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Spigen Magnetic Clip for Official Galaxy S5 S-View Cover - Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Spigen Magnetic Clip features an internal magnet that turns the cover and device into one. The premium aluminum material adds a simple yet sophisticated convenience to the S-View cover. Worry no more about loose lifting covers.
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$17.25 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 31 customers

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I love this item
It may be small but it does the job very adequately. It keeps my phone protected by making sure it's leather case does not pop open when I occasionally drop it. So would highly recommend.
Simple and effective.
This is the second one I have bought. Tried it first on my own phone cover and after a years use it has never come off or failed to hold the cover closed. I have now bought anotherfor my wife's phone cover. Having the extra sticky pads means that if you have not placed the clasp in exactly the right place first time you can remove it and try again.
spigen magnetic lock for Samsung Galaxy s5 case
My lock fell off. Wasted my money
Complements case
The clips complement the case perfectly. If you have the case the clips complete it. Recommend this product
spiegen magnetic clip
The magnetic clip wasn't really what I expected, my friend had one but it was different from the one I received I haven't been able to find this on the net, but I will leave it for now.
It was pretty deer for what it was also the magnet is not that strong.

score 5 out of 10
magnetic clip for samsung s5 case
This little clip really works well. Easy to fit and looks original to the case.
samsung should have thought about designing it into their case.
full marks to spigen for manufacturing it and yourselfs for marketing it.
does exactly as it states keeps the case closed.
Great product
Great product and excellent service
Simple, but effective
A classic example of how a simple solution works, and works well... The official Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View premium cover case has a tendency to 'flap' around a little, but this small pair of magnets keep the cover snugly closed until you open it.

One magnet slips over the case, the other sticks to the side of the phone with an adhesive strip (spare strips provided).
Samsung Galaxy S5 Magnetic Clip
Build and quality is good. But, if you are using the glass screen guard then the clip may come in contact with it when light pressed and may leave residue on screen. You may have to keep cleaning the screen due to that and it's annoying. At times it keeps coming off if stuck in something and that is dangerous so, avoid the demo videos and press it carefully so that it wouldn't come out easily. Price could be less for this simple device and shipping cost can also be reduced for non-tracked orders. I believe it may eventually cut your original cover if excessive pressure is exerted on it so keep checking after a while carefully.

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