does that, But one thing drives me crazy and i think you should know! I wear my watch on my right hand and have the crown on the left side so i can see the screen when I'm using it. if you are going to wear it in the same position you should know that the writing on the case will be upside down, if your a bit OCD this will surely drive you nuts as it has done me, and i can't bear to use it all the time. However not to be to negative about the product it does protect it well and gives you peace of mind adds a little bulk but they would be nothing worse than damaging your new watch. i have taken to using it at the weekends when I'm out on my bike and doing locks on the canal when I'm more liable to bang and scrape it. Screen protectors, two supplied, cover the visible screen as Apple continue to have a slight curve to the edges to their products, it does seem to attract a lot more dust when the case is on, i think this is because of the material Spiegen has used, but as with most products from Spiegen the quality is very good, Apart from the writing on the case this a good product. Minus 1 star for the writing, Minus 1 star for the dust attraction, hence 3 stars.

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