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Spigen Air Skin iPhone 6 Shell Case - Mint Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Durable, yet light as a feather, the Spigen Air Skin offers protection for your iPhone 6 while being the thinnest case on the market. You'll hardly know it's there, but you'll be glad it is if you ever drop your phone. In mint.
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 4.6 stars from 45 customers

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Excellent Product
This is my 2nd purchase of this product. I love the slim design and has certainly protected my phone from quite a few drops.
great service
My product failed to arrive in the mail. I contacted MobileZap and they immediately dispatched another which I received promptly. Great service
Great Service
The seller re-dispached my purchased item after the first one was lost in the transit.
Not bombproof but excellent.
This case lives up to its name as barely there. It just makes the phone less prone to slipping out of your hand and picking up superficial scratches. Sure, it is not going to protect the phone from an industrial accident but I have dropped my phone from a reasonable height onto a wooden floor and the case has cracked. Saving the phone from damage.
A tip. When fitting the case, to avoid the protruding camera lense of the iPhone scratching the inside of the case, slip a 1cm wide strip of paper through the camera cut out in the case to slide the lens against and remove the paper once the case is fitted.
A good design product
I recently purchased the Spigen iPhone 6s cover. Finally a case that protects the phone from general scratches but doesn't increase the size. I previously used the leather Apple phone cover but disliked how dust built up around the edges and it added bulk.
Excellent - hardly noticeable
When your 22 year old son calls it, "The best phone case he's ever seen!" I think it has more credibility than anything his 54 year old father might add.
Better than I'd expected
Product is just awesome. Didn't want a big clunky case and this is exactly what I was after.
Still undecided
Had this case for a few days now. The good: it's super thin, light, clear-ish (so you can still see the colour of your iPhone 6S, fits well. The not so-good: it is quite slippery (much more than my Apple leather case) and it has slipped out of my hand half a dozen times when I don't think I ever dropped it once with the leather case. As its so thing and doesn't cover as much of the sides as the leather one,the potential for damage is big. I think I'll swapping back to the leather case as I'd hate to damage by shiny new and expensive phone.
Sleek, thin and lightweight
Love the smooth feel of the case!
Sleeker than sleek
The Spigen cover is a fantastic product possibly the best of its type I have ever purchased. The quality is superb and it almost defies belief that a cover this thin could work so well. I am very pleased with the purchase and highly recommend it to others.
Very happy
I have had this case now for a few weeks and I have been totally happy with it. No issues fitting to my phone and no signs of wear and tearing has not made the phone any more slippery with it on, and it has to be one of the most slim cases out there as well,worth the money
Although this item is very thin and aesthetically pleasing it is actually quite brittle. It's fine if you don't drop your phone but if you do it offers little or no protection to the part that hits the deck
Nice sleek case
Is definitely a thin case and hardly alters the size of the phone. Buttons on the side aren't quite as easy to use with case on as they potentially could be, but that's being pretty picky.
Nice sleek case
Is definitely a thin case and hardly alters the size of the phone. Buttons on the side aren't quite as easy to use with case on as they potentially could be, but that's being pretty picky.
The case is just awesome! It fits so well to the phone, you just don't feel it's there at all! I am delighted with this product.
Phone case
It's too dear but I love it it's awesome
Brilliant super slim cover
I wanted a cover for the phone that didn't make it feel bulky and one where I could still get the benefits of a slim feel phone with the protection of a cover. This cover makes barely any difference to the size of the phone as its so slim. The slimmest I have actually ever seen. I looked in the Apple Store for covers and didn't find any as good a quality as this one. It clearly is the best. My phone is safe from scratches and still feels super slim!
New phone, new case, brilliant
As I had just ordered my I phone 6 I wanted a case that would protect it with out losing the slim elegant lines of the phone. This case fits the bill, I provides the protection that I want, and shows the colour through the case. The phone and case is such a lightweight combination it is brilliant!
Case Iphone6
Excellent!!good choose,very tiny and clear.
Super Skinny & Super Strong
