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Spigen GLAS.tR iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Introducing the ultimate in screen protection for the Apple iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus, the SGP GLAS.tR Series made from premium real glass with rounded edging, oleophobic coating and anti-shatter film.
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 4.1 stars from 15 customers

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Great screen protector for iPhone 6 plus
Best screen protector I have used. Glass is so much easier to apply than plastic film. Clean the screen then lay on the glass protector. Smooth out. Don't worry about the odd minor blemish. These disappeared from mine in a couple of days. The glass gives a beautiful reflective image befitting this phone.
Quality product
It's a good quality product and had protected my phone from the abuse it gets on a daily basis, It also goes on first time without any bubbles which is a bit of a bonus.
Only looks good for a few days
I was reluctant to try this product as the idea of a glass layer in the protector seemed rather silly. I wish that I had trusted my instincts on this one as the protector cracked at the edge on the second day. Within a week I had no option but to remove the protector as it now has 3 medium sized areas of damage and looks terrible.

Overall the product is easy to apply and looks amazing inside the packaging but not when its all cracked on your phone.
Good product
Really impressive how easy to install this temper glass by follow the instructions. High quality of product and fast delivery with a lovely service!!! Highly recommend:)
Very Fine
Best glass screen protector, exact screen size, slim, very fine finished
Screen Protector
would recommend this screen protector
easy to fit and install on device
excellent quality and brilliant finish
Great product
First product I've had that can look after the screen no matter what, great product quality piece of glass, always had a film on my devices. But with the added security I can now put the phone anywhere. I like it very much.
Size mismatch
This screen protector was delayed multiple times but this was my first glass protector and I thought the wait would be worth it. After fitting it I am very pleased with the clarity and very smooth feel but the size is all wrong...or just too precise. I know the iPhone 6's have a curved edge but this thing doesn't come close to those curves. An extra mm each side would have meant the viewable area of screen would not be visible past the edge of the protector if you're not 100% accurate with fitting. And I mean 100% acurate. But this would not affect the curve of the phone. Also the cut out for the ear speaker is the same size as the speaker so, again, no room for error here either. I am really fussy with lining these things up but you'd need to be a damn expert with good glasses to get this aligned exact. The protector must be the exact same dimensions as the display (width) meaning even if you do align properly you still get to see display along the edges when tilted. Although this is very minimal. I got a few air bubbles on fitting but these were pushed out with ease and the clarity is amazing. I will keep it on as I am happy with the quality...just not with the lack of coverage :)

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