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Spigen Full Body Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Curved Screen Protector Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed to provide superb clarity and edge to edge protection for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This full body Spigen Steinheil Crystal Curved Screen Protector for the S6 Edge comes in a 2 pack, 1 front and 1 back protector.
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$26.54 inc VAT
 3.3 stars from 26 customers

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Overall a good product
Finally found a Good product, easy to install (reli doesn't take a genius) instructions explained very well, product has stayed tight to the screen (as I found some others came off through short periods), defo recommended if you are looking something to protect the screen! Also works as if there isn't even a protector there use using the phone!
poor quality
bought this & tried to apply it, back went on fine, front however was fiddly & overly fussy instructions as a result I ended up having a large kink in the "protector" & it would not lie flat curling up & letting dust get in there, given the price tag I expected a lot better mght as well have gone to nearest pound shop & spigen wont refund either
Very soft screen protector. I was expecting something that would at least remain clear for a year or so, but at the rate that this screen protector scratches and scuffs, while inside of my clearview case, it appears this will not occur. Relatively easy to apply and the back protector seems to be very effective, the actual screen protector however is not the most effective. At least the actual screen will remain in relatively good condition.
Ratings /10:
Ease of application: 8
Lasting usable period: 6-7 (approx)
Clarity when new: 10
Responsiveness: 10
Impact on aesthetics: None
Not good
Very disappointed, complete wastage of the money. The back cover is very small as compared to the phone size & as a result a good bit of the phone is left uncoveredown, unprotected. The front cover was a nightmare to put on.Almost impossible to get rid of the bubbles around all the buttons especially the home button. The only good thing is the touch of the cover which doesn't make you feel that the phone has a cover.
Does a good enough job
The screen is clear. I've had a previous cover where there was a tint to the screen, and as a result had to have the brightness a bit higher. Which doesn't help with battery life. Fairly easy to put on the screen. Only downside with my phone being the edge is in fact.. the edges. fiddly to get them to stick and stay. One side seems fine, but the other side wasn't. As a result it's collected all manner of dirt and is raised up. Not a major issue though as its in a gel case. The back cover, well that is a different story. This went on perfectly fine. looked nice too. however, as soon as a put my gel case on the phone that changed. The case wasn't on properly, so as I removed it to put it back on properly the back protector came off and bent as it did. Meaning I had to throw it away. For phones other than the edge this would be great. It's just the edges that cause problems. would still recommend though.
Didn't last 24 hours... :(
I really thought I was buying a quality product that would stand a bit of use...less than 24 hours of applying this to my phone the front protector was so damaged I needed to remove it to use my phone. I stored my phone in my jacket pocket; it also had the S6 Edge clear view case on it. Something clearly got between the screen protector and the case and scratched it in multiple places. I had hoped it would be a pretty resistant cover....shall try a different one. On the up side - if I had not have had it on my screen may well have suffered :)
Excellent protector
This is the best non tempered glass screen protector you can get. It fits and covers the edges. I know people are having problems applying the screen protector on the edges as it lifts up or curls up. I have experienced it as well. BUT it didn't stop me from trying to stick it properly on the edges. I just use a blow dryer, heat the edges and carefully stick the edges and it works wonders.
Very easy to put on covers full screen 5 star
Just doesn't work!
After meticulously fitting this protector as per the instructions, it immediately lifted at the edges. Complained to Spigen. They apologised and sent a new one. Fitted it, immediately curled at the edges. Don't waste your money.
Not with the money at all
Pros, easy to apply and once fitted almost invisible.
Cons, I only fitted it yesterday - after following the instructions to the letter but it is already peeling off along the edges, and it's inside another case! I don't recommend this at all. Never mind the fact that it's quite expensive!! The film for the back of the phone is good but doesn't fit to the edges.
Very disappointing
So disappointed with this product, constantly curls up at the edge. Lots of bad reviews on YouTube, unfortunately I read them too late. Had to take it off and throw it in the bin. Complete waste of money.
I had a Spigen screen protector on my S3, what a great product, it was expensive, but it was as new after nearly 2 years of use. So when I swapped phones to an S6 Edge I had no hesitation in buying this Spigen screen protector for that.
Sadly, I found that this screen protector is not that good; on the main part of the screen it worked as well as I was expecting, affixing itself to the surface and appearing to work a treat, but that is where it ends. It simply wont stick to the curved edges of the screen as it is meant to. Which means that both sides of the screen protector are raised and will doubtless end up with dust underneath, or simply getting snagged and pulled up.
And yes, I cleaned the screen, edges included, as required. As this was quite expensive and you only get 1 screen protector in the pack it hasn't been a great experience; unfortunately I cannot recommend this screen protector. Sorry :(
Pretty good
Application was not too tricky. The air bubbles took about 24 hours to disappear. However, this film is more vulnerable to scratches that the screen itself. Other than that you can't tell that I have a screen cover at all.
Was a bit disappointed when I originally ordered this as I just hadn't twigged it was a plastic screen protector (Yes good reading skills there)
Had nothing but problems with soft plastic screen protectors over the years and I rarely manage to get them looking even half decent.
However this one is fantastic. After READING the instructions and even following them I've actually managed to get both the front and back films on and they are literately invisible. If you look really closely you can just make out the edge but that's it.
I did the back first as this is flat and easier good practice for fitting the front.
All in all very impressed, now just have to see how long it lasts
At last - a screen protector for the S6 Edge that really works !!
I have tried a few before this one but now I have what I believe is the best.
Once on, you really cant see it's there, no loss of vision, no loss of touchability & no bubbles at all !
Instruction for installing are OK but can be a bit fiddly unless you have three small hands. My method ( it worked for a 70 year old with shaky hands ) is very similar but uses sellotape instead of the yellow stickies provided & uses a pencil as a third hand.

1 Do the normal cleaning then keeping both the top & bottom films on, put the protector on in exactly the place its meant to be.
2 Anchor the bottom with 2 bit of sellotape, one on either side of the home button & wrap them round the bottom of the phone. These will act as hinges.
3 Then put 2 more bits of sellotape at the top but don't wrap them round the phone, wrap them round a pencil or something straight.
4 Lift up the protector with the pencil using the bottom sellotapes as hinges (you can check the screen again for dust at this point) & peel off the underside film.
5 Slowly let the pencil down so the bottom of the protector touches the phone first.
6 Touch the center of the phone, just above the home button & gently move your finger up the screen as you lower the pencil so the protector starts adhering to the phone from the middle outwards & from bottom to top.
7 Use the spatula provided if there are any bubbles left on the flat surface. Use your thumb to get rid of any bubbles on the edges.
8 Finally peel off the topside film which also takes away the sellotape & enjoy !!

This method actually works for most any protector, I have done several for my friends when they have seen mine but the Spigen product is simply the best yet.
Excellent !!!
This is the best protector ever! It's very easy to install, and I know that no one would do this but I tried scratching it and it didn't budge. Top to bottom: it's good. I highly recommend this.
Samsung galaxy s6 edge protector
Very good quality and easy to install.
Great communication skills
the curved screen protector was good for me

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