Wasn't expecting much from this product when I ordered it, it looked a bit flimsy and thought it would crack easily. However the product is amazing... Not only is it super thin, it also makes me feel and looks like I am just holding the phone without a case, it naps onto the iPhone perfectly and is just the right texture so it's not to hard or silicone soft.
Incidentally I dropped my new iPhone 6 down the stairs the 2nd day after purchasing this and it didn't crack or break the case, nor did any damage occur to the phone. Couldn't recommend this product enough and well worth the investment.
Fantastic Case
When the case arrived (which was really quickly) I opened the packaging and thought there is literally nothing to this case, so light and thin but when you put it onto the phone the fit is amazing! It really is the best case I have ever owned, if your after a case that is light and feels like you have not got anything on your phone but it's still protected then there is no better case than this. I was not sure but honestly an amazing case a must buy for all iPhone 6 users. Great service too would highly recommend.
This case was something I wouldn't normally have selected. I've been looking for a designer case for a while but couldn't seem to find one I liked so i decided to go for something a little more protective (although it isn't that protective). The mint colour was also the last colour I'd normally pick but strangely enough I'm very happy with it. I have a black iPhone and was worried the case wouldnt look as nice as it does on the white phone but surprisingly it does! As many people mentioned the case is very very thin so it literally feels like there isn't anything on your phone. The case even feels slightly slippery as it does without it but the case has a tiny more grip. Overall I'm happy I took the risk of purchasing this case!
Poor quality item. Avoid
Purchased 2 cases in the space of 3 months and both cases have already broken. Very poor quality. Disappointing!!!
This is a fantastically thin case, that I really do forget is there. It also has a much less slippery finish than the phone. Not sure how much protection it would provide from anything but scratches, but I am very happy.
it is very Perfect for iphone 6. exactly what i want.
Nice color.
Great super-thin case
Really nice quality case and the thinnest I've found. The phone feels almost like there is no case on if so you can still feel how thin the iPhone 6 is. It has a lightly textured finish so is pretty resistant to scratches. It's also easy to get the phone in and out of the case so you don't feel like you're going to break it every time! Highly recommended.
Best case without bulk!
After having purchased a Thin Shield from Hyper for my iPhone 5S, i can honestly say that this case for the iPhone 6 is the best fitting one for total protection without adding any bulk or weight. I would even go as so far to say that the manufacture of this Spigen is better than the Hypershield one. And Hypers case was a good one as they invented the thinnest lightest protection case.
You don't need the nasty plastic cases or the thick rubber cases (unless you are throwing your phone around) you just need this case. After all why have a super slim and light iPhone and then bulk it out with a nasty case.
Just my opinion and i don't write reviews often, only when i feel something warrants a review. And this case certainly does.
Best price for sure and these guys at MobileFun always deliver super fast no matter which delivery option you choose.
Excellent buy!
I worried cases making my phone look bulky as I have seen other cases that ruin the sleek look of the phone but this case is a snug fit so keeps the same thickness. It has been perfect in protecting my phone from scratches and damage. I also love the colour! overall im very happy with this product.
Not bad
This is a great slim case. It really is thin and feels like there isn't a case on your phone in a way. Nice feel to it as well.

+ Thin, great feel, light. As far as my research has gone, the thinnest on the market.

Not so good:
- I just moved my nail along the back and it has scratched. It's very soft plastic coating, and scratches easily I discovered. But, the phone isn't getting scratched, so it's doing its job.
- The cut out for the buttons isn't quite big enough to still be able to flick the mute button / on/off switch as easily. But acceptable.
- It's not thick enough to make the camera still the lowest touch point, so when you put it down, the camera is still touching the surface. They could have made it thicker around that key area I reckon.
- It is described on mobilefun as 'Coated with a soft feel non-slip matte surface to improve grip' - I wouldn't say it improves grip to the level of a non-slip matte.

Even though I've listed some negative points, I would still recommended and just being overly picky to help people with their purchase decision.
iphone 6
This is a fantastic slim case it feels lovely in your hand ,it feels like your holding the phone with no case on it and you don't even notice you have a case on your phone ,it does not scratch when you put it down .I am going to order another one I would recommend you use a screen protector . This case is excellent Pure class .

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