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Spigen Neo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case - Gunmetal Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Preserve the super-sleek profile of your awesome Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge while giving it maximum protection with this gunmetal Neo Hybrid case from Spigen.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52154
$26.53 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 42 customers

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Perfect fit!
And very stylish for the Galaxy S6 Edge and love the design in which feels very comfortable in your hands to hold and gives you real convenience for excellent protection for your phone!

Love this case and the stylish design and very well pleased too!
Great fit!
Case is superb. Fits perfectly.
Delivery was super quick!
Protects phone well, although not confident if I dropped phone on front, for obvious reasons. Saying that; still a decent barrier....
Great product.
Nothing really,already described everything I needed to know about the product.
The case feels bulky in hand and plastic frame is loose-ish, dust and sand gets between frame and rubber case. Buttons are clicky, after one month use frame stick out near them.
Beautifully made/finished. Good feel and look. Great fit
Offers great protection to back and all edges. Due to small overlap front is also protected when landed face down on flat surface.
Clearance for plugs and headphones fine for most cables. Light on back face has good access when used for heart rate checking
Button press feel is excellent. It does make phone feel a little bulky but not bad given level of protection provided.
Superb product
Great fit for the phone without being too bulky for front jeans pockets !
Protects phone well, allowing full access to the Edges.
Positive buttons for on/off and volume control.
Tough but tactile cover helps with grip and looks great too !
Would recommend 100% to S6 Edge users
Really complement the phone. Only problem is the power button , it get pressed every now & then with even a slight pressure on side of the cover , so a bit annoying. Otherwise a very good looking cover , nice grip.
s6 edge case
This case I would recommend.
Spine Neo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge case
Very sleek looking case. Nice to hold and handle makes the phone look very stylish.
Sleek and stylish
This case looks great online but you have to see it in the flesh to appreciate just how good it is. It's not bulky so it compliments the phone really well. The gunmetal trim adds a nice touch of class to this already stylish case. Definitely a 5 star product.
Quality Case, very pleased
Initially I thought this case was a bit on the pricey side considering others can be purchased for less. I'm really pleased that I chose this one though - it has a real quality feel to it and looks superb. The case actually compliments the look of the phone and is thin enough that it doesn't make the phone heavy or bulky.Its easy to put on and take off (the phone clips snugly inside it). All buttons,sockets are perfectly accessible yet protected and the camera sits in a rebate to stop it getting scratched when you put the phone down. Would happily recommend to a galaxy edge owner.It protects the screen if you drop it as the rim is like a bumper but it won't protect the screen from scratches if you put it in your pocket with keys etc so you'll still need a screen protector if you buy this.
worth every penny
Was looking for a durable, sturdy yet stylish cover for me new phone. This cover ticks all those boxes. I have went woth spigen neo hybrid before for my old s5 and it never let me down. I dropped my phone on numerous occassions and never so much as a scratch appeared. Great looking and great feeling covers that do everything expected of them and more.
Great for robust
Fitted together with new screen protector, fits really well on phone comfortable in the had and protects the phone all around without interfering with screen protector or edge of phone.
A 5* rating for product quality, price and service
I have had a couple of covers for my galaxy s6 edge but, I wasn't entirely happy with them. Then I went to the professional people when it comes to mobile accessories mobilefun and, they did not disapoint I am glad I did the edge case is apsalutly perfect fits like a glove and,even enhances the look of the phone. A 5* rating for product quality, price and service.
Good case
This case fits perfectly on the S6 Edge. The holes align perfectly and provides decent protection for its surprisingly slim appearance.
Stunningly beautiful protection
Good protection from all kinds of hits
First time I have seen a cover which actually makes me like my phone more.
Not a big bulky ugly case like some
Not a big bulky ugly case like some. Really compliments the phones looks and edge screen. Enough protection for most clumsy drops.Also the case makes phone easier to hold and more grippy. Deffo worth it. Combine that with spigen full screen protector and your sorted.
Very probably ...
... the best case matched to the best smartphone ever. It adds to the style of the phone whilst protecting it front and back and ... er, edges. I've had many cases for many phones over the years. Most were good and a very few were great - this is most certainly one of the latter.
Probably the best ...
... smartphone cover I've ever had. Perfect fit, adds to the style of the handset, and completely protective, face up or face down. I wish they made a similar case for other smartphones.
Great product, reasonable delivery.
Great product, reasonable delivery.
Perfection ...
... is a word I don't use b=very often, but this case is an exception. The key feature of the Edge is it's curved screen design, which presents every opportunity for badly designed cases to hide it. This one absolutely does not do this. Instead, it enhances the design and highlights it, whilst providing a good degree of protection to the phone. I have several smartphones and, over recent years have tried several cases on each. Many were good, but this is the first that I can safely say is great. I'm even considering getting another one as a spare/alternative.
Gold S6 Edge case
This case, without doubt enhances a great looking phone more than the Samsung cases I had one of the spigen cases on my s4, it protected my old phone well so I had no hesitation buying again
Most people I know that have the curve think a case would spoil its looks , on seeing my case all agree it looks better in the case.
I would recommend this case particularly if you have an S6
The product is very great and handy
The product is very great and handy. It don't affect the design performance like overheat and scratch.
Spigen neo hybrid cover.
An excellent cover. Does enough to protect the phone, but is minimalist enough not to hide the phones design. As always the service from Mobile fun is spot on.
Perfact !!
Have tried a few cases for this phone but keep coming back to the Neo hybrid. Makes the phone feel even better in the hand than before and looks awesome too
Samsung cover
Best cover I ever had, excellent service and fast delivery from mobilefun :)
Phone Case
The phone case is very nice and colour and design is very good. It fits very nice in your hands.

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